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Ways To Engage Children In Festive Chores

Festivals have become synonymous with celebration, happiness and most of all, family. It’s a perfect time for hard working parents to get some time away from their busy work schedules, and spend some quality time with their children. Believe it or not but children look forward to festivals in a much greater way than adults do. When adults view festivals, their first thought falls on expenditure. However, when children view it, they see it as a fun experience that’s filled with opportunities to create everlasting memories. While it is important for children to have fun during festivals, it is also equally important to involve them in festive chores to teach them valuable life lessons.

By assigning simple and easy-to-execute tasks to your little ones, it makes them feel involved. At the same time, you are teaching them to think and act responsibly. Moreover, they are also learning how to enjoy a festival in a disciplined and orderly manner. Kindness, discipline, and respect are values that can be taught at school but are better learnt at home. These values can be easily inculcated in your kids by involving them in some of the festive preparations. If you’ve been wondering about how to engage kids during festivals, you’re in the right place. Here are a few ways and tricks to involve them in festive chores.

How To Engage Children In Festive Chores

  • Give them simple tasks- It is advisable to start small and assign tasks that are easy to execute. Simple tasks like cleaning up their toys or asking them to think of fun games to play during the celebrations are some of the simple tasks you can involve your kids in. Involving them makes them feel important and at the same time, teaches them to appreciate the numerous preparations that go into celebrating a festival. As for parents, it’s a good way of keeping your child occupied.

  • Ask them to assist you in the kitchen- Nothing speaks more of festivals and celebrations than the delicious menu. However, cooking for large numbers is a time-consuming and cumbersome task. You can engage your kids in helping you out in the kitchen. This could include passing items from the vegetable basket to washing out vegetables, mixing salads or even serving the food. It will not only pique their interest in cooking but will teach them the skill of being organised.

  • Dusting and Cleaning- It isn’t wise to involve your kids in burdensome tasks. However, simple vacuuming and mopping the floors are suitable options. In addition to this, kids can help parents tidy up their cupboards and even assist their parents in dusting showpieces in the showcase. Another fun and interactive activity on how to engage kids is by showing them how to polish brass objects. Engaging them in festival activities at a young age will instil in them a constant need to do the same when they grow up.

  • Decluttering and donating items- Festivals are always marked by cleaning every nook and cranny of the house. In almost all religions, it is auspicious to clean one’s house before a festival. Teach your kids not to hoard items and get rid of things which they no longer need. This could be toys that are broken or even clothes that no longer fit. A fun-filled and interesting festival activity is to have a garage sale to donate all items which your kid no longer requires. There are many suitable festive tasks for children that are more beneficial than you could ever imagine.

  • Teach them how to decorate- Let them have an imaginative eye for decorations at a young age. Involving them in decoration opens the creative side of their mind and helps them express how they feel through their art and craft. Decorating could involve simply putting up decorations or even putting up new wallpaper. Allowing them this space to let their creative genius run wild and make their home feel like their home gives them a sense of belonging.

  • Get them to watch the pets- One of the simplest household chores for kids is to make them watch your pets. While it may seem like an uninteresting and meaningless activity, it isn’t. It will teach your kids about being responsible as they look after your poets and ensure their safety. It also gives your kids a chance to bond with your dog or cat and teaches them to love and value animals. If your kids are old enough, they can take the dog for a walk in the backyard or watch the cat as it enjoys its own space on the front lawn. This will provide you with the time and opportunity to get things ready for the upcoming festivities.

  • Don’t make the tasks feel like chores- This is easier said than done. You want to involve them in chores but not make them feel like they are chores. This is because no kid enjoys household chores. Make the tasks feel like games in which your kids are rewarded for performing the task. You could reward or positively reinforce your child with a chocolate or toy on successful completion of the festive task. However, make sure that you are involved in that very same activity as it will give them a sense of reassurance that nothing can go wrong. It is not an unknown fact that children look to their parents for protection. Helping them complete the task will make them feel comforted and secure.

Here at EuroKids, we strive to engage your little ones in festival activities to teach them the importance of festivals and also to help them learn about values like discipline and responsibility. We design and implement certain household chores for kids that are engaging and entertaining to help them take up chores once they grow up. Parents must also learn the importance of involving their kids in festival activities to ensure the holistic development of their little ones. Visit our blog to learn more about different engaging activities for children and how to engage kids in household chores.

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