The Unsung Heroes: Exploring the Vital Role of Trees
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The Unsung Heroes: Exploring the Vital Role of Trees

There is an ‘Amazon’ out there that is far more important than the one commonly known to all of us. It is a Rainforest, and the only time there seems to be a fuss over it is when a fire breaks out in its midst.

We shouldn’t be caring for trees only when we find them burning down. Right from the delicate Willow to the mighty Oak, all trees are important. Can you remember the last time you looked at a tree? Really looked up at it and admired it in all its splendour?

In this article we will peruse all the advantages of trees, that will show you exactly how these silent and stationary Superpowers can make our lives healthier and happier.

It’s time to get started, and explore the many benefits of these wonderful creations of Nature that have been with us our whole lives.

The Importance of Trees

Here is a list of all the reasons trees are important for the environment, and the overall well-being of all humans.

They Clean the Air

Ever wonder how we get to breathe easily? That’s because trees remove something called ‘Particulate Matter’ from the air. This is the kind of air pollution that is most dangerous to our lungs, and stems from the burning of fossil fuels.

If more trees are planted in cities, especially in neighbourhoods that are close to factories, it can help reduce ailments like asthma.

Note: Tree leaves will generally filter this pollution, but only if they are planted near the people that need them.

They regulate the Water Cycle

The water cycle is essentially the process by which water falls to the ground as rain. This water is then absorbed by trees and plants, before it is released back into the air through transpiration. Trees are therefore crucial, for maintaining optimum levels of humidity in the air.

Cool Fact: A single tree will typically release up to 400 gallons of water every day. One of the benefits of trees, that we simply cannot ignore.

Consuming Greenhouse Gases

The basic food-making process of all trees, Photosynthesis, entails absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and storing it in their wood. Did you know that trees will store this Carbon Dioxide throughout their lives? In this way, they will help prevent the dangerous buildup of the gas in our atmosphere. A gas that has been rapidly warming our world in recent times.

They Provide Employment

From fruit harvests to botanical research, trees provide a multitude of jobs to a vast number of people. Without trees, there would be no way to sustain people that live in some rural communities. Jobs related to the fields of Forest Conservation and Reforestation, need to be protected for the people whose livelihoods depend on it.

Great for Mental Health

You don’t have to be the next Newton and discover something like Gravity, while sitting under a tree!

Time spent in Nature has been shown to alleviate levels of anxiety and depression. There is certainly a good reason we are drawn to those green spaces. It doesn’t take a lot of time spent in Nature, for its soothing powers to kick in. Certainly, the importance of trees cannot be overlooked.

A Habitat for Wildlife

The wildlife in forests is something we have all gotten a glimpse of, when standing outside enclosures in Zoos or taking a ride on a Jungle Safari. However, there are far more species of animals and birds living in forests, than we can imagine.

One of the most vital advantages of trees lies in the fact that each tree might serve as a home to even a thousand creatures. Snakes, frogs, beetles and moths are just a few examples of the myriad creatures that call trees their homes. These creatures have adapted to this environment for years, and are highly reliant on it.

They Filter Your Water

The trees in forests remove sediments and pollutants from rainfall, and then slowly release the water back into waterways. It is thanks to trees, that this water, now naturally cleaner, is easier to clean and treat. All this before it makes its way into your tap, of course!

This is certainly one of those benefits of trees that is easily overlooked by most people.

Interesting Facts about Trees

Here are some cool facts about trees that will make you view them in a completely different light.

  • Tree Rings are indicators of climate change. If you thought that those Tree Rings only showed a tree’s age, think again. They can also serve as indicators pertaining to when natural disasters have occurred.
  • Branches exist to spread leaves out. This will ensure that the leaves get the most sunlight possible.
  • Trees have been to the moon. The Apollo 14 mission in 1971 took seeds to the moon. Surprisingly, the trees grew the same way there as they do on the earth!
  • They can live for thousands of years. There are exceptions to this, of course. Like the Palm Tree, that lives to around 80 years old.
  • The first known tree was found in New York. It was a fern-like plant called the Wattieza, and stood 26 feet tall.
  • They can communicate with each other. The Fungi in the soil connect the roots of trees and plants, allowing them to ‘communicate’ with each other.
  • The world’s smallest tree is only a few centimetres in height. It is known as the Dwarf Willow.
  • Brazil has the most tree species. It has more than 5000 species of trees.
  • They help to direct us. The branches of a tree are very much like a compass. For instance, the branches that point horizontally to the ground, are pointing south.

  At EuroKids we believe that teaching kids the importance of trees is vital in getting them to respect the environment they live in. We encourage you to let them bask in the shade of these glorious Wonders of Nature, and to plant at least one tree in their growing years.

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