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Understanding ‘Mom Brain’- Effects and Strategies to Cope

Have you ever put the TV Remote Control in the Refrigerator?
If you’re a newly christened ‘Mama’, you’ll probably get away with it, too!
The term ‘Momnesia’ is pretty common these days. A term, that refers to the ‘brain fog’ a mother experiences, in those early days after childbirth. This New Mom Brain, has no medical diagnosis to conform its presence. And yet, plenty of people swear by its existence!

This article is an attempt to decode that Mommy Brain. Here you will find answers to several queries, like ‘How long does Mommy Brain Last?’, to ‘What is Mother Memory?’

Time to clear the ‘fog’, where it comes to New Mom Brain Fog!

The Mommy Brain: Decoded
In layman terms, Mommy Brain refers to the cognitive changes that take place in the brain of a new mother.
That being said, we can’t be all that harsh on Mommies, can we? Right unto this point, they have been experts at making sure the entire house runs like a dream. It’s about time we cut them some slack, and comfort them in these times when they find themselves bereft of mental energy.

Indeed, it is at these times, when they find themselves having ‘lapses in their thinking’, that we must be ever-supportive of them. You might be wondering, ‘How long does Mommy Brain last?’ If experts are to be believed, it is between 2 to 4 months postpartum.

To conclude, just because no medical textbook has proof of that Mommy Brain, that doesn’t mean it’s a myth!

The Mommy Brain: Effects

So, how does one know if they have that New Mom Brain? That fading Mother Memory might be the first thing we pinpoint as being one of the signs of Mommy Brain. However, there’s more to it than just that!

  1. A sense of Clumsiness.
  2. This is an area where mommies should be especially vigilant. For instance, their clumsiness might lead them to falter when they are walking. It’s one of the effects of Mom Brain that must never be undermined.

  3. Feeling Disoriented.
  4. ‘Being clumsy’ is not the only thing new mothers need to worry about, when they are walking from one place to another. They might just find themselves hit by a feeling of ‘vertigo’, which might make them dizzy, and even, cause them to fall!

  5. Momnesia.
  6. That failing Mother Memory is perhaps the most striking characteristic of Mommy Brain. However, this memory loss is mostly attributed to ‘short-term’ memory loss, and even that sense of ‘absentmindedness’, that leads them to ‘putting things in wrong places.’

Mommy Brain: Key Strategies to Cope

Okay, so we have Mommy Brain. Now what?
First, you must pat yourself on the back for accepting that you are indeed struggling with something ‘real.’ That being said, here are the ways you can deal effectively with Mommy Brain.

Take a Break!

As a mother, you are already doing the most important job in the world!

To do: You must garner a sense of pride for how far you’ve come, and allow yourself to relax. The last thing you want, is for those hormonal fluctuations and that sleep deprivation to take their toll on you!

Get Organized

While you might have had Superwoman Powers where it came to organizing things by yourself, now’s the time you could use some help!

To do: Make use of things like Apps, Calendars and even To-do Lists, to get things organised more easily. You already have so much on your plate, and this will reduce your burden significantly!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

When was the last time you got a decent amount of Shuteye?

To do: You want to get in at least 8 hours of sleep every night, if not more. All experts nowadays profess the importance of sleep where it comes to overall health. That lack of sleep might just be contributing to your chronic exhaustion, that might in turn be feeding that Mommy Brain!

Exercise for Body and Brain

We all know the wonderful benefits of exercise. And yes, they apply well to alleviating the symptoms of that Mommy Brain, too!

  1. For the Body
  2. Think simple. You don’t want to hit the gym hard. Rather, indulge in simple workouts like running, walking or swimming. Do at least 30-minute sessions of these, at least thrice a week.

  3. For the Brain
  4. When was the last time you solved a Crossword Puzzle, or even indulged in a fun game of Sudoku? Any activity that challenges your brain, will work wonders where it comes to bolstering the functioning of your brain.

Indulge in Mindfulness

Sometimes, all you need is a ‘Safe Space’ to go to, where you can drop everything and ‘Just Be’!

To do: Indulge in a practice of Mindfulness. Simply close your eyes for up to 15 minutes at a time, and focus on your breathing. Not only will this reduce your stress, it will also boost your brain’s cognitive powers.

Boost your Nutrition

Did you know that you might actually be lacking in some essential nutrients that are responsible for prime cognitive functioning? Some of these nutrients are the following:

  • DHA
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Choline

To do: You might want to pay close attention to your diet, to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients you need. It’s also worth getting a blood assessment, and talking to your healthcare provider about any supplements that might do you good.

Lower Your Expectations

The moment you put that remote in the fridge, you might be plagued with feelings of insecurity and impatience.

To do: Be patient. All it takes is the passage of time, to see those Mom Brain Symptoms improve. Being impatient will only make things worse than they already are.

At EuroKids, we are amongst those who believe that Mom Brain is a phenomenon that is one hundred percent Real. There is even research, that there are actual, ‘physical’ changes, in the brain of a new mother, in areas that are responsible for their Memory and Functioning.

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