Tips to Increase Concentration Levels in Kids

Tips to Increase Concentration Levels in Kids

Concentration is one of the fundamental qualities one must possess to achieve or complete even the simplest day-to-day tasks. The amount of concentration you have directly affects the quality and quantity of work done. It is, therefore, a skill that everyone requires. Unfortunately, it is elusive and not innate, meaning- we are not born with this quality.

It is difficult for adults to summon this quality at the drop of a hat, so we can only imagine how difficult it might be for children. Since childhood is a time for learning, growing and developing skills. Very often, they see and do things for the first time and hence need to concentrate on almost everything they do. EuroKids helps your child to increase concentration levels in kids.

Concentration is a skill and quality that can be developed over time and with much practice. The trick is to start small and then gradually increase the concentration time. Let’s see how parents can help to improve concentration in kids.

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Here are the 10 tips to increase concentration levels in kids

1. Break up the tasks into smaller pieces

This is a good tip to increase concentration in older kids too. A big task or project may seem overwhelming initially, so help your child break it into smaller units. So, e.g., if they have to clean their room, break it down into smaller pieces, put your toys away, put your books on the shelf, your clothes in the cupboard and laundry basket and then let’s make your bed. With the completion of each task, your child will have a sense of accomplishment. The same strategy can be followed for homework or school projects too.

2. Allot time for Physical activity

Children have a lot of energy, and expecting them to sit and do an activity for extended periods would also increase the frustration levels in the child and parent. So let your little one run around and play outside between studying and doing other tasks. This will refresh their minds, reduce their restlessness and will increase concentration.

3. Have a set Study Routine

Give your child a fixed routine and a fixed study time. With regular practice, they will soon know what is expected of them. Consistency is the key, and if your child knows that there is no wiggle room for tasks such as studies or homework, then they will try to complete their task with increased concentration, especially if they know something is exciting soon after, like going out to play.

4. Give them a break or a change in activity between tasks

Sitting and completing all homework or assignments at once can be frustrating as your child will get mentally tired, so give them a change in activity. To increase the concentration level, after they finish one homework, give them a small break before going on to the next. A short snack break or some art and craft work before math will refresh their minds and increase concentration for the next homework, and they will be able to get it done much faster.

5. Simple daily tasks

A great tip to improve kids’ concentration is to give them simple tasks. Even regular household tasks like wiping the plates, putting away the tomatoes in the vegetable basket, or applying butter and jam to their bread all require some concentration. There is also the satisfaction they get when the job is done.

6. Set a time to complete the task and reward them

The novelty of giving your child a task and watching them complete it will soon wear out, and the child will lose interest. Continue to build interest in the tasks by making them challenging for the child. Children love challenges, which is a good way to increase their concentration. Challenge them by giving them a time limit, and set a timer with an alarm that goes off. Apart from regular praise, you can reward them with hugs and kisses, offer them the fruit they love, extra time at the park and so on. Could you keep it simple and have fun?

7. Play games that require concentration

It’s not only tasks and activities that can increase concentration, and there are many fun games too. Puzzles, word searches, riddles, blocks, memory games and so on can increase a child’s concentration and be loads of fun and a great opportunity for family bonding.

8. Remove all gadgets and distractions

The first and foremost thing to improve concentration in kids would be to keep all mobiles and tablets away from the child while doing their tasks or homework. Even watching TV while doing simple tasks can be very distracting and slow the child’s progress. Constantly looking at the tablets or checking messages can also disturb your child and cause them to become distracted from the current task.

9. Enough rest and sleep

Ensure your child gets enough sleep at night and a short nap during the day. This will not only refresh them but will keep them alert and will also help them concentrate better on the tasks at hand.

10. Healthy diet

The diet of the child should contain foods that assist brain development. Foods like milk, eggs, fish, oats, and nuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, folate, proteins and vitamin D. They boost brain development and help increase concentration. Foods high in sugars, salt and unhealthy fats should be consumed in small quantities as it affects concentration and lethargy in the child.

Young children are continuously growing, developing and learning new skills. At this time, parents and teachers should take the time to teach the child good habits and get them into a proper schedule and routine. The skills that we develop at this age will last us an entire lifetime

Centers like EuroKids know that concentration is necessary to complete every task. The centers are staffed with professionals aware of the child’s needs and milestones. They have many activities and equipment to hone and increase the child’s concentration abilities. With a planned schedule and routine, the children understand what they must do, and the time they have to complete each task.

Find a EuroKids center closest to you, make an appointment, visit the center and see how children with increased concentration levels complete the tasks at hand.

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