Best toddler photography ideas

Your little angel is so precious, are they not? They are like the cutest, tiniest things on this planet that just deserve all your love, attention and the memory on your phone!

Confused? Well, every little movement they make is so adorable, it is impossible not to preserve it forever by capturing it in a picture! Truly, the temptation to take charming shots of your munchkin even as they sleep is a hard one to resist. It really is no wonder then that your phone storage gets full so quickly with their pictures!

Well, if you want to expand the folder of baby pictures you have, you have come to the right place. Get ready to explore over 20 infant photography ideas that you would want to try out right now!

  1. Baby in a tub
  2. This classic infant photography idea is perfect to add to your little memory book. Throw in some brightly coloured bath toys, fill the tub with soapy, bubbly water, pick a nice background and ensure your baby is comfy and all smiles before you try this option out!

  3. Pet’s favourite human
  4. We all know how protective pets can be about the little human in the house! Pets and babies really share a special bond, so it makes sense to capture that bond in a picture and turn it into a forever memory. Your baby will love viewing these pictures when they get older!

  5. Travel-ready
  6. Planning a trip with your toddler? Get your baby a colourful suitcase, dress them up as an avid traveller, or a beach buddy and click away! This photography idea is creative and simple. Plus, it gives you the chance to play dress-up with your baby!

  7. Food photo time
  8. Few things look as adorable as a baby eating their food happily while making a mess of it! A perfectly easy to execute photo idea at home, you can use the mess to capture a funny shot instead of rushing to clean it instantly.

  9. Baby in prayer mode
  10. Your child’s first year is going to be full of amazing milestones! So keep an eye out for certain actions they learn and try to immortalise them in pictures. Praying is a great example of that.

  11. Baby on a phone call
  12. You can take a leaf out of Boss Baby and turn your tiny tot into a tycoon for this picture! Get them into a nice suit and tie, hand them a phone and just go crazy. You are bound to get more than a few real cool shots of your little model!

  13. Baby working out
  14. As your toddler grows and learns to walk, you will find them exploring their body and its movements in all sorts of ways. We suggest keeping your phone camera handy so you can click some of their best baby workout poses as and when they happen!

  15. Baby’s first steps
  16. A total aww moment and the perfect photo idea at home, clicking a picture of your baby’s first steps is a memory to cherish forever after. Both dad and mom can take turns for this one, posing with the baby while helping them walk.

  17. Stroller shot
  18. Another one of the classics, you can use this as a photoshoot idea for outdoors. It is safe and easy to execute, and you could use it as a milestone picture – the first time your baby steps out of the house with you!

  19. Fairytale costume shoot
  20. Think of it as the perfect idea for a first birthday photoshoot! You can dress your baby up in a nice gown or a princely suit from one of the fairytales and make a day out of it. Just be sure to add some props to up the cuteness factor of the whole thing.

  21. Little artists in action
  22. This one’s for kids aged 2 and up! Painting is definitely a part of your child’s many firsts. Watching them explore with colours and canvas for the first time can be a joy to behold! So why not take a nice picture of it?

  23. Sweeping you off your feet
  24. Remember the picture you had as a kid brooming the floor with a dustpan in your hand? That is such a treasure now! So how about recreating that super adorable moment with your baby?

  25. Bubbles, bubbles everywhere
  26. Playing with soap bubbles is probably one of those favourite toddler activities that never changed despite time moving ahead at breakneck speed! Take your baby out in the garden, get them a soap bubble dispenser and just capture candid shots. They are bound to come out looking great.

  27. Baby BFFs
  28. It is never to socialise your baby and have them make new friends! As they bond and explore new things together, take pictures of all the earliest memories they make. Who knows, some of the friendships they form then might just last a lifetime!

  29. Shocked baby
  30. Once your kid is old enough to make faces and try out different expressions, encourage them to make all the funny faces that they can come up with for your pictures! Toddlers will love seeing their expressions in the shots you take.

  31. Ice cream lover
  32. Another one of the milestones to celebrate, freeze frame the expression of your child as they discover ice creams for the first time in a cute little picture!

  33. Baby bride and groom
  34. A photography idea that is creative and super fun, you can dress your toddler as a tiny bride or a groom and take them outdoors for a sunny and picturesque shoot. This will be a great throwback for the day when they actually get married!

  35. Flower power
  36. An easy to pull off photoshoot idea for outdoors, you could take your toddler for a play and learn session at the local park and teach them all about flowers. Capturing their amazed expressions at the beauty and perfume of the flowers will be a total keeper!

  37. Poolside baby
  38. Planning a beach vacay? Well, it is incomplete with a picture of your baby chilling by the pool in their little swimsuit with their sunnies on! P.S. Just remember to slather sunscreen on your kid before taking this one.

  39. Time to twin
  40. Do you not absolutely love those cute ‘mommy and me’ outfits? Not only are they really stash, but they also make for a great memory if you happen to click a picture of you and your baby in the same outfit. This is such a cool idea that even celebrities do it frequently!

  41. Singing in the rain
  42. Your child’s first tryst with rain can be a very joyous experience for them! Make sure you turn into a memory by taking a picture. Throw in a colourful umbrella, a vibrant raincoat and bright gumboots to add a pop of colour to a dull grey day!

  43. Little baby Santa
  44. It is your toddler’s favourite time of the year! They will love getting into the spirit of Christmas with their Santa costume. And as they hand out gifts to all the people who have been nice this year, capture their innocence and wonder in pictures that speak way more than words can!

    You can also try plenty of other infant photography ideas – from Halloween to nautical or equestrian themes, anything works as long as your baby is comfortable! At EuroKids too, we host plenty of functions and events for our preschool kids where they get the chance to dress up in cute costumes, sharing pictures of the event with parents. Please visit us for more information on our curriculum and activities.

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