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Exploring Nature’s Playground for Kids – Simple Ways to teach about environment

“There are three reasons to provide children with environmental education: To make them more aware and conscious of environmental problems. To boost their interest in caring for and improving the environment. To enhance their ability to learn about their surroundings.”


7 Environment Friendly Activities for Kids Exploring Nature

Understanding the importance of the environment is essential for every individual, especially for the bright-eyed, curious children who remind us so much of little saplings, eager to grow and understand the world around them. They are our future, the next guardians of our Earth. It is essential for parents and caregivers to impart knowledge about nature to kids. Remember the joyous sparkle in a child’s eye when they first plant a seed and watch it grow? Or the innocent yet profound questions they pose, like, “Why is the sky blue?” or “Where does rain come from?” Explaining the importance of the environment for kids isn’t just about answering these questions; it’s about nurturing that inherent curiosity. So, let’s dive into this mesmerising journey with some perplexing yet captivating ways to integrate environmental activities for kids, making their learning both profound and delightful. We will also guide you through interests to help your kids show you ‘what is the environment.’

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  1. Eco-Friendly Arts and Crafts
  2. Did you know that eco-friendly arts and crafts can impart knowledge about the environment for kids?

    Art is intrinsically tied to expression, and what better way to express one’s love for the environment than through eco-friendly crafts? Think about the universe of materials we discard daily. With a dash of creativity, these can be transformed into art, imparting an essential lesson about recycling. For example, use old newspapers to create papier-mâché globes. As the children lay the strips, talk to them about continents, oceans, and the importance of preserving every bit of our environment.

  3. Garden Magic – Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow
  4. Gardening, an age-old practice, weaves a tapestry of patience, nurture, and wonder. For children, this practice morphs into a riveting lesson on the world’s interplay. Gardening is also an essential activity that teaches about nature for kids. The mantra here is straightforward: immerse young hands in the soil, let them feel its texture, and watch as a profound bond forms between them and Earth. Whether it’s a vast garden, a small backyard plot, or even petite pots on a balcony, the essence remains the same.

    As children sow seeds, they embark on a journey of discovery. They quickly glean that the fruits, vegetables, and grains they relish don’t just pop into existence; they’re the results of countless silent efforts. Each time they water their little saplings or shield them from pests, they grasp the intricate dance of nature. Every droplet of water, each protective shade, and every sunlit morning plays a crucial role. It’s a real-time lesson on symbiosis, resilience, and the beauty of the cyclical nature of life, teaching them the importance of every cog in the vast wheel of existence.

  5. Nature Walks and Environmental Bingo
  6. Transforming nature walks into adventures is a phenomenal way to pique children’s interest in the world around them. Instead of a mere stroll, how about an exhilarating game of environmental bingo? This game isn’t about winning or losing, but about observing, learning, and cherishing.

    Craft bingo cards sprinkled with illustrations of things they might come across: the twirl of a falling leaf, the buzz of a bee, a hidden bird’s nest, or even traces of animal footprints. Every tick on the card becomes a story, an exploration of the importance of each element. For instance, while ticking off a butterfly, dive into the metamorphosis journey, shedding light on adaptation and growth. With environmental bingo, the playground isn’t just the park or the woods; it’s the entirety of Mother Nature’s embrace, making children not just players, but also keen observers and caretakers of the environment.

  7. Story Time with an Environmental Twist
  8. Did you know that story time will help kids understand about the environment?

    Children love stories! The magic of tales that transport them to far-off lands or mystical realms. But let’s weave in another layer – tales that stress the importance of the environment. Imagine stories where forests whisper secrets of ages past, animals embark on quests highlighting their unique roles in the ecosystem, and rivers narrate tales of civilizations they’ve seen rise and fall. Such tales don’t just entertain; they impart values, showcasing the intertwined fate of all Earth’s inhabitants. As the lines blur between fantasy and reality, children will be prompted to wonder: What is the environment for kids? It’s not just the backdrop of our tales but the very essence of our existence, a living, breathing storybook.

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  9. Digital Games with an Eco-Message
  10. Digital games with eco-message will be Yes, the digital age is here, and with it, an array of screen-time options. But what if we could combine technology with learning? There are numerous apps and games crafted meticulously to offer environmental activities for kids. Dive into games that simulate eco-systems, where every decision affects the virtual environment, teaching kids about consequences and balance. Some apps take players on adventures to clean up oceans, while others might focus on building sustainable cities. As they level up in these games, they’re not just earning points but invaluable insights. These digital adventures subtly emphasise that resources in the real world, just like in their favourite game, are precious and not to be squandered.

  11. Setting Up an ‘Eco-Corner’ at Home
  12. Did you know you can teach kids about the environment at home?

    Every home has its cosy nooks and crannies. Imagine converting one such corner into a world of eco-discovery, an ‘Eco-Corner.’ This dedicated space becomes an ever-evolving canvas of nature, sustainability, and creativity.

    Fill it with captivating books that whisk children away to rainforests, coral reefs, or even the icy landscapes of the poles. Intersperse these with potted plants, perhaps a money plant vine or a sunflower pushing towards the sun. Add a dash of do it yourself (DIY) by encouraging kids to craft using recyclable materials, turning an old jar into a terrarium or crafting bird feeders from used cartons. An essential element here could be a compost bin. As kitchen waste turns to compost, children learn the cycle of decay and renewal, understanding the concept of waste reduction and resource maximisation. This ‘Eco-Corner’ becomes more than just a space; it’s a microcosm of the planet, teaching children daily about the vast interplay of elements that make our world.

  13. Eco-Fact Fridays
  14. Setting aside one day a week, like a Friday, to share an intriguing fact about our environment can be a wonderful bonding and learning ritual. This can be done during dinner or as a bedtime activity. Whether it’s about the longevity of sea turtles, the process of photosynthesis, or the incredible migration journey of monarch butterflies, these fun facts about the environment not only bolster knowledge but also instil wonder and respect for the intricacies of our world.

    These are some of the activities for exploring the environment.


In this rich tapestry of knowledge, activities, and imagination, we’re painting a vivid picture of the importance of the environment for children. It’s more than just trees and oceans; it’s the magical world of fireflies lighting up a dark night, the mystery of rainbows after a shower, and the story each star whispers from light-years away. And as we guide our little ones through this journey, we’re not just teaching; we’re kindling a lifelong romance with our beautiful planet. Which one will you begin with or continue this weekend?

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