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World Water Day Parade: A Fun And Educational Event For Preschoolers

In India, where the word “jal” evokes reverence and survival, celebrating World Water Day on March 22nd takes on a unique significance. But how do we engage our littlest citizens in understanding and valuing this precious resource? The answer lies in making it fun, colorful, and educational, and what better way to achieve that than with a vibrant, community-driven World Water Day parade?

Why a Parade?

In India, parades are a part of our cultural fabric, from the mesmerizing festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi to the vibrant colors of Holi – they are a joyous way to connect with our communities, raise awareness, and celebrate causes. A World Water Day parade allows us to do all three while sparking curiosity and fostering environmental responsibility through water conservation for kids.

Planning a Parade that Makes Waves

Here’s how to transform World Water Day into a ‘splashtastic’ parade for your preschooler:

  1. Decorations:
  2. Get creative and let your inner artist shine! Make colorful flags adorned with slogans like “Pani Bachao, Desh Bachao!” or “Har Baar, Barish ka Pani Sanjo!” Decorate bicycles, tricycles, and baby strollers with water droplet cutouts, paper fish, and traditional motifs like lotuses and peacocks. Upcycle used plastic bottles and cartons to create props, teaching water conservation to kids while at it!

  3. Props:
  4. Encourage participants to carry homemade water awareness activities like watering cans, rain clouds fashioned from colorful cloth, miniature model boats representing traditional Indian vessels like matka or kulhad, and even puppets of endangered aquatic animals in our rivers and lakes.

  5. Costumes:
  6. Unleash the Imagination! Kids can dress up as raindrops, rivers, oceans, or their favorite marine animals like the majestic Indian Ocean humpback dolphin or the colorful freshwater fish found in our ghats. You could even incorporate regional elements, with children dressing as water deities or farmers using traditional techniques of water conservation for kids.

Spread the Word Like Ripples

  1. Make posters:
  2. Create eye-catching posters using recycled materials with slogans in regional languages to draw attention to the parade and its message. Put them in your local community center, school, temple, or park.

  3. Social media:
  4. Share photos and videos of your preparations on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, using hashtags like #WorldWaterDayParadeIndia and #BachaoPani. This will create a buzz and encourage others to participate or organize their mini-parades, emphasizing the importance of celebrating World Water Day with kids.

The Big Day: Let the Celebration Flow!

  1. Start with a solemn pledge:
  2. Gather everyone before the parade begins and have the children recite a simple pledge promising to save water. This will set the tone for the event and make celebrating World Water Day with kids more meaningful.

  3. Have fun:
  4. Let the parade begin! Turn on some latest Bollywood music or evergreen traditional folk tunes and let the parade make some noise through your neighborhood. Go ahead and chant slogans, sing songs, and spread awareness about water conservation for kids!

  5. End with a joyful celebration:
  6. After the parade, have a small gathering to enjoy refreshments. Play water-themed games like “pin the drop on the cloud” or “water relay race,” incorporating traditional elements like using clay pots or brass lotas for fun. Share stories about water conservation myths and legends from different regions of India, igniting children’s curiosity through water awareness activities.

Beyond the Parade: Keeping the Momentum Going

Here’s how to keep the momentum going by incorporating water awareness activities into your child’s daily routine:

  1. Short showers:
  2. Make bath time fun with timers or sing songs to keep showers short and sweet. Explain how this saves precious water for everyone.

  3. Fix those leaks:
  4. Sensitize your child about water shortages in India and worldwide. Explain how precious even one drop of water is and that life cannot exist without water. Tell them how to stop water wastage and inform any adult, like a leaking tap, if they see it happening.

  5. Plant power:
  6. Involve your child in planting water-efficient plants in your home garden. This will help them understand that growing plants doesn’t necessarily mean emptying liters of water.

  7. Reduce, reuse, recycle:
  8. You can teach them basic things like keeping the tap off while brushing or washing hands. When you tell them to water the plants with the same water you have used to wash rice, they will learn about reusing water. You can set up simple water-saving techniques like keeping a bucket to fill the rainwater or collecting the AC water to water plants and teach them about recycling water.

Are you planning a World Water Day parade with your little ones?

Fantastic! Do read some things you should do and what you should avoid while planning it.


  1. Get creative:
  2. Let imaginations run wild! Decorate bikes, strollers, and water cans with fish cutouts, flags, and water droplet motifs. Upcycle plastic bottles as rain cloud props – a fun way to promote water awareness activities.

  3. Spread the word:
  4. Make eye-catching posters with slogans in local languages. Share preparations online with hashtags to excite others.

  5. Start with a pledge:
  6. Gather before the parade and recite a simple promise to save water in Hindi or your regional language. It sets the tone and makes it meaningful for children.


  7. Don’t Forget safety:
  8. Plan a safe route with adult supervision throughout the parade.

  9. Don’t Overcomplicate:
  10. Keep it simple and enjoyable for everyone, especially younger children. Too much information can overwhelm them.

  11. Don’t waste:
  12. Encourage reusable decorations and props made from recycled materials. Minimize single-use items.

  13. Don’t neglect Local Regulations:
  14. Check with your local authorities for any necessary permits or guidelines for public gatherings.

Celebrating World Water Day through a parade can be a brilliant initiative that you take. It will be helpful not just for your child but also for many children who participate in it. Remember to make it fun and educational for them. For more informative blogs, visit us at

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