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12 Tips for Parents From Preschool Teachers

That sinking feeling when you see your little one crying her lungs out at her preschool’s gate, tugging at your dupatta, not letting you go! It can be heartbreaking. We know. We have been there and understand that pain.

Navigating through the early years of your child’s education can be a very challenging responsibility. The transition from home to preschool can be a difficult one, both for you and your child. However, with the help of preschool teachers, you can make this transition positive and successful. Preschool teachers have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to preschool parenting tips and positive parenting tips.

Here are 12 tips for parents from preschool teachers to help you successfully create a happy preschool phase for your little one.

  1. Establish a Consistent Routine
  2. One of the essential preschool parenting tips that preschool teachers recommend is establishing a consistent routine for your child. Children thrive on performance, and it helps them feel safe and secure. This routine should include regular bedtimes, meal times, and play times. Establishing a consistent morning routine is essential to help your child prepare for their day at preschool.

  3. Encourage Independence
  4. As parents, it is natural to want to take care of everything for our children. However, preschool teachers recommend encouraging independence in your child. This can be as simple as allowing your child to dress themselves, eat their meals on their own, or even help with simple chores. By encouraging independence, you are helping your child to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.

  5. Provide Opportunities for Play
  6. Play is an essential part of a child’s development, and one parenting tip every preschool teacher suggests is to provide maximum opportunities to play for your child. This can be as simple as setting up a play area in your home or taking your child to the park and playing with them. Play allows children to explore, experiment, and learn new skills.

  7. Read to Your Child Regularly
  8. Reading to your child regularly is one of the best preschool parenting tips that preschool teachers recommend. Not only does it help to develop your child’s language and literacy skills, but it also promotes a love of reading and establishes a lovely bond. Moreover, it can give your child a head-start at preschool, making learning more accessible.

  9. Encourage Social Interaction
  10. Social interaction is essential to a child’s development, and preschool teachers recommend encouraging social interaction for your child. Fun ways of doing this are by setting up playdates with other children or taking your child to the playground and encouraging playing with other kids.

  11. Use Positive Reinforcement
  12. Positive parenting tips, such as positive reinforcement, are essential for a happy parent-child relationship. Positive reinforcement is a way to encourage good behavior by rewarding it. Gestures like praising your child when they do something well or giving them a small treat when they behave well can go a long way.

  13. Set Clear Boundaries and Rules
  14. Setting clear boundaries and rules is an essential part of preschool parenting. Children need to know what is expected of them and the consequences of not following the rules. This will help to establish a sense of security and discipline for your child.

  15. Take an Interest in Your Child’s Interests
  16. Taking an interest in your child’s interests is a vital parenting tip that preschool teachers recommend. You can do this by observing and discussing it with them. By taking an interest in your child’s interests, you are interested in their life. This will help to foster a positive parent-child relationship.

  17. Be Involved in Your Child’s Education
  18. Being involved in your child’s education is one of the important preschool parenting tips that preschool teachers recommend. By being involved in your child’s education, you are sharing your concern by showing them you are showing them that you care and that you are interested in their learning. This will help to foster a positive parent-child relationship.

  19. Encourage Creativity
  20. Preschool teachers recommend encouraging creativity in your child. This can be done through art projects, building with blocks, singing, dancing, art & craft, and other activities that allow them to express themselves in unique ways.

  21. Take Time for Yourself
  22. Most important tip but the most ignored one too! Parenting is not easy, and no one is born knowing it. So, that’s the reason preschool teachers recommend taking time for yourself as a parent. This will help you recharge and be better able to handle the daily demands of parenting. A happy you make your child happy.

  23. Communicate with the Teacher
  24. This is a crucial parenting tip – to have regular conversations and updates on your child with your child’s teacher. This will help you stay informed about your child’s progress and any concerns the teacher may have. You should immediately check with your kid’s teacher if you observe any irregular behavior.

Apart from these, one of the most essential underestimated tips is to show love and affection to your child. There is no issue that love can solve. That’s why preschool teachers recommend showing love and respect to your child and not thinking it’s understood. This will help them feel secure and build their self-esteem. A warm hug when they are down or scared can do wonders.

All these parenting tips will arm you to have smooth sailing with your toddler in the preschool phase. Not just that, preschool teachers at EuroKids recommend following these tips even when the child is older. Meet experienced teachers at a EuroKids center near you to know how these tips have helped parents whose kids have been learning at EuroKids.

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