Wordless Adventure – What Is Pictionary for Kids?

“Another exciting game which would surely be liked by your family is pictionary. Just divide your family members into equal halves and form two teams. Team A will give a word to the picturist of Team B, who will draw the picture on board. He can’t speak or write the word. His team has to guess the word by what he draws. The team with the most number of guesses win.”

– Times of India

Thought that playing Pictionary was nothing more than a great way to kill time? Well, think again. This wonderful game of words is one of the most powerful tools you can use, where it comes to sharpening your children’s vocabulary, and helping them become effective communicators, too.

This one’s for the uninitiated. In essence, Pictionary is a game where children are given words they have to sketch, for people on their team to guess correctly. What’s really great about this game is the power of association children form between pictures and words, through playing it.

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5 Essential Benefits of Pictionary for Kids

There’s plenty more than simply fun to be had, when playing this delightful game.

  1. Sharpens reading and vocabulary skills
  2.  Pictionary words are nothing short of words used in a fun way to help children sharpen their vocabulary at a young age.

  3. A sense of retention
  4. The act of associating a word with a picture, helps children retain words better.

  5. Improves drawing skills
  6. Pictionary improves drawing skills of players and improves their artistic abilities. 

  7. Sparks creativity
  8. The Pictionary game is great for sparking creativity in the minds of children, who have to come up with some really innovative ideas while sketching.

  9. Keeps kids engaged
  10. Pictionary for kids is one of the best games to keep children engaged for the longest time. Delighted with all that sketching and guessing, they will find themselves entertained for hours.

How to Play Pictionary? 2 Essential Elements to Consider

It’s really not all that hard to master the basics of this fun game.

  • Things you will need
  • o   Pictionary game board
    o   Deck of cards
    o   Category cards
    o   Drawing pad
    o   Pencil
    o   Sand Timer
    o   Dice (2 nos)
    o   Movers

  • The Objective of the Game
  • One player on your team is ‘The Picturist’. The team with the highest dice roll starts play. When it’s your team’s turn, The Picturist has to sketch, within two minutes, the word on the card that he has drawn. The objective is to correctly identify the picture drawn, so you can move forward and eventually, reach the last space on the board before the other team, to win.

Pictionary Words for Kids to Sharpen their Vocabulary – Three Levels 

There are all kinds of Pictionary words – easy, hard and even funny! Here’s a look at some really cool words that will help build your child’s vocabulary, vis a vis the wonderful game of Pictionary for children.

  1. Level 1 – Easy Pictionary Words
  2. Book
     Ice Cream
     Snow Candy

  3. Level 2 – Medium Pictionary Words
  4.  Pancakes
     Gummy Bears
     Sleeping Bag
     Hair Tie

    These are some of the vocabulary for Pictionary ideas for children.

  5. Level 3 – Hard Pictionary Words
  6. Detention
     Gum Under the desk
     Street Sweeper
     Hot Hair

    Did you know that Pictionary ideas for children can turn any day into a lively journey filled with joy and creativity?

    Scribbles and Giggles – 6 Pictionary ideas for children

  7. People Pictionary Words
  8. Harry Potter
     Mahatma Gandhi
     Thomas The Tank Engine
     The Black Panther
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
     Captain America
     The Hulk
     Donald Trump

  9. Funny Pictionary Words
  10. Burp
     Kung Fu Panda
     Teddy Bear
     Eating Spaghetti
     Captain Underpants
     Mosquito Bite

  11. Location Pictionary Words
  12. Bathroom
     The United States
     The Ocean
     Bus Stop
     The Library

  13. Movie-Themed Pictionary Words
     Finding Nemo
     Tomb Raider
     Alice in Wonderland
     Indiana Jones
     Winnie the Pooh
     Dumb and Dumber
     Guardians of the Galaxy
     Liar Liar
     Iron Man
     Jurassic Park
     Baby’s Day Out
     Cast Away
     Titanic Boss
     Baby Forrest Gump

  14. These are some of the interesting Pictionary game words to play with your kids.

  15. Food Pictionary Words
  16.  Tomato

    These are some of the Pictionary game words to play with your kids.

  17. Human Emotion Pictionary Words
  18. Angry

    Did you know that vocabulary Pictionary is a creative way to increase language skills and encourage learning in kids?

Pictionary for Kids made cooler with 4 Easy tips

Here are some invaluable Pictionary tips for playing this amazing drawing game with your children.

  1. Draw images of rhyming words, as clues
  2. For instance, if the word you have to draw is ‘years’, an image of ‘ears’ would be a good idea. Moreover, using rhyme words is one of the pro Pictionary tips for kids.

  3. Guess anything
  4. Don’t be shy about shouting out whatever comes to your mind. There are no negative points for guessing the wrong answer, after all.

  5. Break words into syllables
  6. Vocabulary pictionary makes it easier to guess the word in its entirety.

  7. Sketch something related to the word
  8. No matter how weak that link might be between what you have sketched and the actual word, it’s certainly worth a shot. With these four tips you can build on several Pictionary ideas to play with your children.

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Pictionary games for kids can be an awesome and memorable experience to improve kids’ artistic, memory, language and communication skills. They are also fun-filled that can leave lasting impressions on the child’s core memories to be cherished in a lifetime. In this article, we have explained the important benefits of Pictionary games for kids, the method of playing Pictionary, and the objective of the game. We have also provided you with Pictionary words for kids to sharpen their vocabulary. There are some additional tips that can help build the game. We hope you have memorable moments while playing Pictionary games for kids.

Which of these tips are you going to try while playing Pictionary with your kids?

We at EuroKids strongly believe that good reading skills and comprehension are crucial skills kids need to learn, to help them garner a more comprehensive vocabulary.





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