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15 Most Useful Fire Safety Tips For Kids

Educate your children about various alarms for a fire hazard. Equip them with fire safety tips for kids.  Today’s urban jungle that we call home has many fire occurrences that are becoming hazardous for human life – making fire safety for kids an essential training. Amidst this, it’s becoming imperative that parents equip their little ones, their nannies and themselves with fire safety tips for kids and preschoolers.

While you ensure the complete safety of your kids, they must learn to recognise and act in times of crisis – especially when you are not around. For this, you need to make them aware of the fire safety rules for kids. After all, your kids will have times when adults are not there to supervise them.

Do you often get worried about your kids when hearing the news of fire breakouts? This blog will tell you some quick fire safety tips for kids that will help you stay calm.  

Kids look up to parents and adults around them for clues on reacting to things happening around them during a fire incident or disaster. Hence you must practice fire safety rules for kids during some mock sessions for your child to understand the value of fire safety for preschoolers.

Here are a few pointers to help keep toddlers and young kids safe from the fire.

  1. Knowing Your Surroundings Well 
  2. Keep yourself updated with the fire incidents that happened in the past in your surrounding. For deriving the best fire safety tips for kids, the first step is to know the area you live in.

  3. Knowing About Fire Safety For Preschoolers
  4. As you need to know your surroundings, it would help if you got well-versed in your kid’s preschool surroundings for fire safety for preschoolers. Also, understand the preparedness of the school for times of crisis. 

  5. Talk to the People In Charge
  6. Connect with the society offices or RWA in charge to know what they have been doing to ensure that similar incidents don’t happen at your place.

  7. Be Ready With A Plan For Ensuring Fire Safety For Kids 
  8. Fire safety for kids starts at home. Make a plan of action to be ready for the crisis. Also, ensure you have discussed the plan with everyone at home, including your children. If you have more than one child at home, assign each child’s responsibilities to a different adult. This will help you in avoiding panic moments in times of crisis.

  9. Predefine The Exit Routes
  10. Predefine the routes you would want to take in such instances. One of the most critical fire safety tips for kids is to have multiple exit routes ready.

  11. Fix A Meeting Point
  12. To ensure fire safety for preschoolers, one of the most crucial steps is deciding where to meet once everyone is out of the home. This will help you avoid the confusion and chances of your kid getting lost. It will also give your kid a direction to move forward if they lose you in the attempt to get out of the fire.

  13. Avoid Hiding
  14. Ensure no one is trying to hide under the bed or cupboards – it might work for earthquakes, but it’s dangerous for fire safety for kids.

  15. Make Your Children Learn Emergency Services Numbers
  16. Please check the emergency services numbers for your locality. Another important tip for fire safety for kids is to keep them aware of the emergency numbers they can contact in times of crisis. Whether it is fire brigades, ambulances or police, they should know all the numbers by heart. If your kid carries a phone, feed all crucial numbers in their phonebook.

  17. Make Your Children Learn Other Important Phone Numbers
  18. The time of crisis brings along panic. While the first attempt should be to reach out to emergency services, it is also essential that your kid feel emotionally safe. You might only sometimes be around. Hence they should know how to reach out to you. They should also learn their parents’ phone numbers, nannies and siblings (if any).

  19. Staying Low
  20. When a fire breaks out, the gases and fumes rise. Hence, one of the best fire safety tips for kids can be staying low. Yes, please ensure that they crawl (if the fire is not intense) or bend and walk/run instead of walking/running out straight up. Most of the time, even before getting hurt from the fire, people start having breathing challenges and get trapped in poisonous gasses that come out in a fire breakout.

  21. Instal Smoke Detectors
  22. Having a smoke detector is a good thing when it comes to kids’ fire safety. If your budget permits, install smoke detectors in all the rooms of your home, including the kitchen. But if it’s costly, at least install one smoke detector that covers your house considerably. For the fire safety of preschoolers, check with your kid’s school about having smoke detectors.

  23. Teach Your Kids The Meaning Of Various Alarms 
  24. It would help if you also taught your kids the meaning of various alarms, their sounds of types of equipment installed to keep the check of a fire breakout. E.g., three beeps mean fire and a single beep every 30 seconds means low battery

  25. Instal Fire Extinguishers
  26. Plan out fire extinguishers for different types of accessible areas of the house and be mindful of which one to use and in what kind of hazard. If your kids are age appropriate to use them, they should learn. It’s crucial for fire safety for kids. For fire safety for preschoolers, ensure that your kid’s preschool has functional fire extinguishers.

  27. Flammables
  28. As a fire safety rule for kids, keep all the flammables in the house safely away from kids. Use lighters with kid-resistance features, flameless candles etc. Also, ensure all sockets and wirings in the house function properly to avoid a short circuit.

  29. Follow the Stop, Roll and Drop Rule
  30. When clothes catch fire – running is our natural response. But note that the fire in the clothes would speed up by doing this. Instead, try implementing stop, roll and drop – which means first stop, then drop to the ground and roll over until the fire extinguishers.


Being ready with fire safety for kids in the current times of high rises and overpopulated areas is a must-have thing. Fire safety rules for kids will help keep you and your children up-to-date with what to do when a fire breaks out in your home, building or surroundings. The fire safety tips for kids must be repeated and practiced with them periodically so they remember. Fire safety for preschoolers should mutually be discussed with kids’ preschool.

At Eurokids, we understand the importance of fire safety for kids. While we ensure experiential learning, we also make sure your kids are safe with us.

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