Alphabet Books That Are Perfect for Preschoolers!

Alphabet Books for Preschoolers: Engaging and Fun Learning

What better way to impart any kind of knowledge to kids, than through books?

There’s something about books that has children fascinated. As though they might be portals into new worlds that are waiting to be discovered. Alphabet books that teach each letter of the alphabet are a must for your little one.

That ‘Letter of the Week’ Program? Not very effective. Neither is senseless rote learning of the letters of the alphabet.

Here you will find the best Alphabet Books for preschoolers, that will help your child learn the alphabet in a far more conducive manner than they ordinarily would.

The Best Alphabet Books for Preschoolers

Read on to know about the best alphabet books for preschoolers.

Creature by Andrew Zuckerman

Looking for alphabet books for each letter accompanied by some stunning works of art?

Highlights: A ferociously fun way for young kids to learn their ABCs, as they admire the sleek beauty of a smiling hippo or even find themselves enthralled by the powerful majesty of a roaring lion.

LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

This one’s an alphabet book for kids that will have little preschool students wondering about the jobs they might have when they grow up!

Highlights: The peas in this cute story have fascinating, diverse jobs, like archaeologists and zoologists. Further, children will be able to recognize the different illustrations that match the letters on each page.

Puddle’s ABC by Holly Hobble

This book is certain to stoke the embers of creativity in your children.

Highlights: The story tells the tale of Ollie, who wants to learn to write his name, but doesn’t know the alphabet. His friend Puddle decides to teach him, using his own original words and pictures.

I Stink by Kate & Jim McMullan

This book is a great way to get all those lovers of ‘choo-choo trains to learn the alphabet.

Highlights: Most kids love garbage trucks. They will absolutely adore the ‘Dumpsters’ that are full of personality in this wonderful book. Bonus: Besides learning the letters of the alphabet in succinct fashion, they will garner an understanding of the dire situation we would all be in, without those garbage trucks.

I Spy Letters by Jean Marzollo

This one’s a twist on the classic I-Spy Back to School series.

Highlights: Preschoolers can search photos from the original I Spy Series, to help them learn the letters of the alphabet. The book is laced with simple picture clues and rhyming riddles that guide even the youngest readers through 14 interactive, fun-filled spreads.

Bad Kitty by Nick Gruel

This wonderful alphabet book will surely have kids in splits, with Kitty’s silly ways.

Highlights: Kitty seems to have a penchant for courting disaster every single time she finds herself running through letters of the alphabet. Note: This book is a wonderful way to not only teach children the letters of the alphabet, but show them that just like Kitty, everybody can have a bad day.

A to Z by Sandra Boynton

This classic bestseller from the stable of Sandra Boynton, provides a refreshingly different way to teach children the letters of the alphabet.

Highlights: Kids will be charmed by the lively text in the book. It is filled with cute animals that make the process of learning the alphabet ever-endearing.

Alphabet Rescue by Audrey Wood

This lovely preschool classroom book does a fine job of creating characters from letters themselves!

Highlights: The little letters in the book want to help, but find themselves not big enough to use the fire hose. Determined, they find their own way to help, from rescuing a cat in a tree to fixing up an old fire truck.

The Airplane Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and Fred Stillwell

If you want your child’s imagination to take flight while teaching them the letters of the alphabet, look no further than this one.

Highlights: This fact-filled book features planes from A to Z. Apart from giving little ones a high-flying tour of the alphabet, it teaches kids loads about the history of aviation, from the legendary Wright Brothers to the model airplanes of hobbyists.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

The ‘catchy’ title of this book is enough to catch your child’s fancy, but that’s not the only reason kids should read this great book.

Highlights: The cadence and repeating patterns are the best parts of this book. What’s more, its simplicity makes it all the easier for children to catch on to this book.

The Flower Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and Leslie Evans

Roses are red, violets are blue, learning the alphabet can be fun too!

Highlights: Children will be fascinated to learn things like ‘What flower can be used to make a doll’, and ‘What flower can be used to flavor tea.’ A ‘bouquet’ of words and pictures, it teaches the letters of the alphabet to kids in a fun, informative manner.

Alphabeep: A Zipping, Zooming ABC

If your child loves vehicles, this one’s a perfect fit where it comes to getting them a fun alphabet learning book.

Highlights: The book covers all vehicles that move from ABC, with a rhyming, rocking pattern of vehicle sounds that little children are sure to love. Furthermore, it does a great job at teaching kids about road signs, as well as the use of sound words (beep, honk, etc.)

What Pete Ate from A to Z by Maira Kalman

Is there anything out there that Pete won’t eat?

Highlights: The charming yellow canine in this tale starts off by eating something that starts with the letter ‘a’. An accordion, that is. Gradually, he makes a meal out of the rest of the alphabet, from glue sticks to underpants. A hilarious story filled with wordplay and repetition.

At EuroKids we believe that not only do alphabet books and alphabet activities help children recognize and identify letters, they also expose them to new vocabulary and concepts. We strongly recommend you reading these to your preschooler, to help introduce them to new words and ideas.

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