Why Bonnets are Essential for Babies

‘Snug as a Bug in a Rug’
Okay, not quite as ‘snug’, but certainly a whole lot more Comfortable!
That’s exactly how a baby feels, when they wear that adorable Bonnet on their head. One that makes people go, ‘Oh, look at that adorable baby!’

The reality, of course, is that our babies are cute, Baby Bonnets or not!
Baby Bonnets, however, go far beyond being mere fashion accessories. They are versatile to the point that they go with just about any baby’s outfits, but in the end it’s all about that Baby Head Protection.

After all, those tiny heads are particularly sensitive in the early years, and it is only prudent that we get a Bonnet Cap for Baby, so they are protected from the harsh vagaries of the ever-changing environment.

In this article you will find everything about Baby Bonnets, particularly why it is essential that you get that Baby Head Protection for your little one. If you thought that Sun Protection for Babies might be the only reason they wear that Bonnet Cap, you’re sorely mistaken!

Before we take a look at why those Bonnet Caps are an absolute must for all babies, let’s take a sneak peek into their History.

Baby Bonnets: The History
Did you know that the earliest origins of Baby Bonnets can be traced back to the nineteenth century? In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that baby bonnets were quite the ‘rage’ back then!

Further, In Pierre Auguste Renoir’s famous twentieth-century painting Claude and Renee, we are afforded a sight of a baby wearing a stylish bonnet. That’s not all. There is a picture that exists to this day, of ‘baby’ Queen Elizabeth the Second wearing a bonnet, on an outing sometime in 1928!

Needless to say, that must have been a ‘cold day’ indeed!
It was the 1980’s that saw the re-emergence of this fashion accessory, that might have otherwise retreated into oblivion. This was the time when the trend of wearing baby bonnets, once again rose to the forefront. All of a sudden, it was becoming increasingly fashionable to have your child wear a baby bonnet.

However, that’s not the only reason Baby Bonnets were being worn in these new times, as you will find out in the following section.

Baby Bonnets: Why Bonnets are essential for Babies

That Bonnet Cap for Baby deserves a lot more credit than one would normally attribute to it. The following is a list of all the reasons why.

Regulating Body Temperature

From the time they are born, you will find your baby donning a bonnet. One that has been precariously placed on their head, by the hospital nurse.

If there was ever a time to regulate Body Temperature, it would be this critical time, when babies are only  a few days old!

Protecting those ‘Curls’

Every mother knows that taking care of one’s hair, is absolutely vital for their overall appearance. Why should babies be left behind?

How bonnets protect hair, is by reducing the friction that results in unwanted hair loss, when your baby is asleep at night. All that tossing and turning against the sheets can cause serious hair loss and even bald patches. Unlike ‘other fabrics’, the fabric of hair bonnets is soft, and ensures there is none of that harmful friction.

Cool Fact: By getting your baby to wear those bonnets, you are also helping them retain the Moisture in their hair. This is especially important, where it comes to helping their hair grow with a flourish!

Sun Protection for Babies

As we mentioned earlier, this is not the only benefit of wearing those Baby Bonnets, but it is of course one of the most important ones!

The Sun is a glorious force of Nature, but its rays can cause plenty of harm too, especially when one’s skin is most soft and delicate, namely that of baby’s!

Tip: You want to get them to wear a bonnet made of a ‘light’ fabric that is also ‘breathable’, when you take them out in the Sun.

Lending a sense of Comfort

What does baby want more than anything else in the world? Answer: To be Comfortable! That’s the very reason, we find ourselves spend so much time pampering our little ones.

When you think ‘comfort’, you think ‘satin bonnets.’ When you allow your baby to indulge in this most precious of luxuries, you are really setting them up for hours of uninterrupted sleep. That means, as a parent, ‘you’re’ going to be a whole lot more comfortable at night, too!

Using them to celebrate Important Occasions

Baby bonnets are one of those fashion accessories that make for ‘Picture Perfect Moments.’ Especially when those moments are times when you are celebrating some special occasion or the other.

Be it a Wedding or Birthday, that chic baby bonnet is sure to make your baby stand out. Move over Birthday Girl, Bonnet Lass is here!

Tip: You might want to opt in for lace-styled bonnets, that especially stand out during special occasions like the ones mentioned above.

They are Versatile

We have just seen how Baby Bonnets can make for the perfect fashion accessory, and even help protect babies from the Sun. However, they are far more versatile than you think.

Whether it’s going to the park or taking them to a trip to meet their Uncle and Aunt, baby bonnets can be worn just about anywhere. Oh, and that includes wearing them in cold weather to keep warm, and even during a bath, to prevent their hair from getting wet!

Note: That baby bonnet might also be responsible for keeping the baby safe from any ‘bumps’ or ‘scrapes’ they are naturally prone to, in those early days.

 At Eurokids, we are of the opinion that Baby Bonnets are essential, primarily because of two things: ‘Comfort’ and ‘Safety’. Yes, they may surely look cool, but you don’t wish to compromise on the above two ‘essentials’, where it comes to your baby’s happiness.

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