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Summer Camp- Creating Memories, Shaping Futures!  Why Summer Camp is Important for Kids

A wide range of childhood experiences results in a holistically developed adult. And summer camps for kids play a vital role in giving exposure to such engaging activities.

Amidst your hectic schedules, are you worried your child will spend the entire summer vacation watching cartoons or playing virtual games? As the summer break is coming, parents’ quest to find an engaging and learning experience for their kids has started too. The fun part of summer which we grown-ups don’t get to enjoy is the summer camp activities for kids. While your child might have ample free time, you would still have your office. To keep your child occupied, feel less lonely and entertained, you can enrol them in fun summer camps for kids.

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What is a Summer Camp for Kids?

A summer camp for kids is a program designed to provide children with a fun and educational experience during their summer vacation. Typically, summer camp activities for preschoolers include sports, arts and crafts, music, theatre, swimming, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

“Summer camp is important for children in many ways including providing them with opportunities to learn, make mistakes, evolve, and develop new skills.”

– Ravik Shankar, TOI Education

Specialised summer camp activities for preschoolers will help your child pick up some new skills. While your kids are busy doing some cool stuff, you too can load off your daily work, whether that’s closing some work deals or doing that pending laundry. And if you have some extra time, take a break from parenting duties to pursue your hobbies as well.

Are you still not sure about opting for summer camps for kids? No worries, we have got you covered in this blog to guide you in selecting the best summer camp for your child.

Do you ever wonder, ‘why summer camp is important for kids?’

13 Key benefits of Summer Camps for Your Kids

  1. Making new friends
  2. In kids summer camps, children get an opportunity to socialise with other children, even with those from different backgrounds. One of the importance of summer camp for kids can be stated as the freedom to interact with a lot of different children of different ages and schools within a managed and safe environment.

  3. A break from technology
  4. Children today spend most of their time playing virtual games and watching TV. We are sure you would relate to this too! Summer camps for kids allow them to have an active lifestyle by engaging in enticing summer camp activities for kids. They get to do various exercises and participate in outdoor activities too.

  5. Imbibe new skills and interests
  6. With different summer camp activities for kids, like gardening, pottery, crafts, cooking, etc., they get an opportunity to discover new interests and practise new hobbies at preschool summer camp.

  7. Helps children become more independent
  8. At home, children are dependent on their parents for different chores. Summer camps allow them to make decisions independently. Especially at night camps, children are encouraged to make their beds and take care of their belongings. They can take a manageable amount of risks without the watchful eye of their parents within a safe and controlled environment. Children learn abilities that help them make decisions on their own and develop a sense of independence at kids summer camp.

  9. Develop leadership qualities
  10. As the kids have to make their own decisions and deal with new people and situations on their own, they tend to develop leadership skills. They become more confident. Some of the summer camp activities for preschoolers enable them to lead their groups and complete their tasks which leads to the development of leadership qualities. The importance of kids summer camps goes a long way in setting a strong foundation for your child’s future success.

    Did you know that the best thing about summer camp for your children is building lifelong friendships?

  11. Learn adaptability
  12. As kids come out of their comfort zone and away from their parents, they come across new and unseen situations. In preschool summer camps, they learn to adjust, help and share things with new people, leading to greater tolerance for others and imbibing an adjusting attitude in them.

  13. Improves skills and passion of children
  14. If the kids are sent to specialised summer camps like music, dance, computers, or painting, they get an opportunity to sharpen their skills and build proficiency in them, setting foundational stones for the future.

  15. Teamwork
  16. Many summer camp activities for kids involve team tasks. These summer camps for kids allow them to work along with other children and complete tasks as a team. They learn to coordinate, problem-solve and work towards winning tasks with their team.

  17. Physical development
  18. As the children are exposed to physical activities like PT exercises, Yoga, Tug of War, etc., this allows them to build physical strength and enhance motor skills in children at the preschool summer camp.

  19. Cognitive development
  20. Summer camps for kids give your children the opportunity to be involved in brain-stimulating tasks like puzzles, creative writing, fine arts, etc. that helps in the healthy cognitive development of your child.

  21. Learn gratitude
  22. Since children get to interact with kids from different backgrounds and cultures, some even less fortunate, this allows them to appreciate and learn the value of being satisfied and thankful for their situation.

  23. Positive role models
  24. At summer camps, children get an opportunity to meet positive role models who are not celebrities or well-known individuals, but a group of enthusiastic and passionate young individuals having qualities that they appreciate. Contradictory to general school life, where they only look up to their teachers, at summer camps for kids, they start to learn to appreciate other individuals as well.

  25. Stress-free time for parents
  26. Another importance of summer camps for kids can be reflected with the me-time that parents get while taking a break from the baby’s duties!

    Did you know about the best things about summer camp and how it can positively impact your kids?

How To Make Your Child Ready for Summer Camp?

The best things about summer camp include building friendships, learning about nature and understanding new exciting skills. As your child will be spending time in a new environment, some steps must be taken for a smooth transition:

  1. Try to leave your child at a friend’s or relative’s house for some time or overnight. It will give them exposure to a new environment but with familiar people. This will be your first step in preparing them for spending time away from home – especially for the summer camp activities for preschoolers.
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  3. Talk to your child about all the wonderful summer camp activities for kids. This will build enthusiasm in them to actively participate in the camp.
  4. Don’t give false promises to your child that you will bring them back if they feel homesick. This will reduce their adapting capability. However, you can always check with the organiser for the well-being of your child.
  5. Always evaluate the maturity and willingness of the child to attend a summer camp before enrolling them in a summer camp for kids.

3 Essential Steps to Choose the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids

The importance of summer camps for kids is unmatched. Here are a few things to keep in mind before selecting one:

  1. Please be sure to check the authenticity and qualifications of the instructors and organisers at the summer camp for kids.
  2. Make sure to go through the detailed activities to be conducted at the summer camp for kids and evaluate them with respect to the liking and interest of your child.
  3. If possible, visit the location of the summer camp to check through the safety provisions of the settings.


As a parent, you may be worried that your child would spend their entire summertime scrolling the phone mindlessly or playing video games. In this article, we have covered some of the best things about summer camp. We have provided details on what a summer camp is, 13 important benefits of summer camp for kids, and tips to help your child prepare for summer camp. We have also covered 3 key steps to choosing the best summer camp for your kids. Will you enrol your kid in a summer camp this summer? Please share your valuable thoughts.

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