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Understanding the Development of Toddlers Month by Month

As moms, dads, teachers, and other grown-ups who take care of toddlers, we get to see little kids grow and change a lot. Every month, there’s something new and cool happening that helps them learn and become big boys and girls. In this article, you will find how toddlers grow and learn every month. We’ll have some smart ideas, tips, and a chart that shows how kids are doing, to help you understand and be super nice to them on this amazing adventure!

Month 1-2: The Newborn Phase

The first two months when babies are born are like a special time of getting used to everything and making friends. Newborns are very delicate, and they mostly want to feel safe and close to their families:

– Babies start to learn about the world using their senses, like hearing and feeling.

– They can look at people’s faces and even look at toys for a little bit.

– Babies grow and learn by eating, sleeping, and getting bigger.

– Moms and dads are super important because they make sure babies are safe and loved.

Month 3-4: The Emergence of Interaction

When your baby turns three months old, they start doing some super cool stuff:

– They smile and make cute sounds when they see you because they want to talk and play with you!

– Sometimes, they can hold their head up for a little bit when they lie on their tummy.

– They can look at things and try to touch them too, like when they see their favourite toy.

– So, you can give them simple toys to play with and have fun together!

Month 5-6: Developing Motor Skills

In these months, the little kids grow and learn lots of new things!

– Sometimes, they can roll over from their tummy to their back and back to their tummy. It’s like doing flips!

– They’re getting better at sitting up, especially when someone helps them stay up.

– Kids love grabbing stuff, and now they can hold things even better! They try to get things with their little hands.

– It’s fun to play games and do activities that help them practise moving and using their bodies. But grown-ups need to watch over them to make sure they’re safe!

Month 7-8: Exploring the World

In the seventh and eighth months, babies become very much curious and start moving around more:

– Some babies start crawling or scooting like little inchworms.

– They talk a lot with lots of funny sounds.

– They start liking some toys and things more than others.

– You can make a safe play space for them and cheer on their exploring adventures!

Month 9-10: Communication Takes Center Stage

When babies are about 9 or 10 months old, they start to do some cool things:

– Sometimes they stand up by holding onto things.

– They use their hands to show what they want or where they want to go.

– They might say their first words or make sounds that you can understand.

– Talk to your baby and teach them new words to help them learn and talk even more!

Month 11-12: Toddlerhood Beckons

The last months of the first year mean we’re becoming toddlers:

– Some of them start walking or taking tiny steps, which is super exciting!

– Their hands get better at stacking blocks and playing with stuff.

– They show what they like and can feel happy or maybe a bit upset.

– It’s cool when grown-ups let kids choose things as long as it’s safe!

Year 2: Building on Foundations

When your kid turns two, they start growing even more! They want to do things by themselves and check out everything:

– They learn more words super fast and start saying small sentences.

– Sometimes, they try using the potty on their own.

– Their hands get better, so they can draw and eat with a spoon.

– Hanging out with other kids becomes a big deal for them to learn and have fun!

Year 3: Blossoming Personalities

In the third year, when they’re three, they start to become even more special and different:

– Kids play in a super fun way and use their big imaginations a lot.

– Sometimes they feel lots of different feelings and talk and play with friends more.

– They get better at knowing numbers and shapes, like squares and circles.

– Let’s do lots of cool stuff that makes kids think and play and use their imaginations!

Growth and Development Chart

To see how much kids are growing and getting better, you can use a special chart. Here’s what you should remember:

– Physical Development: Write down how tall kids are, how much they weigh, and when you learn to do new things like walking and jumping.

– Cognitive Development: Keep track of how well they talk, solve problems, and remember things like your ABCs and numbers.

– Social and Emotional Development: Watch how they show their feelings, how they play with friends, and how they behave.

– Self-Help Skills: Notice when they get better at putting on their clothes, feeding themselves, and using the potty.

Remember, every kid grows in their own special way. If you ever wonder about stuff or have questions about how you’re growing, it’s totally okay to talk to your friendly doctor who takes care of kids. They can help with anything you’re curious about!

As you see your little one growing up, it’s super important to make sure they have a cosy and fun place to learn and play.

At EuroKids, the teachers know all about how kids like us grow and learn.

When you choose EuroKids, you’re helping your child have a really awesome start in life. They have this special plan for us to learn and feel happy inside. It helps us explore new things and learn at our own speed. It’s like a big adventure!

So, if you want your child to have lots of fun and learn amazing things, EuroKids is the place to be!

To find out how EuroKids can be your friend for your child’s adventures, go to our website or talk to us today. Let’s work together to make the future super awesome with love, hugs, and learning!

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