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Understanding Toddler Pillow Safety: When to Introduce Pillows and Safety Guidelines

Like to snuggle up with a pillow in bed at night? It’s a given that your toddler will love it, too! However, do they really need one? And more importantly, just how ‘safe’ are those pillows?

This article proposes to take a closer look at Toddler Pillow Safety. You will find the answers to the above questions, and more. So,  Should Toddlers use Pillows? Well, of course we want them to be comfortable in their beds at night, but certainly not at the risk of their safety!

Without further ado, here are the things every discerning parent needs to bear in mind, if they are thinking of introducing a pillow to their child.

Toddler Pillow Age: When to Introduce that Pillow to a Toddler

Needless to say,  ‘When to Introduce a Pillow to a Toddler’, is a question that lies at the top of every parent’s mind, where it comes to the process of tucking their children in at night.

Perhaps the question that should be asked first is, ‘Should Toddlers Use Pillows?’ The answer here is clear-cut: It is not ‘necessary’ for toddlers to use pillows at all. That being said, if you’re still insistent on getting them one, you want to wait a decent amount of time after their first birthday, before you do. The reason being, things like pillows and even stuffed toys, pose serious suffocation hazards for your little one. If you have heard of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), it is none other than that ‘toddler pillow’, that lies behind it. Think of a pillow covering your baby’s face. It is easy for them to get ‘smothered’ when something like that happens, and end up choking to death!

Toddler Pillow Safety – Guidelines and Recommendations

Of course we cannot be too careful where it comes to the safety of our kids. That includes the time they spend nestling their precious heads on their pillows. The following are the guidelines every parent must bear in mind, vis a vis Toddler Pillow Safety.

  1. Wait till they are at least a couple years old
  2. That ‘decent amount of time after their first birthday’ we talked about earlier, implies waiting till at least their second birthday, before introducing that toddler pillow. You want your child to be ‘developed’ enough, to ensure they don’t fall prey to its ‘suffocation perils.’

  3. Choose a Hypoallergenic Pillow
  4. Thankfully, we live in times where the benefits of medical research extend well to the products we buy. Including those cosy toddler pillows, of course! While the pillow you’re on the verge of purchasing might seem the most ‘comfortable’ one, you want to get one that’s ‘hypoallergenic’, too. This will ensure that all those ‘sensitivities’ that crop up on account of their being allergic to things like dust, won’t interfere in the process of their getting a sound, restful sleep.

  5. The Right Size
  6. You don’t want to use the ‘One Size fits all’ approach where it comes to choosing a pillow for your little one. They say Size Matters, and it certainly does here, but in the reverse way! You have to specifically look out for a pillow that is designed for ‘smaller’ heads.

    Note: You might want to look for a pillow here, that is 13 by 18 inches. That’s about the best possible size of pillow, for your sleeping child.

  7. Look for Visual Cues that they need a Pillow
  8. There is no ‘exact’ Toddler Pillow Age, but there are some signs that you need to watch out for, that could make the process of introducing that pillow, simple. For instance, if you notice your child propping their head on a blanket at night, it might mean that they are finally ready for that pillow, after all.

Toddler Pillow Safety – Tips for Introducing a Toddler Pillow to your little one

Is a Pillow Good for Toddlers? It most certainly is, if you stick to the safety guidelines mentioned above. That, and the following tips outlined below!

  1. Introducing them during Naptime
  2. You want to gradually ease your children into the use of those pillows. They might love them instantly, but they need to be ready for them. Introducing them during the times they nap, is a really good idea. This is because it gives you a chance to monitor how they are doing with their newfound ‘object of comfort.’

    Note: If you find their face getting buried in that pillow, you might want to defer this luxury by a couple of weeks!

  3. Consider a Bed Upgrade
  4. If you get them a pillow, why not get them a new bed, too? In fact, a new bed might just be the need of the hour, when you introduce that pillow to them.

  5. Comfort Considerations
  6. Of course you want your toddler to be comfortable, every time they rest their heads against that pillow. However, that doesn’t mean choosing a pillow that is far too squishy! After all, up till now they have been sleeping without a pillow for all their lives! Yes you want a ‘soft’ pillow, but it should be ‘firm’ enough to support their heads well while they sleep.

    Note: It’s a good idea here, to choose a pillow for them that is firmer than the one you use at night.

  7. The Right Shape
  8. Is that pillow amply able to support their neck and shoulders? This is what you need to look out for, when choosing that toddler pillow.

    Tip: You want to make it a point to avoid going in for a pillow that is too ‘flat.’ It will only serve to cause discomfort to your child. On that note, you must avoid pillows that are too ‘thick’, too.

  9. Price
  10. You don’t want to splurge too much on that toddler pillow, because it will be likely replaced not too long after you purchase it. Of course you want to choose one that is firm and provides ample support, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend too much on it.

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