11 Best Fun Summer Activities for Kids

The upcoming summer vacations are an excellent opportunity to have a good time, bond, and have fun as a family. Many use this time to kick back, unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Children, too, look forward to the summer vacations as a break from school and studies. However, if not closely monitored or gainfully occupied, children can easily spend their days binge-watching TV or glued to their mobiles and tablets.

The best way to make the best of the holidays is to sit down as a family and make an exhaustive bucket list of different things that can be done over the summer holidays. Let the list be filled with summer activities that can be done at home and outside. Make sure to include things they would like to do and what you would like them to do and would like to do with them. Involving the kids in making a list would mean they are aware of the items and would be inclined to participate, and you will seldom hear them saying that they are “bored.” Enroll your children in the best playschool in India for learning fun activities which help them to improve their creativity.

Here are the Best Fun Summer Activities for Kids

1. Water Fun

water fun activity

Water-based activities for kids are the easiest thing to do, especially on hot summer days, fill buckets and tubs or an inflatable pool with water and let your kids do the rest. They can have fun splashing each other. Add food color to the water in one bucket and fill another with soapy water to keep things interesting. You can even put something that floats and sink into the buckets. Give your kid spoons and small cups to use and fill larger containers and plastic bottles. Offer them cloth and sponges to dip and squeeze.

2. Rain Dance

rain dance activity

Another fun summer activity is the rain dance. Turn on the sprinklers or the hose pipes in your garden, and let your children dance between the water streams. Adjust the spray to a fine mist/ shower to reduce water wastage. Add some music and enjoy a rain dance.

3. Sponge Fight

Give your children small buckets of water, sponges, or even balled-up socks. And let them have a soggy sponge/sock fight.

4. Car Cleaning Day

sponge fight activity

This summer activity serves two purposes, cleaning and having fun. Equip your child with sponges, brushes, cloth, buckets, and soapy and clean water, and show them how to clean your car and watch them get to work with enthusiasm. In the end, your car has never looked cleaner or shinier before. You can do the same activity with your front yard, balcony, and porch.

5. Ignite their Inner Picasso

This summer activity for kids is slow-paced and can be done on a pleasant summer morning or early evening. Set up art stations in your yard or balcony and let your child experiment with different forms of paints, crayons, colored pencils, water, and poster colors. They can draw, paint, and take prints of their hands and feet, maybe leaves. Gather a few friends and enthusiastic parents and have a fun color day with temporary tattoos, face painting, rock painting, set up easels, and so much more.

6. MasterChef, Here We Come

cooking activity

From cookies, cakes, salads, and sandwiches. Milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt pops, and even sorbets are easy to make, great to beat the heat and healthy options to store-bought ones. Get your little chefs involved in making their meals and snacks and create beautiful memories in the kitchen.

7. Fun in the Sun

Gather a few family, relatives, and friends and spend a day or an evening at the pool, beach, or park. You can organize fun tournaments or matches for kids, like a football match, box cricket, badminton, carom, or chess. So please put on your sporting gear, and let’s get going!! With lots of food, snacks, drinks, prizes, and fun, everyone wins.

8. Game of Skill

Organize an evening of fun in your neighborhood consisting of games of skill, like bowling, ring toss, darts, aiming the cans, feeding the clown, and fishing with magnets. Children will learn that these games can be just as fun, if not more, than computer games.

9. Joyrides

Instead of being stuck in and around your house all day, you can ride joy rides and give your child the experience of riding different modes of transport like a bus, a double-decker bus, the metro, the train, and even a water transport like a ferry if you can take them for a horse riding, bullock cart ride or even a tractor ride for a unique experience.

10. Getting in Touch with Nature

This activity for kids gives you much-needed one-on-one time with your little one. Plan a nature walk, or visit a petting zoo, nature park, bird sanctuary, aquarium, or garden and share in the wonder and amazement of your child as they see things perhaps for the first time in real life. You can keep things simple by planting a small kitchen garden or making a homemade bird feeder. Help your children to take care of and fall in love with nature.

11. Transform Old into New e

Summer vacations are an excellent time to bring out the creative side in your children and get some cleaning done. So bring out the old t-shirts, shoes, and bags, and after thoroughly cleaning them, let your kids have fun painting activities for them. You could also use the cardboard portion from the kitchen and toilet rolls and make fun containers and organizers for pens, pencils, colors, paint and decorate plastic bottles into creative vases. Utilize this opportunity to use all the remaining art and craft materials from the school year. This is an excellent time to get a head start on festival-themed projects, keeping your little one busy for hours.

Being around the kids all the time and thinking of things for them to do can get exhausting, which is why most parents find it easier to take the children to the mall and the various play zones. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Ditch the mall and watch them fall…in love with self-led summer activities like reading, board games, blocks and puzzles, activity books, and sticker books. Give them cartons of different sizes and let them make their forts or houses, give them bed sheets, and they can make tents with those too. Allow them to read, sleep, and maybe even eat the snack in their creations for a fun experience. Once a week, enjoy family movie time by darkening the room, spreading comfy bedding, making loads of popcorn, and maybe some burgers and sandwiches. Summer activities for kids need not be a stressful and expensive affair. All you need to do is be creative and have fun.

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