100 Activities for Kids Aged 5 to 8 Years Old


Activities for kids ages 5 to 8 years are important to their development and learning. These activities for kids at home can help them learn new skills, explore their interests, and have fun in various settings. From arts and crafts to sports and games, there are endless options for engaging and age-appropriate activities that can keep kids entertained and learning while also helping them to build important social and emotional skills. This article will explore some fun activities for kids ages 5 to 8 years, including ideas for indoor and outdoor activities, solo and group activities, and easy activities for kids that can be done with minimal or no supplies. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these ideas can help you plan engaging and enriching activities for children in this age range.

Here are the 100 Activities for Kids/Children:

  1. Play dress-up and pretend play.
  2. Go on a nature walk and collect leaves, rocks, or flowers.
  3. Play with playdough or clay.
  4. Have a water balloon or water gunfight.
  5. Do a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood or in a park.
  6. Have a dance party.
  7. Do a craft or art project.
  8. Play a board game or card game.
  9. Have a tea party.
  10. Play a sport, such as soccer, basketball, or baseball.
  11. Play with a jump rope.
  12. Play a musical instrument.
  13. Do a puzzle.
  14. Play a computer or video game.
  15. Go to the library and check out books.
  16. Build with blocks or legos.
  17. Play with dolls or action figures.
  18. Play with a ball or frisbee.
  19. Play hide and seek.
  20. Go on a bike ride.
  21. Play hopscotch.
  22. Play with a play kitchen or other pretends toys.
  23. Play with a hula hoop.
  24. Do some gardening.
  25. Do a coloring activity.
  26. Play with finger paints.
  27. Play with a yo-yo.
  28. Fly a kite.
  29. Play with a ball or balloon indoors.
  30. Exercise together.
  31. Play with a puppet or marionette.
  32. Play with a bubble wand or make homemade bubbles.
  33. Do a sensory activity, such as a sensory bin or sensory table.
  34. Play a game of tag.
  35. Play with a puzzle or brain teaser toy.
  36. Play a game of Simon says.
  37. Play a game of Red Light and Green Light.
  38. Play with a jump rope.
  39. Do some yoga or other physical activity.
  40. Play with a foam ball or foam toys.
  41. Create a treasure hunt.
  42. Play with a skipping rope or hula hoop.
  43. Do a painting activity with watercolours.
  44. Play a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.
  45. Play a game of charades.
  46. Have a picnic in the backyard or at a park.
  47. Build a fort or tent out of blankets and pillows.
  48. Play a game of tag or freeze tag.
  49. Do a science experiment with a household item.
  50. Create a homemade obstacle course.
  51. Build a nursery.
  52. Read children’s classics together.
  53. Watch birds with a pair of binoculars.
  54. Pick wild berries.
  55. Create a scrapbook of flowers.
  56. Build a model plane.
  57. Visit animals at a zoo.
  58. Make a cardboard guitar.
  59. Design a map of your home.
  60. Visit friends.
  61. Bake cookies or brownies.
  62. Paint rocks of different shapes.
  63. Catch fireflies in the evening.
  64. Learn new words.
  65. Visit a museum.
  66. Play musical chairs.
  67. Go fishing.
  68. Have fun with makeup.
  69. Feed ducks at a local pond.
  70. Teach your pet to do some tricks.
  71. Paint fingernails.
  72. Colour in a coloring book.
  73. Build a sandcastle.
  74. Create a new hairdo.
  75. Visit your nearby library.
  76. Learn a magic trick.
  77. Make pretty bracelets.
  78. Walk around a pumpkin patch.
  79. Bake their favourite pizza.
  80. Have a snowball fight.
  81. Build a snowman.
  82. Watch some good movies.
  83. Use a magnifying glass.
  84. Help someone.
  85. Learn how to braid your hair.
  86. Try to cartwheel.
  87. Collect stamps.
  88. Feed birds in your neighborhood.
  89. Interview grandparents.
  90. Dye t-shirts.
  91. Learn to make shadow puppets.
  92. Build a blanket castle.
  93. Play crossword.
  94. Cut snowflakes from paper.
  95. Make hot chocolate.
  96. Invent shapes in clouds.
  97. Create a secret handshake.
  98. Make a drum from an empty container.
  99. Create a collage.
  100. Make an ice cream sundae

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In conclusion, activities for children ages 5 to 8 years can significantly impact their social behaviour and development. Activities for 5-year-olds, activities for 6-year-olds and activities for 8-year-olds are all included in this list. In this day and age, screen time can be a solitary activity that does not require children to interact with others or practice their communication skills. Activities that involve face-to-face interaction, such as sports, games, and arts and crafts, can help children learn to socialize, share, and express themselves effectively. By balancing screen time with activities encouraging socialization and physical activity, adults can help children in this age range develop important social skills and build confidence and self-esteem. These activities can also contribute to a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle, which is essential for children’s well-being.

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