Amazing Classroom Decoration Ideas For Kindergarten

In Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, young readers are introduced to a world of Chocolate they seemingly ‘cannot get enough of’.

Now just imagine, if your Kindergarten Classroom held similar appeal for those tiny tots. That is, without all that ‘Chocolate’, of course!

All human beings tend to gravitate towards environments that are visually appealing. It is why we prefer some restaurants over others, on account of ‘better ambience’. It’s even the reason we choose some schools for our children, over others.

Needless to say, it helps if your kindergarten classroom is visually appealing. It might just be the reason behind your kids jumping out of bed each morning!

In this article, we have specially curated for you some Kindergarten Class Decoration Ideas, that will create a ‘compelling’ atmosphere for kids. Here, you will find everything ranging from Classroom Blackboard Decoration Ideas, to Window Decoration Ideas for the Classroom.

After all, what’s Life without Decorations?

Kindergarten Classroom Decoration Ideas

When decorating the Kindergarten Classroom, remember the following piece of advice:
‘Work towards creating an environment that is Fun and Inviting, yet one that is the very embodiment of a great Learning Environment.’

The following choices are some classic examples of things you can use to create an environment that is not only Mentally Invigorating, but one that places an emphasis on Educational Skills, too!

Classroom Wall Decoration Ideas: Posters

Kindergarten is the first time children are introduced to the learning of Letters and Numbers. Help liven the experience for them, with some cool Posters!

To do: Carefully select Posters of Letters and Numbers, to be hung on those classroom walls. These rank amongst the best Classroom Wall Decoration Ideas.

Tip: When choosing posters, you want to try and get some accompanied with fun Pictures. For instance, the picture of a bright red Apple, next to information that reads: ‘A for Apple.’

Note: It is important that these posters have more than just ‘decorative’ value. You want to ensure they are kept at Eye Level of the kids. That way, they can not only admire them, but ‘learn’ something from them, too!

Classroom Blackboard Decoration Ideas

Perhaps the first thing children notice when they enter their classroom is the Blackboard. Here are some things you can do to beautify it in style!

  1. A ‘Welcome’ Sign
  2. What better way to make children feel welcome in the environs of your classroom, than by hanging a Welcome Sign on top of that blackboard?

  3. Chalkboard Magnetic Letters
  4. Magnets hold an immense sense of appeal for little kids. Besides, there are some really Visually Striking Magnetic Letters out there that will make the process of Learning Letters all the more fun!

Wallpaper Corner

Want to create a fun corner in the classroom, where children can go to every now and then? There’s no better way, than by using a bright-coloured Wallpaper!

To do: You want to use wallpaper here, of the ‘Peel and Stick’ variety. This will not only ensure that there is no mess when installing it, but also ensure that it can be removed easily, at the end of the school year.

Classroom Chart Decoration Ideas

Charts are a really great way to showcase plenty of things. Besides, all kids love charts!

To do: There are several things you can have on Anchor Charts that you can have pasted in prominent places on the classroom walls. Like, the following:

  2. Why not get the kids to see some simple yet inspiring quotes, each day they find themselves in the classroom? This quote can be changed weekly, or even daily!

  3. Showcasing the work of Budding Artists
  4. This one is certainly one of the best Classroom Chart Decoration Ideas! All that Artwork you get your children to indulge in, must be proudly showcased on those charts. Let them know that what they have created is treated with a sense of Value.

Adding Green

Want to decorate the Kindergarten Classroom, in a refreshingly Natural way? Go Green!

To do: All of us feel a sense of Calm, when we find ourselves in the midst of Nature. Decorating the classroom with several potted plants will add plenty of greenery to it, and also bring along with it a sense of Peace.

Window Decoration Ideas for the Classroom

What’s the one spot in the classroom that is covered by all children?
Answer: The Window Seat!

To do: There are several things that you can do, to make those windows things to not only look ‘through’, but look ‘at’, as well!

  1. Rainbow Painting
  2. Get children to paint a rainbow on a window of the classroom. When they look through the window afterwards, it will almost seem as though there is an actual Rainbow in the Sky!

  3. Creating a Nature Scene
  4. Get kids to draw several things pertaining to Nature, on a piece of chart paper. These could be trees, grass, the Sun, clouds and even animals like bears and deer. Then using scotch tape, paste the cut-outs on one of the classroom windows, and have them marvel at their beautiful creation.

Positive Affirmation Rock Garden

In one corner of the classroom, you can set up a Safe Space where there are Rocks with Positive Affirmations painted on them.

To do: Keep those affirmations simple, like ‘I am Happy’ and ‘I am Strong’. When children are feeling down, you want to encourage them to go to this ‘Safe Space’.  One where they can hold those rocks, and repeat the affirmations scrawled on them.

A Reading Corner

Reading is one Activity that will spark Creativity in kids, in a way like no other.

To do: One corner in the classroom must be converted into a ‘mini-library’, where children can go to get lost in the world of Imagination!

At EuroKids we are of the opinion that decorating the classroom has far more than merely ‘aesthetic’ appeal. Things like Posters and Charts, apart from being visually appealing, can go a long way in improving vital skills like Comprehension, in Visual Learners.

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