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Rolling Start- Discover the Top Toddler Bikes to Master Riding Skills

For your toddler, learning to ride their first-ever bike is an important milestone. Easier said than done, though! From choosing the right bike for your little one, to consoling them when they fall off on innumerable occasions, the process is fraught with uncertainty.

Here you will learn how to choose the best toddler bike that will help ‘set those wheels in motion’ where it comes to getting your toddler to ride a bike, both literally and figuratively speaking.

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The Age Parents Should Teach their Children to Ride a Bike

At what age should that toddler bicycle make its way into the environs of your home? While there’s really no perfect answer to this question, you will find that on average, little children learn to ride bikes between the ages of 1 and 5 years.

Of course, there are a few factors that might influence your child’s ability to ride a bike, and primary among them is the ‘type’ of toddler cycle you choose for them. If, for instance, the toddler bike of choice is a balance bike or tricycle, they might end up learning to ride a lot sooner than on a typical pedal bike.

“Bicycles will always be close to our heart as they are a reminder of a golden period of our life called childhood. A low-impact exercise, cycling can double up as a recreational as well as a fitness activity.

Parmita Uniyal, Writer at Hindustan Times

10 Best Toddler Bikes to Boost Riding Proficiency

Are you ready to navigate through the specially curated list of the best toddler cycle for children? Let’s get started!

  1. Strider -12 Sports Kids Balance Bike
  2. If you’re looking for a toddler bicycle without training wheels for children as young as 1, look no further!

    Ages: 18 months to 5 years.
     Highlights: This one’s a great starter bike for kids. With puncture-proof tires, it is long lasting and durable. It’s a balance bike that will help teach your child balance and steering, and this will make transitioning to a regular bike much easier.

  3. Disney Cars Bike
  4. Does your child love Disney Cars? That might just be the X-factor, where it comes to choosing this toddler bicycle!

    Ages: 3 to 5.
    Highlights: This cool 12-inch bike comes in a lovely ‘Red with Distressed Black’. The several cool features it comes equipped with include Rear Coaster Brakes, a Padded Seat and Crossbar, and a Removable Disney Cars Ready Tyre Case.

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  5. Joystar Bike with Training Wheels
  6. If you’re looking for a beginner bike for your kids with training wheels, this makes for the perfect choice.

    Ages: 2 to 9 years.
    Highlights: This wonderful beginner’s bike has a sturdy frame and stable training wheels. There’s some cool safety features included, too.

    Bonus: This awesome cycle for a toddler comes with a DIY decal, using which your child can make a unique bike by sticking their name on the frame or chain guard.

  7. Hot Wheels Bike
  8. If your little one loves all things colourful, why not go in for a colourful cycle like this one?

    Ages: 5 to 8 years.
    Highlights: This one comes with a Coaster Brake, Rev’in Rev Grip, Deluxe Paint, Hot Wheels Decal and even a Handlebar Pad.

  9. Kazam V2E No Pedal Balance Bike
  10. Surely one of the most innovative toddler bikes out there.

    Ages: 3 to 5 years.
    Highlights: What’s truly unique about this bike, is that it’s the only balanced bike with an easy step-in patented footrest design. This is the natural place where feet would be resting on a pedalled bike, helping to find their centre of gravity.

    Interesting fact: Did you know that cycling helps toddlers in brain development?

  11. Schwinn Boys’ 12-inch Grit Bike
  12. An ideal cycle for the toddlers ‘boy rider’, this one!

    Ages: 1 to 4 years.
    Highlights: This one’s equipped with a parent push handle that actually steers the bike while the child learns to steer and pedal. The wide street tyres make the bike very stable and the fully enclosed chain guard keeps children clean and safe. Bonus: A Water Bottle and Cage mounted on the push bar.

  13. Costzon 4-in-one Tricycle
  14. If you’re looking for an infant tricycle and more, give this one a shot!

    Ages: 10 months to 5 years.
    Highlights: This innovatively designed tricycle can serve as an infant tricycle, steering tricycle and even learn-to-ride tricycle! While little kids can place their feet up on that footrest comfortably, the retractable footrest can be folded up for older ones to ride freely, without pedals. Perfect for cultivating the independence of your little one!

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  15. Spiderman Bicycle
  16. There’s a good chance your kid is a fan of Spiderman. If they are, this one might be the best choice for a toddler bicycle.

    Ages: 3 to 5.
    Highlights: This cycle is built for stability and comfort. It’s equipped with wonderful features like a Heavy-duty Steel Frame, Rear Coaster and Hand Brakes that allow for sure stopping, and Pneumatic 12-inch Knobby Tyres for extra traction. Bonus: Your child will be fascinated with the Spiderman-4 decals and graphics all over the bike.

    Interesting Fact: Did you know that Spiderman Bicycle is one of the most fun toddler bicycles you can give your children?

  17. Nice C BMX Bike
  18. If you’re looking for one of the lightest bikes in the market, this is one of the best cycles for toddlers.

    Ages: Up to 8 years.
    Highlights: This one is made from high quality magnesium alloy metals that allow the bike to be both lightweight and heavy duty at the same time. Weighing only 14.2 lbs., the sheer lightness of this bike helps you control it better. Further, it has thick tyres that better grip the ground, thus improving overall stability while riding.

  19. Radio Flyer Classic Red Cruiser
  20. If ‘classic design’ is on your mind, you might wish to go in for this cycle for a toddler.

    Ages: 2 to 4 years.
    Highlights: Armed with 12-inch wheels, this one makes for the perfect choice for beginners. What’s more, it comes with Removable Training Wheels and a Coaster Brake, that’s easier to use for younger riders. Bonus: It comes with a ‘real’ Ringing Bell, the kind we would have on our bikes as kids, for even more fun!


Choosing the right bicycle for your toddler can be exciting and confusing. In this article, we have provided you with a complete parent’s guide to the best toddler bikes. Further, we have mentioned details on the 10 best toddler bikes to boost riding skills. We at EuroKids believe that bikes offer a lot of developmental benefits for little children. Discover the numerous benefits of cycling for kids, from promoting physical fitness to enhancing cognitive development and fostering a sense of independence.

This is why we firmly encourage you to present your little ones with the opportunity to ride bikes. What’s more, children love cycling. It’s fast, fun and moreover, gives them the independence to get around. Which one will you be researching more on? Share your thoughts with us.


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