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10 Practical Ways To Embrace Assistance After Your Baby’s Arrival

Newborns are adorable chaos machines, and it’s totally normal to feel like Superwoman in a burp cloth cape. Yes, you are rocking this, but even heroes need backup, isn’t it?!

Thankfully, in India, we’re lucky to have built-in support systems in our families. grandmas, aunties, even your sis-in-law – they’re all potential lifesavers! But sometimes, taking baby help or baby care services feels as if you are not good enough. Self doubt about your parenting skills creep in.  It’s normal but hey! You really need to skip the awkward and jump straight to 10 ways to tap into that amazing village around you and make motherhood a smoother ride. Buckle up, mamas, this is gonna be good!

  1. Delegate the Domestic Work:
  2. Washing dishes while the baby cries? Folding laundry during nap time? Forget it! It’s ok if the plates are not getting washed perfectly on time or the laundry is piling inside the washing machine. This is the time you need to take care of your physical and mental health and focus on your baby. So, take all the help you are getting or ASK for it. Let your husband, mother, in laws or any hired domestic help cum baby care taker at home manage the kitchen duties. You do not have to feel guilty about it. Remember, a happy, rested mamma is the best mamma for your little one.

  3. Elders to the Rescue
  4. Ditch the age-old saas-bahu stereotypes and embrace the wisdom of seasoned mamas. Your mother, mother-in-law, or any granny figure is a goldmine of baby whisperer techniques. From calming colicky cries to mastering that perfect swaddle, their experience is invaluable. Let them rock the cradle, share their wisdom, and revel in their grandparent glow. They feel wanted and happy and you get the needed break. Can’t be a better win-win situation.

  5. Involve your partner
  6. Fatherhood isn’t just about Instagram-worthy photo ops. Dads can be diaper-changing ninjas, bath-time maestros, burp-inducing experts and excellent baby care takers. Encourage your partner to share the responsibilities, from midnight feeds to morning cuddles. Teamwork makes the baby-rearing dream work! But don’t forget specific instructions: let him know you prefer burping the baby over your shoulder or which diaper cream you find most soothing. Open communication is key to a harmonious division of labor.

  7. Say ’yes’ for help:
  8. Remember those ever-so-helpful aunties who cooed over you as a baby? They’re back, and this time, their target is your little munchkin. They can be the best baby care takers you can get. Let them shower your newborn with affection (maybe some homemade ladoos too!), run errands, or simply keep you company for a much-needed cup of chai. Their support is a warm embrace you truly deserve. But be specific in your requests: do you need help bathing the baby, sorting laundry, or simply someone to vent to? Clear communication ensures your needs are met.

  9. Hire Babysitters
  10. Sleep deprivation is not a myth. It’s real. When you feel that you are getting way less sleep than you need, do not hesitate to ask a relative, your family member, your friend, a neighbor, or a professional baby care service for some baby help to babysit your bundle. Even if it’s just for a few hours, getting someone else to take care of the baby while you catch up on sleep can be magical for your recovering body. But don’t just hand over the baby and disappear. Discuss your expectations beforehand, from feeding schedules to preferred soothing techniques, and leave an emergency contact number just in case. And most importantly trust your baby care taker at home.

  11. Invest in good housekeeping services:
  12. Dishes overflowing? Laundry Mount Everest-ing? Fear not! Housekeeping services can be your knights in shining armor. Delegate the mundane chores and reclaim your precious time for bonding with your baby. But before you go ahead and hire a house help do a detailed background check about the person. It’s super important to hire only someone who has experience in working at a place with a newborn because the dynamics can completely change with a tiny human in the house. Right from her timings from keeping in mind simple things like not ringing the bell; she needs to be sensitive about it. Now coming to the housekeeping work, ensure that she has enough experience and comes recommended by your friend or a relative.

  13. Plan your meal or outsource it:
  14. Cooking for yourself, let alone a tiny human, can feel like an Olympic feat in the post-partum haze. Make use of the magic of online food delivery or tiffin services. It is super important for you to eat healthy home cooked food and that does not mean it has to be made only by you. Nowadays there are several options or services that provide 100% home cooked food. But don’t just order anything. Research healthy options, read reviews, and consider portion sizes to avoid unnecessary leftovers. Remember, healthy meals fuel your body and your mood, making this a wise investment in your well-being.

  15. Tech-Powered Assistance:
  16. From baby monitors to white noise machines, technology is your friend. Use apps to track feedings, sleep patterns, and development milestones. Let smart devices soothe your baby with lullabies, and utilize online communities for expert advice and shared experiences. But remember, don’t become reliant on technology. Use it as a tool to complement your intuition and instincts, not replace them. Trust your mama-magic!

  17. Postpartum Support Groups:
  18. You’re not alone in this journey, mama. Connect with other new mothers in support groups, online forums, or even your neighborhood park. Share stories, anxieties, and triumphs. Remember, solidarity is strength, and these connections can be a lifeline during challenging times. But choose your group wisely. Find one that aligns with your values and parenting philosophy to ensure a supportive and understanding environment.

  19. Self-Care is Best Care:
  20. We all have been there. We understand how much you want to do the best for your little one and be the best parent. Well, you have your whole life for that dear mommy because right now you need to first take away your mental wellness and happiness. Remember, you have created a human being inside you. It is a big deal of emotions and hard work. You need to take time out for yourself.

Remember that only if you are healthy and fit can you take care of your baby. So say ‘yes’ for help and anything that makes your stress less and enjoy this beautiful phase fully.

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