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When Can You Start Running with Your Baby

Can’t wait to lace up those shoes and jog with your baby?
If you’re a new Mum looking to get back in the Fitness Groove, you might just have to wait awhile!

What every parent needs to take cognisance of here, is the fact that running alone is completely different from Running with Baby in a Jogging Stroller. That being said, jogging with your child is an activity your infant will come to love in only a short while!

 Before long, that ‘Runner’s High’ will be shared by both Runner and ‘Baby on Board’!

So, when is the right time for indulging in some fun Jogging with Baby?

In this article we will take a look at everything related to Running with Baby, including choosing the Best Jogging Stroller for Infants. Before we purchase that stroller, though, let’s get down to the nitty-gritties of Jogging with Baby!

Running with Your Baby: When to start using a Jogging Stroller

Waiting to run after your Pregnancy, might be far more antagonizing than you think. While you might be ready to ‘hit the gravel’ as soon as 6 to 8 weeks postpartum, your baby will need a tad longer to be comfortable with the idea of finding themselves in that jogging stroller.

According to most experts, you want to wait a minimum of 6 months after childbirth, before you can start putting that jogging stroller to use. There’s a good reason for this, too. By this time, the baby will be able to have some modicum of control over their movements, and even be able to hold their head up.

That being said, while Running might be a ‘Walk in the Park’ for you, it’s not the same for your little one. Even if you do find yourself running with a baby, you want to ensure you’re not sprinting like an athlete at the Olympic Games. That being said, you also want to avoid cross-country excursions.

Running With Your Baby: Tips for using a Jogging Stroller

More important than securing the Best Jogging Stroller for Infants, is ‘getting it right’, when using that stroller.

The following are some things you need to know, before hitting that pavement with a baby in tow!

  1. The front wheel must be locked at all times.
  2. No matter whether you are jogging or merely ‘taking a stroll’, if your stroller is equipped with a front wheel, you want to keep it locked at all times.

  3. Shield your Baby from the Vagaries of Nature.
  4. You don’t want to see your child getting frostbite, when you run in cold weather! Use a Weather Shield in such instances. On days when it’s scorching hot, ensure they are protected not only with the stroller’s Visor, but also with an ample amount of Sunscreen applied beforehand!

  5. Tighten baby’s harness.
  6. The rule of ‘thumb’ here, is that only one ‘finger’ should be able to fit, between that strap and your child’s chest. You take all precautions when you strap them into that car seat, and it should be no different here!

  7. Take some practice runs.
  8. Before you think of starting running for as long as you would back in the day, you want to get accustomed to Stroller Jogging! You can do this, by attaching both your hands to something, and then running for a bit. You want to know you’re well-prepared for that run. After all, in no time you are going to be running with none other than your ‘precious child’!

  9. Plan your route well in advance.
  10. When was the last time you went along the route you have designated for running with a baby? It might just be under construction now! You want to choose flat surfaces, and avoid the bumpy, uneven ones that might not be all that safe for your child.

  11. Check the air.
  12. You want to routinely check the air in the tyres of your Jogging Stroller, to make sure there’s enough air in them for all that running.

  13. Take Shorter Strides.
  14. Kicking the lower part of that baby stroller, occurs often while running with that Jogging Stroller for the first time. To avoid this, you want to take shorter strides. Bonus: Taking shorter strides only means a great extra work out for your core muscles. Clearly, something that makes for a Win-Win situation here!

Running with your Baby: Zoning in on the best Jogging Stroller

By now, you must be all the more eager, when it comes to running with your baby. Now’s the time to shop for the ‘right’ Jogging Stroller!

Here are some key considerations, to ensure the Jogging Stroller you choose, makes for the perfect fit for you and baby.


Safety is paramount where it comes to choosing the perfect jogging stroller. You want to choose one that has the following:

  • Robust construction.
  • Five-point harness system.
  • Brakes that give one a sense of ease in engaging and disengaging.


Just like Homes, Mama is going to prefer Strollers that have more Storage!

It’s actually essential to have a decent amount of storage in Jogging Strollers. You want to check if they are equipped with some of the following:

  • Cup Holders
  • Storage Baskets
  • Pockets


Let’s face it – despite what its name implies, you’re going to be using that ‘Stroller’ more often than not for a ‘Run’, not a ‘Stroll’!

You want to ensure that the stroller you use, comes with the following:

  1. A sturdy frame.
  2. One that will be able to withstand the frequent use you will be subjecting it to.

  3. Swivel wheels.
  4. These must be able to be locked in place, so they can offer greater stability.

  5. Adjustable handles.
  6. These are important, because they helps you adjust the stroller to the height of the person using it.

At EuroKids we are of the opinion that using Jogging Strollers is a great way to stay fit, while at the same time spend crucial bonding time with your baby. That being said, while you might be all set to run already, you must wait until Baby is ready, too!

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