When should babies start wearing shoes?

Is it just us or are tiny toddler feet just the cutest thing ever?! Actually, you know what. They are the cutest thing ever.

And so are those pairs of wee little baby shoes! Oh my god, how adorable are they? And so fashionable too! These days, you are really spoiled for choice in the baby shoe department. Literally, every big brand is on-board the whole baby shoe thing and have their own range of charming little boots and slippers and ballerinas that all look tempting enough to want to burn a tiny shoe-sized hole in your pocket!

But the million dollar question is: does your baby’s tiny little feet really need shoes right now? What is the perfect age for them to start wearing shoes? And what about baby shoes sizes? Which size is best for your baby?

Those and the many other questions you have about baby shoes are all about to be answered if you just keep reading!

Does your baby actually need shoes?

Is it too soon? Or is it too late? That is a question you might be grappling with when it comes to baby shoes. Well, the truth is your baby probably does not need a pair of shoes right now. You see, toddlers do not really need shoes at all. They are at the age when they are mostly lying down. Or cradling in your lap. Or hanging from a baby carrier. Or chilling in a stroller.

None of these instances require shoes because their feet are not even at the stage when they make contact with the ground. All you need to do right now is to keep their feet warm. Something you can easily do with a cosy pair of baby shoe socks. Or knitted or crocheted baby booties.

Would you be harming your baby by putting on them a pair of shoes too soon?

This might sound harsh but in all probability, yes. You might be highly inclined to cover their tiny feet the minute they learn walking (we know that’s your protective instinct kicking in), but do not do that.

Your baby’s feet are still developing. As your toddler learns to walk, they learn to flex and move their feet, for which they need to be barefoot. That is the only way they can properly learn to balance, control their feet and strengthen all the muscles in them. Shoes will only hinder this process. So put that baby shoe size guide to the side. You do not need it right now.

So when will your baby actually need shoes? At what age?

Instead of a number, how about we give you a milestone? There will be caveats of course so you have to be ready for that. So basically you can pick up that baby shoe size guide and start looking for the perfect show when your toddler learns to walk.

Yes, we told you not to hinder them from learning to walk by putting shoes on their tiny feet, but that is only for indoor situations. If you are planning to take your baby out for a walk, their tiny feet need tiny shoes to prevent any injuries or accidents.

As for the rough age that your baby will be, here is a milestone chart with approximate ages to help you out:

  • Baby starts to crawl at about 6 to 13 months of age
  • Baby starts to pull themselves up between 9 and 12 months of age
  • And baby will begin walking between 8 and 18 months of age

Now remember that every baby’s growth trajectory is different. That is why you have an age range here instead of a specific number. So do not start to panic if your baby is not walking when they are 8 months old. There is likely nothing wrong with them. They are just going to take their own sweet time.

Just a reminder: babies do not need shoes while learning to walk

Because they will be mostly learning to do that indoors. Your living room likely has child-safe floors so your baby really will not need any issues as their feet touch the ground and discover the joys of walking, which include getting into the correct posture, learning to balance, learning to coordinate hands and feet and so many other wonderful things!

However, if you are talking your baby out or if they are walking on uneven surfaces and you are scared for their tiny feet, light little booties might be good. Especially those with an anti-skid sole. That should put some of your worries to rest. Baby sock shoes work too.

Finally buying baby shoes? You need to check these

Okay so your baby is at that age where they need their first pair of baby shoes! Congratulations! Because this is a milestone too! And rather fashionable one if you want it to be. Now apart from knowing about baby shoe sizes, you should look for a few features to ensure your toddler gets the right pair. These are:

  • Make sure you get lightweight shoes. You do not want to bog down your baby’s tiny feet.
  • Get flexible shoes, nothing too hard and stiff. Stiff shoes can really restrict movement and the key is to let your baby learn to walk in all its glory. So check the soles and make sure they are flexible.
  • Get the right fit! Really study that baby shoe size chart before buying a pair. Make your baby try it on and if it fits and is comfy, get it.
  • Get shoes with anti-skid soles so as to prevent tripping and falling as your baby learns to walk in them.

A baby shoe size chart by age to help you out

We are going to save you the trouble of searching for a baby shoe size chart because we know you are busy and you would rather have all the information in one place. So here goes:




0-3 months



3-6 months



6-9 months



9-12 months



12-18 months



18-24 months



2 years



2 years



3 years



And obviously the sizes increase as your baby grows older so that is something you should accommodate for.  That said, we recommend not getting shoes for your baby till it is absolutely necessary. We are more of a ‘socks’ supporter till then.

But speaking of shoes and milestones, that day is not far when you will be watching your baby head off to their preschool in their first pair of school shoes! Now not only should you ensure the shoes fit but that the preschool you choose is the right fit too for your baby. We think exactly what EuroKids will be! Visit us and get to know our cur

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