Tummy Time Activities: Making it Fun and Beneficial for Your Baby

Bringing up a baby requires tender loving care, patience, and also a fair bit of knowledge about baby development. One of the most important recommendations for infants and young toddlers is the introduction of tummy time activities. These exercises play a pivotal role in muscle strengthening, motor skill development, and provide a foundation for future movements like rolling, crawling, and sitting. This article delves deep into tummy time, discussing various activities suitable for newborns to toddlers and the manifold benefits of tummy time.

What are Tummy Time Activities?

Tummy time activities refer to the moments when your baby is placed on their belly while they’re awake and under supervision. These activities strengthen the baby’s neck, back, and shoulder muscles and set the stage for them to start moving on their own.

The Importance of Starting Early: Tummy Time Activities Newborn

For parents of newborns, the idea of tummy time might seem daunting. After all, babies at this age are fragile and have limited control over their movements. However, introducing tummy time activities for newborns can be gentle and very beneficial.

Simple Lying Down: Lay your newborn down on a soft surface, such as a mat or blanket. This basic position is a gentle introduction to the world of tummy time.

Mirror Play: Babies are fascinated by faces. Place a baby-safe mirror in front of your newborn during tummy time. They’ll be captivated by their reflection, promoting extended periods of neck and head lifting.

Engaging with a Tummy Time Activity Toy: Toys can make the process enjoyable. Soft rattles, textured toys, or toys with gentle sounds can be placed in front of the baby. As they reach out to touch or grab it, they improve their motor skills and muscle strength.

Advanced Fun: Tummy Time Activities for Toddlers

As your baby grows, their tummy time routine should evolve to keep them engaged and challenged.

Obstacle Course: Create a mini obstacle course using pillows and cushions. This challenges toddlers to move, crawl, and roll over different textures and heights.

Storytime on the Belly: Place your toddler on their tummy and read a book. This activity not only engages them in tummy time but also fosters a love for reading.

Interactive Tummy Time Activity Toy Play: At this stage, toys can become more interactive. Toys like puzzles or building blocks can be introduced. As toddlers try to piece things together or stack blocks, they improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and muscle tone.

Benefits of Tummy Time

The benefits of tummy time extend beyond mere muscle development. They encompass a range of developmental, physical, and even cognitive enhancements.

Physical Development: One of the primary benefits of tummy time is the strengthening of neck, back, and shoulder muscles. This lays the groundwork for future milestones like sitting, crawling, and walking.

Motor Skills: Tummy time activities, especially those involving toys, boost fine and gross motor skills. As babies reach out, grasp, push, or crawl, they are developing essential motor skills.

Avoiding Flat Head Syndrome: Regular tummy time can prevent positional plagiocephaly, commonly known as the flat head syndrome. When babies spend a lot of time on their back, there’s a risk of developing a flat spot on the back of their head. Tummy time provides a break from this, ensuring an even head shape.

Sensory Development: Being on their tummy exposes babies and toddlers to a new view of the world, stimulating their senses differently than when they are on their backs.

Bonding Time: Tummy time activities, especially in the early days, require parent participation. This results in increased bonding moments between parent and child.

Making Tummy Time a Routine

Establishing a consistent tummy time routine can make the activity more familiar and less challenging for your baby. It’s not just about the amount of time spent on the belly, but the quality of interactions and experiences during these sessions.

Consistent Timing: Just as adults thrive on routines, so do babies. Introducing tummy time at specific times of the day, perhaps after nappy changes or before bath time, can help your baby anticipate and adjust better to the activity.

Join In: Why not get down on the floor alongside your baby? Your proximity can be comforting and can make tummy time a shared experience. Making funny faces, singing songs, or simply chatting to your baby can be immensely beneficial. This also strengthens the emotional bond between parent and child.

Use of Props: As babies grow, their curiosity does too. Incorporate various safe household items as props. Soft fabrics with different textures, large plastic rings, or even safe kitchen utensils can make for engaging tummy time activity toys.

Monitor and Adapt: Each child is unique. While some might take to tummy time activities with glee, others might be more reluctant. It’s essential to watch your baby’s reactions and adapt the activities accordingly. If a particular tummy time activity toy isn’t enticing enough, switch it out for another.

Celebrate Milestones: Every effort your baby makes during tummy time, be it a mini push-up or a significant roll, is an accomplishment. Celebrate these milestones. Applaud and cheer. Your positive reinforcement can make them more eager to explore and push their boundaries during tummy time.


Tummy time activities are an essential part of a baby’s development. From the early days with your newborn to the advanced plays with your toddler, these activities foster physical growth, cognitive development, and sensorial experiences. By introducing a tummy time activity toy, and by progressively evolving the activities to match your child’s growth, you ensure that they get the most out of these sessions. Remember, while the benefits of tummy time are manifold, always ensure your child’s safety during these activities and engage in them under supervision.

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