About Pi Day and Preschool Pi Day Activities


We celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February every year, in honor of the one Constant that makes all our lives worthwhile: Love, of course! Fast forward one month later, and March 14th sees the celebration of yet another ‘constant’. Namely, a Mathematical Constant named Pi!

In this blog post we have you covered, where it comes to learning all about this wonderful constant, and how to raise your kids’ awareness of Mathematics in general. Here, you will learn everything from What is Pi Day and When Pi Day is celebrated, to the History of Pi Day. Further, we will also shed light on some invaluable Pi Day Activities that will help us celebrate this upcoming day dedicated to the Love of Mathematics. After all, what’s a ‘Day’ without a ‘Celebration’?

Let’s begin, with a closer look at What is Pi Day!

Pi Day: Unlocking the Meaning behind Pi

To understand Pi Day, we must first answer the question, ‘What is Pi?’

In layman terms, Pi is the ratio of the Circumference of a circle to its Diameter. This is approximately 3.14.

You’ve probably heard of the word Pi before, with good reason. After all, it is one of the most important Mathematical Symbols, that has a multitude of applications in diverse fields, ranging from Physics to Statistics.

The History of Pi Day

Although the knowledge of ‘Pi’ is ages old, it was only in the early 1700s, that the ancient Greeks first made use of the symbol ‘π’ to represent the number.

That being said, the official History of Pi Day can be traced back to March 14, 1988. This was the day that marked a celebration held by the physicist Larry Shaw, to celebrate the wonderful field of Mathematics.

Note: It is interesting to observe here that March 14th is also the birthday of one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known, namely Albert Einstein. No wonder, March 14th is the day Pi Day is celebrated!

Why Pi Day is Celebrated

So, why is Pi Day celebrated? We know by now that Pi Day is a global celebration of the constant Pi. However, there are several reasons that Pi Day is celebrated, all of which reflect the sheer significance of Mathematics in our lives. Outlined below are just a couple of them.

  1. Highlighting the importance of Accuracy
  2. Human beings lay a strong emphasis on things like Precision and Accuracy. Be it Software Development or Astronomy, the role of Accuracy is paramount.

  3. Paving the way for Infinite possibilities
  4. It’s the very ‘infinite’ nature of Pi that has fascinated people for years. No wonder, then, that it serves as apt inspiration for the countless possibilities Scientists wish to uncover, in the realms of fields like Mathematics and Engineering.

Fun Pi Day Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for some cool ways to explore concepts like ‘Measurement’ with your little one, this upcoming Pi Day? No better way to do that, than with the following, fun Pi Day Activities for Preschoolers!

  1. Number and Shape Games
  2. Tell them they are going to play a ‘game’, and watch their faces light up! Here are some fun games that will help your preschooler celebrate Pi Day.

  3. Circle Hopscotch. Instead of the traditional ‘squares’ that you draw on the ground, draw Circles!
  4. Playing games with Balls. Balls are essentially ‘circular’ in appearance, so any game you play with them makes for a great way to celebrate Pi Day!
  5. Eating Pizza!
  6. If there is one thing we know about Pizza, it’s the fact that it is ‘circular’!

    Note: A good way to drill the concept of Pi into your little one’s mind, is to show them when you are cutting that pizza into slices, that you are cutting along its ‘Diameter.’

  7. Sing Songs about Circles
  8. Enhance their love for all things Circular, by singing Songs about Circles. A classic example of this would be ‘The Wheels of the Bus go Round and Round…’

  9. Baking Pies
  10. Do you love baking Pies for your children? One great way to celebrate Pi Day, would be baking the ‘literal’ namesake of the mathematical symbol that is being celebrated on March 14th! Namely, a ‘Pie’, of course!

    Tip: After you have baked that ‘circular’ pie for them, you can get them to be actively involved, by measuring its Diameter and Circumference. That is, before they wolf down a slice of Pie, of course!

  11. Naming Shapes all around them
  12. On Pi Day, get your kids to explore ‘all’ the wonderful shapes around them, not merely Circles! You can do this, by asking them to point out shapes like Triangles and Rectangles, vis a vis the objects that surround them.

  13. Read Books
  14. There are some books that can be extremely beneficial in helping children learn more about Pi. The perfect choice here would be ‘Happy Pi Day to You’, written by Bonnie Worth. It’s a fun way for them to learn to draw and measure circles. Not forgetting to mention, learning how to calculate the value of Pi, too!

  15. Circle Painting
  16. A cool way to encourage children to learn more about Pi, is to get them to draw things that are, well, Circular in shape. For instance, you can get them to draw a picture of the Sun, or even a Beach Ball.

    Tip: You don’t want to limit their drawing to those homemade sketches. Take them outside, and have them draw circles using chalk on the sidewalk, too.

  17. Racing around the Circle
  18. When you’re out drawing circles on the sidewalk like in the above example, make it even more fun! Get them to draw a large circle, around which they write the numbers 1 to 10. These, of course, include the numbers that make ‘Pi’. Namely, 3, 1 and 4, of course. Now tell them to stand in the middle. Then shout: ‘Make Pi’, and watch them delight in running first to 3, then backwards to 1 and then ahead to 4!

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