How to Be a Happy Mom: 9 Tips for Finding Joy in Motherhood


Some moments of mommyhood can get dark.

Look up and all you might see are ominous clouds, doubts and despair.

In such times finding your way back to being that happy you want to be (and have been) can seem like more than a Herculean task.

And it is okay. Sometimes you mess up. Sometimes you have bad days. Just like life, momhood too is a rollercoaster ride.

However, being happy despite those ominous clouds looming large over your head is still possible.

You can be a happy mom.

Let that sink in for a split second.

Now as for the how of it, you have to be ready to put in some work to get there. And we can help, for sure! Let us show you how to be a happy mom!

How to be a happy mom: 9 tips to get your happiness metre up

To be a happy mom, you need to first realise that effective time management for moms is essential. It is okay to go through weak, not-so-happy moments. You do not have to have a plastic smile 24×7. No need to fake it to make it. Just let your emotions run their course naturally. That is how to make this mother happy. The mother you see each time you look in the mirror that is.

If we are telling the truth though, the path to happiness is an internal process. Once you start practising a couple of healthy habits everyday, you will see yourself becoming the person who can find a silver lining in every dark cloud.

Here are a few tips that can get you high up on the happy mom ladder!

  1. Start meditating
  2. God knows a mom’s life can be super stressful! You need to find ways to beat the stress. And what better way to do it than to meditate in the morning?

    When you meditate in the morning, you get to start your day on a note of peace and positivity. Plus, meditating can set you up for a happy day as it helps you calm down and enter the mode of Zen, which petty fights at home just cannot budge that easily!

  3. Plan your day
  4. Most of what takes you away from being a happy mom is all these little frustrations that arise during the course of an average day. Something you can easily avoid by planning your day well. When you know what is going to happen when, there is little that can surprise you. Or throw you off. Planning well can bring that sense of control and organisation to you and your day, helping you take charge of everything that happens. And we all know the kind of happiness being in control can bring! Just be sure to account for the unpredictability factor so you do not get too upset if things go off-plan.

  5. Spend some time by yourself
  6. Me-time is so important! It is the key to being a happy mom! When you are planning your day, be sure to add me-time to the schedule. Spend that chalked out time as you like, doing things you like. Let your family know that that is your personal time and space so they know not to disturb you. Spending time on your terms can do wonders for your health!

  7. Practice gratefulness
  8. Just like mindfulness is important, so is gratefulness! Counting your blessings each day can show you how much good already exists in your life. You have healthy kids, a well settled partner, a good network of rock-solid, and an amazing community to belong to. Actively acknowledging that you have these things can really uplift your mood!

  9. Follow a healthy diet
  10. From sugars to carbs, you can easily blame your crappy mood on a bad diet! What you eat is what your mood will be is an irrefutable fact. Foods rich in refined sugar can often cause a sugar spike, which when worn off can lead to headaches and a foul mood. You want to avoid that from happening on a frequent basis. Hence, your focus should be on a healthy, energy-giving and mood enhancing diet. Think whole grains, nuts, fruits, veggies and more!

  11. Get your snooze time
  12. Trust us, conking out on time each night is one of the best things you can do to achieve that ‘happy mom’ status. Poor sleep can definitely lead to a sour mood. You do not get as much time to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul as you need, after all. And you are a mom so you know you need lots and lots of it. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of Zzz-time each night. And before you tuck in, create a chill vibe so you can get into the relaxed zone.

  13. Get moving
  14. And pump that iron! Exercising enjoys the reputation of releasing feel-good hormones, which is exactly what you need to become a happy mom! Not only that, exercise can keep you in shape, thus giving you the energy to deal with the more physically demanding jobs of the day without wearing yourself out. And the confidence boost you get when you have an amazing figure is a total win!

  15. Do not hold grudges
  16. Whether it is your partner that riles you up with that towel-on-the-floor-habit, or your kid with their food tantrums, you need to get to a place where you do not hold onto things as everlasting grudges. It does not change anything. All holding grudges does is sour your mood and affect your mental health.

    The best way to stop holding grudges is to follow the ‘pobody’s nerfect’ philosophy. This jumbled up way of saying ‘nobody’s perfect’ is such a simple reminder that acceptance is the key to happiness.

  17. Take a cruise
  18. Or go on a hike! Do whatever floats your boat as long as you take that trip at least once every year. A change of scenery and a break from your daily set of responsibilities is food for your soul. This is what your soul needs to feel happy again. So pack your bags and take off (with your gal pals or your fam) any chance that you get!

    When you find things to look forward to each day, nothing can stop you from becoming a happy mom. Sure being a mom is a 24×7 job but it is important not to lose yourself and burn out in that job. Talk to your partner and your older kids and delegate chores and responsibilities so you can focus on the one thing that matters: you. It is time to start being happy, and stop searching for ‘how to be a happy mom’.

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