20 Natural Ornament Crafts for Kids

In a world full of screens, it’s super important for kids to be creative. One really fun way to do that is by making stuff! We’re gonna talk about 30 cool ideas for making decorations with nature. It’s not just fun, but it also helps us love and care for the environment. Let’s get crafty and make some awesome things together!

  1. Pinecone Owls
  2. First, find some pinecones – they’re like little treasures from the trees. Now, let’s turn them into cute owls! All you need is some colourful felt, googly eyes (the ones that wiggle!), and a sprinkle of your amazing imagination.

    Grab a pinecone, and let’s get creative! Stick on the googly eyes, cut out some felt shapes for wings and a beak, and ta-da! You’ve made your pinecone owl friend.

  3. Twig Stars
  4. First, find some twigs, like the ones we collect for pretend wands. Arrange the twigs in a star shape, and we can tie them together with string or use glue to make them stick together like magic. Now, the best part – painting! We can use shiny colours that sparkle, like gold or silver. It’s like giving our stars a party look! After they dry, we can hang them on the Christmas tree to make it extra fancy

  5. Leaf Imprints
  6. Take a walk outside and collect lots of cool leaves. When you get home, let’s play with special clay. Squish the clay with the leaves to make super cool prints. Then, we wait for them to dry, like when you wait for your cookies to be ready! Once they’re all dry and hard, we can paint them in bright colours! It’s like giving our leaves a magical makeover. After that, we can put strings on them and make a beautiful garland to hang up.

  7. Acorn Cap Jewels
  8. Turn tiny acorn hats into super pretty treasures! Paint them with lots of bright colours and add a string. These small decorations not only show off how cool nature is but also make your party decorations look really cute!

  9. Seashell Mobiles
  10. Let’s make a beachy craft! First, go find seashells at the beach – they’re like treasures hiding in the sand! Now, let’s turn those shells into a magical mobile. Tie strings to the shells, and then hang them on a big piece of driftwood. It’s like making a seashell dance party in the air!

  11. Rock Painting
  12. Turn boring rocks into super cool art! Grab some acrylic paints and make those rocks into awesome ladybugs, turtles, or even crazy designs that you just made up! Once you’re done, you can hang them up like decorations or put them all over your house to show off your amazing rock art!

  13. Dried Flower Medallions
  14. Squish flowers and let them get flat and dry, then put them inside clear gooey stuff to make beautiful medals! These medals are like special treasures because they keep the pretty flower’s beauty forever. You can keep them forever and ever and show them to everyone!

  15. Twig Christmas Trees
  16. First, find some small twigs – like the ones you pick up during a nature walk. Now, let’s arrange them in a cone shape, kind of like an ice cream cone but with twigs. Ask a grown-up to help you with hot glue to stick the twigs together. Be careful with the hot glue; it’s like super sticky magic!

  17. Walnut Shell Animals
  18. After you’re done baking with walnuts, don’t throw away those shells! You can make them into adorable animals. Grab some tiny clay or play dough, shape it into little hedgehogs or turtles, and tuck them into the walnut shells like cosy homes.

  19. Flower Petal Suncatchers
  20. Squish pretty flower petals between sticky paper to make cool sun catchers! Hang them on windows, and when the sun comes in, it’s like a rainbow party in your room!

  21. Birch Bark Stars
  22. First, get some birch bark and cut out star shapes – like magic! Then, grab some string and connect the stars. Ta-da! Now you have these awesome rustic ornaments that make any place look like a magical forest. So much fun!

  23. Beaded Nature Necklaces
  24. Make cool jewellery by putting beads and natural stuff like acorns or pinecones on a string! It’s not just fun, but it also helps you get better at using your fingers. And guess what? You end up with awesome accessories that are super special, just like you!

  25. Herb-Infused Salt Dough
  26. Mix flour, salt, and water together to make special dough. Put in yummy-smelling herbs like rosemary or lavender to make it smell super nice. Shape the dough into cool ornaments, like stars or animals, and let them sit to get hard.

  27. Cinnamon Stick Stars
  28. First, get some cinnamon sticks – they’re like magic wands that smell like cookies. Tie them together with string, making a star shape. It’s like making a sparkly constellation for your Christmas tree!

  29. Seed Bombs
  30. Let’s learn about gardening and make cool seed bombs! First, mix some seeds with clay and dirt – like making magic mud pies! Then, shape it into little balls and let them dry. These seed bombs are like tiny treasure balls that you can plant in the ground. When you do that, beautiful flowers will grow, and you’ll love nature even more! It’s like a secret garden adventure!

  31. Fruit Slice Ornaments
  32. Take some yummy oranges or lemons and cut them into really thin slices. Then, put them in the oven, and they will turn into special ornaments that smell super good! It’s like making magic decorations for the holidays! You can use these slices to make a special garland by putting them on a string.

  33. Potato Stamps
  34. Take a big potato and cut it in half! Now, we’re gonna make it super cool. Carve funny shapes and patterns on the flat side of the potato. It’s like making a magical stamp!

    Grab some plain ornaments, like the ones that need some pzazz. Dip your potato stamp in paint and press it on the ornaments. Stamp, stamp, stamp!

  35. Driftwood Sailboats
  36. Gather tiny pieces of wood from the beach to make cute sailboats. You can use string or paper for the sails, and then have lots of fun decorating your boats however you want! Let’s see who can make the coolest nautical ship!

  37. Pressed Fern Bookmarks
  38. First, go on an adventure and find some ferns – those leafy green plants. Once you have them, put them in a big book and squish them with another heavy book on top. It’s like giving them a cosy bed to sleep in!

  39. Twig Picture Frames
  40. Let’s make tiny picture frames with twigs! First, get some twigs and stick them together like making a little house. Use really strong glue to make sure they stick together super well. Make it into a square or a rectangle shape. Then, grab a piece of cardboard and glue it on the back to make a cool frame.

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