Awesome Water play and Activities for Kids

Whether it’s ‘beating the summer heat’ or simply ‘getting wet’, Water Activities for kids never cease to entertain! Know how it is near-impossible to get kids out of the water, when you take them to the club for a swim? It’s all the more difficult, when Pool Games for Kids become part of the equation.

In this article we will explore the Best Water Activities for Kids. The list of Fun Water Games for Kids we have curated for you here, will help you get them to have a fun and frolicking time in the water!

Ready to get wet with your little one, by exploring some cool Pool Party Games and fun Water Activities for Kids? Let’s dive right into the ‘pool’ of ideas, and make a virtual ‘splash’ where it comes to decoding some truly cool Pool Games and Water Activities for Kids!

Water Activities for Kids: Awesome Water Play Ideas

The most blisteringly ‘hot’ days, call for some truly ‘cool’ ideas. Just like these fun Water Games for Kids, that will beat both that ‘heat’, and the “blues’, too!

  1. Watercolour Chalk
  2. If your child ‘loves’ colouring on the sidewalk, they will absolutely ‘love’ it when you introduce this ‘wet’ twist to it!

    To do: Let your child colour on the sidewalk, then have them paint through what they have sketched, with a wet paintbrush. They will discover they have created ‘Magic Paint’!

  3. DIY Slip and Slide
  4. Why go to a Water Park, when you can slide in the environs of your backyard? That too, on a Water Slide!

    To do: All you need is a large plastic tablecloth, that you want to pin down to the ground with some support. Then, simply add plenty of water and ask your child to take a run-up before sliding on it!

  5. Water Relay
  6. Relay games are the best, when there’s plenty of kids – and Water, too!

    To do: Divide the kids into two teams. Each team is given a bucket of water and empty bottles. An empty bucket is placed at the same distance away from each team. When the whistle blows, a member from each team has to scoop up as much water as they can into a bottle, then run to the empty bucket and empty its contents therein. Then, they must run and hand that ‘water baton’ to the next child. The team that gets their bucket filled first, is the winner!

  7. Washing Dishes
  8. It might seem like a chore to us, but it certainly isn’t for kids!

    To do: Teach them how to wash dishes! Even if they don’t end up washing dishes in the future, this makes for a most engrossing Water Activity.

    Note: You don’t want to use glass plates. Instead, buy some plastic cutlery, to make for a safe experience.

  9. Coin-Hunt
  10. This classic game is sure to delight kids at their next Pool Party!

    To do: Take coins of various denominations, and scatter them around the pool in random locations. Then ask the children to put their goggles on, and see how many they can find. The child with the most coins, wins.

  11. Water Volleyball
  12. No, you don’t have to be an adult to indulge in a good old game of Volleyball. Especially so, when it’s played in Water!

    To do: Set up a net in the shallow end of the pool. Now toss that beach ball in, and see your kids try their best to help their team win!

  13. Ice Mould Excavation
  14. This one’s for the mini-archaeologists looking for the ruins of a mini-Atlantis!

    To do: You want to throw some plastic toys into a large container, before filling it with water. Then freeze it, before taking the ice block out of the ‘mould’. Give your child some hard tools, like a paintbrush or even a spoon, and let them go wild excavating!

    Tip: You might want to give them a spray bottle filled with warm water, to make the excavating easier.

  15. Kiddie Pool Bullseye
  16. If you have an inflatable kiddie pool, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible ‘Aiming’ game.

    To do: Fill that kiddie pool with water. Taking some Frisbees, let them float upside down in the water. Hand a container filled with sponges soaked with water, to your child. Then let them ‘hit’ those ‘targets’, and see how many ‘bullseyes’ they get.

  17. The Human Submarine Race
  18. Yes your kids might know how to swim, but can they swim ‘underwater’?

    To do: It’s time for the Human Submarine Race! All children must start at the same point in the pool, and swim underwater till as long as they can, before they surface. Now, which Human Submarine out there is the strongest of them all? Only time will tell!

  19. Marco Polo
  20. You’ve probably played this classic game several times as a kid, and you don’t want your child to miss out on all the fun it brings!

    To do: In this game that is similar to ‘Tag’, one person in the pool becomes ‘It.’ A blindfold is placed around their eyes, and after counting to ten, they have to call out ‘Marco’. The other players around them must reply ‘Polo.’ The objective for ‘Marco’, is to tag the closest ‘Polo’, by touching them using ‘sound’. Then, the person that is thus tagged, becomes the next ‘It.’

  21. Water Balloon Mania
  22. It doesn’t have to be Holi, for kids to indulge in some good old Water Balloon madness!

    To do: You want to take them outdoors, and help them fill as many water balloons as they possibly can. Then, it’s time for Water Balloon War!

  23. Sink or Float Game
  24. Indulge in this fun Science Experiment, that involves – well, Water, of course!

    To do: In the bathroom, fill a large container with water. Take some common household items like a coin, a plastic bottle cap and even a Lego piece, and ask your child, ‘Will this Sink or Float?’, before putting it to the test.

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