Toddler Boredom Busters- Simple Setup Solutions

Toddler Boredom Busters- Simple Setup Solutions

Engaging Boredom Busters for Toddlers

Any adult who laments being busy all the time, needs to take inspiration from a toddler every now and then. Your toddler is one busy person, but what’s more, they wouldn’t have it any other way!

All that time spent in some activity or the other, is being utilized effectively to sharpen things like their gross motor skills, and other critical areas of their development. The only thing is, toddlers thrive on ‘variety’. That is why the process of searching for ‘new’ Boredom Busters for Toddlers’, is the need of the hour.

Searching for the right boredom busters is nothing short of being a search for activities that are entertaining, but also those that hit the right notes when it comes to the holistic development of children.

The Best Boredom Busters for Toddlers

Every time can be playtime! Use these wonderful boredom busters to keep your little ones constantly engaged!

BathTub Toy Mania

Your child need not be the only one in that bath!

To do: Toss some of your toddler’s favourite stuffed toys or animals in your child’s bathtub, to let them play games of ‘Pretend’ with. Boredom busters with toys always do the trick!

Great for: Developing their creative skills through the power of imagination.

Toddler Trampoline

If there’s one thing your toddler loves doing, it’s ‘jumping’!

To do: Purchasing a trampoline for your toddler, might just be one of the best investments you ever made. If you have the space, get them a trampoline that provides them even larger space to jump. Clearly one of the preferred boredom busters for toddlers.

Tip: You might want to get a trampoline with a handlebar, for added stability and safety.

Great for: Providing children a safe space to jump on, instead of having them jump off their bed or even furniture.

Finger Painting Mania

All children love colours, right? This cool activity helps them get up close and personal with them!

To do: All you need for this wonderful boredom buster, is some flour, food colouring and lukewarm water. Simply mix in the colours with the mixture of flour and lukewarm water, and let your little one go crazy with these edible finger paints.

Note: You will have to replace these finger paints every few days, as moulds typically grow on them after a week. Also, things will get messy, but you can keep some of that mess at bay by having your child wear ‘paint shirts’!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Looking for Boredom Busters Games you can play with your toddler? Try this one!

To do: Make a list of items lying around your house that are moderately easy to find. Put that list in a hat before pulling it out and having your toddler search for the first item on the list, in a decent amount of time.

Great for: Boosting observation skills.

Toy Car Wash

Yet another cool way to use toys as boredom busters, this one!

To do: With a few toy cars and some soapy water, you’re good to go for this wonderful activity. Take your child’s favourite toys and let them wash them in the sink with soapy water. Ensure you keep a bucket of water on the other side, for rinsing off after that good wash. Finish off by drying the toys with a towel.

Great for: Teaching toddlers about the importance of hygiene in general.

Dance Party

Who doesn’t like grooving to some really cool music?

To do: A Bluetooth Speaker and your cell phone are all you need for this simple yet incredibly entertaining boredom buster. Simply sync your phone with that speaker before getting it to belt out some catchy tunes your toddler will love dancing to. Oh, and don’t forget to get yourself on the dance floor, too!

Great for: Improved balanced and spatial awareness

Board Games

If you thought that board games were only limited to adults, you were sorely mistaken. Board games make for the most pleasurable Boredom Busters Games for toddlers, too.

To do: Select age-appropriate board games that will keep your little ones engaged. ‘Sequence for Kids’ is an example of a great strategy board game for toddlers.

Great for: Increased social behaviours like sharing, and even developing number knowledge and arithmetic skills.

Contact Paper Art

Every child loves to create something!

To do: Curate a collection of items like beads and pom poms. Tape a piece of contact paper and have your little one stick the items to the top of the paper.

Tip: Encourage them to be involved in the creation of faces and other familiar shapes.

Great for: Improving grasping skills and strengthening hand-eye coordination.

Creating a DIY Sensory Bin

All children love to explore with their senses.

To do: Have your child collect simple items lying around the house, ranging from dry rice to playdough. Get your kids to put them in a bin and let them spend time simply exploring the textures and sights of the objects they have collected.

Great for: Encouraging learning through exploration and curiosity.

Magnet Words

A wonderful boredom buster activity that toddlers can engage in at snack time.

To do: Get some ‘letters of the alphabet’ fridge magnets and encourage your little one to rearrange them to form simple words.

Great for: Stimulating active play and visual memory.

Bathtub Painting

A wonderful game that makes bathtub fun all the more endearing.

To do: Wondering how to make bathtub paint? It’s simple, really. All you need to do, is add some food colouring to shaving cream, and voila! You have some cool bathtub paint. Give your toddler a couple of paintbrushes and see them go wild painting the bathtub with that homemade paint!

There’s never a dull moment at EuroKids! We ensure that there are plenty of activities that will always keep your little one engaged. We believe that apart from keeping kids busy, activities like the ones listed above will help toddlers in problem-solving and moreover, gaining a better understanding of the world they live in.

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