9 Easy Ideas to Teach Kids about the Fruits of the Spirit

9 Easy Ideas to Teach Kids about the Fruits of the Spirit

Teaching the Fruits of the Spirit to Kids

As much as it is challenging to bring life to this world, it is a complex process to ensure they become kind, empathetic, and good human beings. Have you heard of the fruits of the Spirit for kids? With some creative ways to teach the fruit of the spirit to kids, you can navigate the process of ingraining good values in your little ones smoothly.This article will focus on the fruits of the spirit for kids, different fruits of the spirit activities, some creative ways to teach the fruit of the spirit to your children, and the role of schools in teaching the fruit of the spirit for preschoolers. Bringing your own human into this world is one of the most amazing things. But to make that human into a good person is challenging. The seed of morality is to be sowed in the early stages of a person’s life. Hence it is essential to teach your kids about the fruit of spirits.

What is the fruit of the Spirit?

The first question that might come to you is, what is the fruit of spirits for kids? Fruit of Spirits talks about living with good values and morals. It also motivates an individual to do good for others. This goodness, according to Christianity, brings a person closer to god. The fruit of Spirits is joy, love, faithfulness, peace, kindness, patience, goodness, self-control, and gentleness.

How to teach these fruits of the spirit to kids?

The next question is how to teach kids these fruits of the spirit. So here we list 9 creative ways to teach the fruit of the spirit.

  1. Be a role model: To teach fruits of the spirit to kids, it is essential to be their role model. Kids always admire and try to copy their parents. And here’s the chance for you people to become a superhero for your kids. Adapt these qualities yourself. Be kind to people who are around you. Treat your partner with love and respect. Ensure that you give due regard to the people working under you. And make sure that you treat your parents the way you wish your kid to treat you. As your kids will observe the way, you talk to their grandparents. Also, to demand respect, you have to give respect and be kind to your child too.
  2. Keep on repeating: Nurturing good habits in a kid is a lifetime process. So you make sure that you keep on repeating these values and their importance to your kids. Also, assigning small tasks could be a good fruit of the spirit activity. Tell your kid to help others, like help their mom cook or share their toys with others and appreciate them when they do so. You can also give them rewards for these activities.
  3. Tell them good stories: Stories are the best way to teach kids. Stories can simplify complicated lessons and moral values and help you teach them to kids. India is a land of stories ranging from Panchatantra to Champak. These stories can be one of the creative ways to teach the fruit of the spirit.
  4. Let them bond: Let your kids connect with their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other family members of the house. Each can teach kids different fruits of the spirit for kids. Don’t be over-protective when your kids hang around with them. Let them bond with them. In a typical Indian household usually, grandparents play a crucial role in teaching fruits of the spirit for kids. With changing family structures, many couples have to leave their parents. In such cases, they can make their kids spend time with them over video calls.
  5. Don’t be mad: If your kid makes a mistake, don’t shout at them or don’t be mad at them, as patience is one of the fruits of the spirit for kids. Talk to them politely, and make them see their mistake. It is essential to understand that a child’s mind is compassionate, so yelling wouldn’t help. To fear a parent is good but try to earn their respect. It lasts longer.
  6. Teach them the art of loving and caring: As a parent, you must teach your kid to love and care about others. The art of giving can be one of the most valuable ways to teach the fruit of the spirit to preschoolers. You can visit orphanages and make your child donate other kids’ toys and clothes. If they learn this art of giving, they will be kinder and gentler to other human beings.
  7. Teach them to be satisfied: A parent always wants to buy as many clothes, toys, chocolates, etc. they can buy. But what if your child keeps on demanding more? They would always want more than one toy or be satisfied with one piece of cake. You should know when to stop. You should know how to teach them to be at peace with what they have. Life is challenging; people sometimes don’t get what they dream of. Hence parents need to prepare their kids for the battles of life.
  8. The Lesson of Honesty: It may sound old school and cliche to some people, but honesty is the key to a successful life and relationship. If you are honest in your work, you succeed. If you are sincere in your relationship, you build a healthy family. But honesty or faithfulness is not something that can be just preached. It is something to be nurtured. To be honest, motivating your kids is one of the most important fruits of the spirit activity. Give them a space so that they can share their mistakes with you. Let them talk to you, don’t judge them. Appreciate them when they are honest with you. Once a child knows that they have a safe space with you, they will be faithful for a lifetime.
  9. It should become part of your life: Values cannot be taught daily. It is a process of a lifetime. Also, it is not something you pretend to have. If you are not honest with your family, you cannot act on it. These are things that come from in. So make sure that whatever values you wish to pass on should be in you too.


The value system defines a person. Good values will make this world a better place to live. The Fruits of the Spirit activity can be an excellent tool for ingraining good values in kids. They make them empathetic towards others.

At Eurokids, we understand parents’ struggle to ensure good values and morals in their kids. We also provide children with sessions of Fruits of the Spirit for preschoolers. With creative ways to teach the fruit of the heart, we ensure kids get good values.

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