Zumba Classes for Kids: Dance, Exercise, and Fun!

When you hear the word ‘Zumba’, it instantly invokes a sense of curiosity.

For those who don’t know what the term means, it might even sound like the name of an African tribe. For those that have a brief idea, it provokes them to want to know even more.

So, what is a Zumba Class? In a nutshell, Zumba is a fusion of Latin Dance with Aerobic Exercise. The best part about this practice is, children can learn the routines fairly easily. Needless to say, it makes for a whole lot of fun for them, too!

There are good chances you’re one of those people who are not too familiar with what the term Zumba means. In this article, we will Dance our way through all things Zumba. From Zumba Exercise to Zumba Benefits, we have it all covered here.

Let’s get started then, by taking a closer look at ‘What is Zumba Class?’

Zumba Class: The Basics

As we have touched upon in the introduction, Zumba Class combines elements of Dance and Aerobics.

Thanks to Zumba Class, children learn to exercise their bodies, while grooving to the beats of their favourite accompanying music. Needless to say, they bid goodbye to all the problems that might be associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Indeed, problems that an increasing number of children are privy to in today’s world.

These days, parents are either looking to initiate their children into a stellar Sports Routine, or a reputed Dance Class. With Zumba, they have an excellent alternative to both these options.

Zumba Benefits

Possibly the best part about Zumba Class is, you don’t have to be a trained dancer. All you need to do is lose yourself to the music, follow the steps and have a good time!

Apart from that, there are the several benefits that stem from indulging in a regular Zumba practice, like the following.

A Fun Way to burn Calories

Children like to do anything that involves Fun. Like for instance, Zumba Class!

Zumba is a great way to focus all that bursting energy in children, towards something truly constructive. Not only will they have a ball Dancing, all that Zumba Exercise will get them to shed loads of Calories, too.

Gets them Comfortable with their Bodies

All children go through an awkward phase in their lives. A time when they feel conscious of their bodies.

If there ever were a time to introduce Zumba to them, this would be it. Zumba Dance for Kids, necessitates their moving just about every part of their bodies in perfect rhythm. This goes a long way in helping them feel more confident about their bodies.

Increased Flexibility

As we have just seen in the earlier point, Zumba Exercise entails children using their entire bodies.

All those fluidic, rhythmic movements that they perform, help them increase their flexibility.

Encourages Teamwork

It is very important for children to work on improving their Social Skills. By being part of a team in Zumba class, it helps them do just that.

One of the best things about Zumba Dance for Kids, lies in the fact that they get to go out there and make new friends. This, coupled with the fact that they learn to work in synchronization as a ‘team’, makes Zumba the perfect group activity to help them master social skills.

Better Coordination

All those deft moves in Zumba Class make for excellent Coordination in kids.

The benefits of Zumba Class extend beyond children having better bodies. Not only does it improve their flexibility, but it also helps ensure they have a great sense of Balance. Further, those myriad dance moves can only be executed by children when they coordinate different parts of their bodies.

Great for Emotional Health

Perhaps one of the better benefits of Zumba class lies in the fact that it is a great Stress Buster!

Children these days go through an entire gamut of emotions – anger, sadness, etc. The great thing about Zumba is, it helps them vent all those emotions that would otherwise be pent up inside them. Over time, they will look forward to going to Zumba class, just because it has a positive effect on their mood!

Better Overall Health

It’s great that Zumba Class helps burn all those calories, but there’s plenty of other health benefits that it offers children, too. As we have seen, Zumba moves work on the entire body. This means that children who go to Zumba Class will get a Full Body Workout, from their arms and shoulders, to their feet.

What’s more, Zumba makes for a great Cardiovascular Exercise. Some children go for a run, yet others do Zumba! All that exercise has wonderful benefits in the form of boosting their Metabolism, and improving Blood Circulation. What’s more, it works wonders in improving their Immunity, that helps keep them healthy over time. As it makes their muscles stronger, it improves their Endurance, too.

A Boost to Self-Esteem

Zumba is the kind of Exercise, that helps children feel good about themselves.

All that Zumba exercise works wonders when it comes to improving their Self-Confidence and even, Self-Esteem! In that sense, Zumba is a Holistic exercise, working on shaping both the Body as well as Mind.

Can be a great Family Bonding Experience

Remember the last time you and your family did something fun together? Now just imagine how lovely it would be, to indulge in a fun family activity that can be performed time and again!

When the entire family enrols for Zumba Class, it ensures that all family members have a great time. What’s more, the individual commitment each of the family members has towards Zumba Class, will ensure that they never miss that fun bonding session.

We at EuroKids are all for the participation of children in Zumba Class. After all, it makes for a complete body workout that is both fun and versatile. Encouraging children to get into a daily fitness regimen, it helps them manage their weight and health, too.

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