Top 7 Indoor Plants for the Rainy Season

It is seen during the rainy times that after a long summer, people get a pleasant modicum of downpour besides, the green environment. Nevertheless, concerning monsoon’s fun for the people living in the urban areas this is not totally true since there are limited places which they can utilize in order to get in contact with the natural products of the rainfall. Fear not though, as indoor plants bring a lovely fix to that and you can enjoy the rain even indoors while washing away your troubles. If you are a lover of indoor plants, then you should know that some indoor plant species perform best during the rainy season; in this article, we’ll be looking at the seven best indoor plants for the rainy season that can brighten up any home.

There are more reasons than just Increasing the home decor value of incorporating natural elements into your home. Bringing indoors plants serve as air fresheners because they eliminate some of the gasses and purify the air which is always helpful in the rainy season when windows are closed. They also assist in reducing levels of humidity making the environment within the house quite comfortable. Also, research has found out that there is an ability to have an effect on one’s state of mind when he or she is surrounded by plants. It has a way of easing the mind from stress and allowing a mind that is at ease – definitely a boon given the drab monsoon weather.

This short article provides basic tips on how to care for indoor plants during the rains and how to adapt to the new conditions in the environment. Living plants may have different requirements in terms of irrigation and location depending on high or low humidity and lesser or more light exposure. But with a little effort and tender-loving-care, these resistant plants will flourish and bring a splash of natural color into your home and consequently, your existence. The rainy season is here! So, these indoor plant companions being brought inside allow the beauty of nature to bring you solace and relaxation in your home.

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Rainy Season Plants:

  1. Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata):
  2. Snake plant or the ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ is a hardy perennial that can adapt to low light conditions, water requirements hence it also thrives in the rainy season. Lucky for those who are in mad rushes or extremely busy during the day, this plant is one that can be found in an upright position and therefore, provides a structure to the interior. Snake plant is one of them which is known for its air purifying qualities thus it is a welcome addition to the household and offices. It prefers moderate watering during the monsoon but helps the plant bear dense green leaves all through the season.

  3. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema):
  4. This plant feeds on the family Alocasia and is sometimes called the Jewel Alocasia due to the beautiful variegation of shade green, red, pink and white on its leaves. This plant is well suited to the rainy season, which will have an excellent moisture supply and grows well in bright indirect light. This plant is perfect to be placed in a room with little natural light because it thrives in low light conditions, besides decorating the dull space it will also bring some life to it.

    Rainy Season Flower Plants:

  5. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum):
  6. Peace Lily is one of the most common indoor ornamental plants that bestow beauty and serenity to the environment. The central part of this plant is also rather ornamental: during the rainy season, it bears small white spathes. Lower light-loving type of plant ‘The peace lily’ is also an air purifying plant which makes it ideal for your indoors during the monsoon at home or office. is an excellent air purifier, making it a perfect addition to your home or office during the monsoon months.

  7. Begonia:
  8. There is quite a wide variety of begonias that prove to be the beauty for the rainy season displaying a variety of colors and texture. These plants produce flowers that are bright in shades of red, orange, pink and white and are very impressive in boosting up the morale of people in any building where they have been grown. They are often grown for their colorful foliage and are begonias which favor bright and indirect light situations and humid situations like the monsoon months.

    Indoor Plants:

  9. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum):
  10. This is the Pothos, otherwise called Devil’s Ivy, and it is among the most ideal plants for homeowners who want to keep indoor plants during the rainy season due to its hardiness. With its trailing vines and lush heart shaped foliage, the Pothos will bring much needed tropical flair into your home or office space and with it being able to adapt to low light conditions all year-round, you’ll know your plant is healthy. Its natural habitat is the warm and humid climate found during the monsoon seasons thus, it also needs little attention unlike other plants.

  11. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum):
  12. The Spider Plant is an indoor plant that is popular for curtained arching leaves with different patterns. This plant is typically at its best during the rainy season when it blooms creamy white flowers that are succeeded by tiny spider-like plantlets ideal for cloning and making more plants. Overall, the Spider Plant is another plant that can help maintain good air quality and is widely recognized for cleaning the air by removing toxic elements from it.

    Monsoon Indoor Plants:

  13. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata):
  14. The Boston Fern is a beautiful and soft indoor plant that really thrives in hydrological conditions during the rainy season. Its tiny leaves open up and boom in the considerate wetness that develops, giving a freshness of the greenery. This fern is excellently suited for the bathrooms, kitchens, or any other such location where there is a little extra humidity during the monsoon season. This is due to the fact that the cascading look that the Boston Fern creates is a very elegant one, making it ideal for any indoor environment.

    Some of these plants include: Fern, Snake Plant, Rubber Plant, Areca Palm, ZZ Plant, and Bird’s Nest Fern, among others Through cultivation of these plants, you will be able to create a connection with nature as you seek to neutralize the wet and muddy experiences of the rainy season with the natural beauty of the houseplants. No matter if you decide to put the exotic looking Snake Plant, colorful and artistic Begonia, or tall and beautiful Boston Fern and Ivy, these plants will serve an aesthetic purpose, beautifying the environment of home or working place.

Remember, each plant needs specific care, and therefore, do not forget to water the plants you choose properly, ensure they get the right amount of light, and use an appropriate type of soil. All the described indoor plants will do well during the rainy season if they are taken care of and cherished as they brighten any environment with nature’s marvel.

Remember that despite the fact that all of them are plants, each of the plants has its own set of requirements; therefore, ensure that you look for the right care of the plants such as the right water intake, the appropriate exposure to light and the correct type of soil. The reactions of your plants to the changes in their care and their consequent feedback make it a fun experience and a very good way to appreciate the complexities of the simple living organisms. When given adequate care and focus, these indoor plants can be enjoyed during the rainy season, allowing one to feel the miracles of nature within their home. Seize the chance to build a home for yourself, when the rain will play an accompaniment for the bright green trees, showing that even in the middle of the large city one can find refuge in the form of a quiet corner.

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