5 Places To Take Your Toddler Which Is Free

There’s nothing new about the fact that toddlers learn from their surroundings. This includes parents, people who see them and obviously, the world where they are placed. Since cognitive development as a concept has become an emerging hot topic of discussion among parents, it becomes crucial that kids start learning from a young age. As you know, they learn by imitation and by assimilation of the environment in which they are placed. This is why kids need to be exposed to various settings. It allows them to see, feel, understand and learn from the world around them. One of the best ways of teaching toddlers is by giving them a first-hand or hands-on experience of something. This brings us to a very concerning question. What kind of places are we taking our toddlers to? I’m sure this question has crossed the mind of almost every parent. If this question has bothered you since you can’t decide where to take your toddlers, just know you’re not alone.

Finding appropriate places for toddlers to visit to trigger cognitive development at an early stage is no mean task. It involves research, time, effort and of course, money. However, what if I told you that just with a little time and effort you could take your toddlers to fun and engaging places at no cost at all? Well, it’s entirely true. Today, we will reveal to you five best places for free toddler activities. Many factors need to be kept in mind before choosing a place to take your toddler. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined the key factors that one needs to keep an eye out for when searching for ideal toddler-friendly destinations. Before we delve into the five places to take your toddler for free, let’s have a look at the factors to bear in mind when choosing a location.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Place For Your Toddler

  • Budget- Believe it or not this is one of the most practical of all factors. Almost all the time, the spot you choose will be decided upon by the amount of money you are willing to spend. The good thing is that there are many toddler-friendly destinations that either cost very little or are free.
  • Safety- One of the main concerns of every parent is the safe of their little ones. Choose a place that is safe for kids, and does not have potential risks like lakes, sharp objects or places that are close to industrial areas.
  • Facilities- Before deciding upon a place to take your toddler, you need to check out the facilities that are available there. Facilities include a guest house, games, outdoor activities, well-sanitized washrooms, and medical facilities These are just a few of the things that you should have on your checklist.
  • Location- Try finding a place that is close to where you stay. Traveling long distances with toddlers isn’t the best idea. This is because many toddlers suffer from motion sickness or get over-exhausted when traveling for long distances.

5 Places To Take Your Toddler Which Is Free

  • Zoo- One of the best places to take your little one for toddler-free activities is the zoo. Almost all cities in India have a zoon, making it easy to access. The zoon can be both a fun as well as an educational place to visit. Toddlers will learn about animals from what they see. They see forms, shapes and sizes which will all spearhead their cognitive development. Furthermore, toddlers can see the animals from a safe distance and through cages which minimizes potential risks.
  • Kids park- One of the top places for toddlers to visit is a children’s park. A park for kids is usually well-equipped with fun activities. This may include a sea-saw, swings, jungle climber or even numerous slides. The good thing about this is that all equipment is installed and designed in a way that is safe for children. Moreover, parents can keep a close eye on their kids to monitor them. It also gives children a chance to bond and make friends. Similarly, it also allows scope for parents to meet and converse with other parents.
  • Library- While it is clear that toddlers can’t read all that well. However, exposing them to books at a young age will instil in them a desire and thirst for reading. Most children in the post-modern era have strayed away from reading and have now adopted using smartphones and laptops. However, this has accounted for a rise in the amount of screen time that hurts the eyes. Taking a toddler to a library will allow him or her to bask in the feeling of reading. You must remember that children are highly perceptive and taking them to visit a library seems to be an ideal spot for toddlers.
  • Plant nurseries- Exposing kids to plant nurseries at a young age helps them appreciate and safeguard the environment. It teaches them to take care of plants and not to harm nature. This is essential in today’s day and age where our environment needs to be preserved. Making your child conscious of environmental issues can ensure sustainable development and prevent nature from being further destroyed.
  • Pet stores- Loving animals and being kind to animals that need help can go a long way in making your kids learn the value of being humane. Taking your toddler to a pet store not only exposes them to different kinds of domesticated animals but also makes them aware of what it takes to take care of one. This is another inexpensive or free place for toddler-free activities.

Here at EuroKids, we take special care of your little bundles of joy to ensure that they receive a holistic education that includes a blend of both, cognitive development as well as the development of motor skills. Our curriculum is effectively designed to provide the best results and to turn your kids into responsible human beings who uphold civic and humane values. If you want to learn more about toddler health and nutrition, be sure to visit our blog or the nearest centre to you.

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