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Tips for First-Time Parents on Maintaining a Healthy Parenthood

Best Parenting Advice for New Parents: Tips for Raising Respected Children

Parenting is a largely thankless job.

But then, a direct ‘thank you’ for a job well done is not what parents seek. Every parent knows deep down that the best ‘thank you’ they will ever receive is through seeing their children grow up to become respectable human beings.

If you’re a new parent, welcome to The Parent Tribe. You must know that over the passage of time, you are going to be miraculously raising a tiny, helpless infant into a self-reliant teenager. For that alone, you deserve an award!

Then again, awards are not why you find yourself here. If you’re looking for parenting tips for new parents, rest assured you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to find some invaluable advice that will assist you in donning that garb of ‘New Parent’ with a sense of pride.

The Best Parenting Advice for New Parents

Parenting is going to test all your boundaries. Even more so when you are a new parent. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of healthy Parenting Tips for new parents that will help you keep a positive perspective and approach situations with a can-do perspective.

Trust Your Instincts

They say ‘Love is Blind.’ Well, so is Parenthood. You will find that no matter how many Parenting Books you read, there is no perfect ‘Instruction Manual’ for raising children.

Tip: It’s okay if you feel like you’re in the dark in the beginning. Eventually, you will learn to flex that ‘Parenting Muscle’ and find your own technique for raising your child.

Expect Stress

Having a baby is one of the major life transitions that will see you feeling like your best laid pains have gone to waste, on several occasions.

Tip: It’s natural for you to do everything in your capacity to create a healthy family life. However, you must ‘expect stress’ along the course of your journey.

Be Patient

In the beginning, parenting might seem daunting, what with all that bathing, feeding and diapering that sees you go without sleep for days on end.

Note: You must know that this is a ‘phase’ that is not going to last forever. Before you know it, your baby is going to become a toddler and you are going to be chasing them all over the house. Your life is going to look radically different only a few months down the line, and you’re going to get plenty of that precious ‘Shuteye’ once more!

Join a group for new parents

New parents are all the same in essence, no matter what their life situation. You will find that single parents, adoptive parents and even same gender parents, share the same worries and concerns as you do.

Bonus: Apart from the great non-judgmental support you receive from other new parents, you will be surprised at the new friends you might make. Besides, it’s true what they say: A shared happiness is doubled, and a shared worry is cut in half!

Be Open-Minded

You don’t want to make the mistake of setting the bar too high, where it comes to parenting your child. You have to be cognizant of the fact that there is no ‘Perfect Parent.’ The last thing you want to be doing is embarking on this journey thinking you ‘know it all.’

Tip: Learning to adapt is key for a parent looking to curate a healthy family life. You have to know that you don’t have the answers to everything. Ensure you don’t fall into that gap between reality and the expectations you have set for yourself as a parent. It will only cause you undue stress.

Be Aware of your Feelings

As a parent, you’re going to be subject to a broad gamut of experiences that you could have never erstwhile thought you would be exposed to. Oftentimes, these experiences are accompanied by a vast array of emotions that include but are not limited to, anger, fear and sadness.

Note: You must know that having these intense emotions as a new parent, is not something to feel shameful about. Besides, it is clearly not reflective of your ability to parent your child.

Know that it’s okay to ask for help

If you’re a new parent, you must take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. In case you need help, don’t be afraid to turn to your friends and family. Just try asking your parents or your spouse’s parents, to see your children for a couple of hours. See how happy it makes them. Besides, you will be leaving them in the hands of someone you trust. If you’re looking for the best parenting advice for new parents, you can’t give this one a miss.

Tip: You could even ask a friend to run some errands for you. That will help you focus on the one thing that needs your attention more than anything else – your child!

Interact lovingly with your baby

You might be doing everything in your capacity to raise your baby well. This includes feeding them and changing their diapers. However, you want to also shower them with something they require the most – your love!

Tip: Make sure you spend enough time holding your baby and cuddling them. This wonderful time is not going to ever come back again, so make sure you make the most of it. This one is key for a healthy parent-child relationship.

Communicate with them

One of the keys to a great parent-child relationship is talking to your baby. Even when they cannot talk back to you.

Note: The simple act of narrating what you are doing to your baby might feel a bit weird, but it does wonders for their development.

At EuroKids we salute all new parents who are embarking on what is undoubtedly the most beautiful chapter in their lives. That being said, the key to transitioning into newborn care is Preparation. We hope you can make use of the tips outlined here, to prepare you well in your parenting journey.

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