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The Significance of Prenatal Vitamins and Tips for Choosing the Right Ones

Are you the kind of person that reaches for their Multivitamin supplement first thing in the morning?

Now imagine pregnant mothers, who are looking to not only fortify their own health, but that of the precious lives they are carrying! It’s of vital importance that they not only take a Multivitamin Supplement, but the ‘right one’, too!

Nutritional needs during Pregnancy are absolutely essential in ensuring that Mama is strong and healthy. All those Vitamins and Minerals they consume daily from their natural food sources, are not enough when it comes to providing sufficient sustenance for them and their baby.

This is exactly where Prenatal Vitamins step in.
If you are looking for the best Prenatal Vitamins, you can rest assured you will find them here. This blog piece is especially designed to shed light on the Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins, and even uncover the best Pregnancy Supplements you will find in the market today.

Let’s begin, with a look at exactly what Mama needs, during those critical, formative pregnancy months, to ensure that the baby is healthy and happy!

Nutritional Needs during Pregnancy: The Case for Prenatal Vitamins

There are several Nutrients that go a long way in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. The most important of these have been outlined below.

  1. Calcium
  2. All those strong bones and teeth come from Mama getting a good dose of Calcium! Sources: Milk, yogurt.

  3. Vitamin A
  4. For healthy skin and growth of bones. Sources: Carrots, sweet potatoes.

  5. Vitamin C
  6. For good absorption of Iron, and for healthy gums. Sources: Citrus fruits, tomatoes.

  7. Vitamin D
  8. For aiding the absorption of calcium. Sources: Fish laden with fat such as Salmon, and good old sunlight!

  9. Vitamin B6
  10. Helpful in the formation of those red blood cells. Sources: Pork, bananas.

  11. Vitamin B12
  12. For the healthy maintenance of the nervous system. Sources: Liver, milk.

    Apart from the above nutrients, it is crucial to pay attention to a couple of ‘essentials’ that every mother needs, as part of her daily nutritional regimen.

    This is the time, when Mama will be especially needing more Folic Acid and Iron, than usual.

  13. Folic Acid
  14. Pregnant mothers want to start taking this at least 3 months before they even ‘become’ pregnant! This is because it goes a long way in helping prevent serious ‘abnormalities’ that might crop up. Abnormalities that are related to the Brain of the growing fetus, and the Spinal Cord.

  15. Iron
  16. Ever wonder how all that Oxygen reaches babies via the Red Blood Cells? It’s all thanks to Iron! Further, it also helps in the prevention of Anaemia, which is characterized by a low count of red blood cells.

The Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins: Why they Matter

By now we have garnered an understanding of all the nutrients that every pregnant woman needs in abundance. Here is why taking Prenatal Vitamins, as opposed to merely getting those nutrients from food sources like the examples listed above, is all the more important.

  1. It ensures that the right amount of nutrients are provided ‘before’ pregnancy
  2. Those defects we talked about in the earlier section, might crop up before you even ‘know’ you’re pregnant! Of course, you want to do everything you can to prevent them.

  3. They are exclusively catered to Pregnant Women
  4. The last thing you want to do, is to simply pop that Multivitamin supplement you were talking earlier, during your pregnancy. The Prenatal Vitamin is customized with all the extra Folic Acid, Iron and even Calcium, that regular Multivitamins lack.

  5. Reduces the risk of other complications.
  6. There are several complications related to pregnancy that every mother wishes to prevent. Things like Infant Mortality, Preterm Delivery and even, Low Birth Weight. Taking those Prenatal Vitamins, will assist greatly in ensuring that none of these terrible complications comes to pass.

  7. Peace of Mind
  8. The one thing an expecting mother wants more than anything else, is the knowledge that her child’s nutritional needs are being well met. Though Peace of Mind is something they won’t find ‘over-the-counter’, they will be able to purchase those Prenatal Vitamins, that in turn will give them the same thing!

The Best Prenatal Vitamins: Tips for Choosing One that’s Best for You 

After perusing the Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins, you’re surely looking for the Best Pregnancy Supplements, right?

Choosing the best Prenatal Vitamin is something that can be quite an overwhelming task. Here’s how to pick the right one, keeping the expectant Mama in mind!

  1. Beyond Folic Acid and Iron
  2. Yes, even ‘we’ have highlighted the importance of Folic Acid and Iron, when it comes to showcasing the nutrients essential for Mumma’s needs. However, you need to look for other essential nutrients too, like Calcium, Vitamins D, C and E, and also, Zinc and Iodine.

  3. Look for the ‘activated’ form of Folic Acid
  4. We all want that Folic Acid, but it is best if we choose a Prenatal Vitamin that contains ‘Folate.’ This is the Activated form of that Folic Acid. Note: Folate is also naturally found in foods like Avocado and Nuts.

  5. Talk to your Healthcare Provider
  6. It might be a wise decision, to read those labels on the bottles of those vitamin supplements, and then talk to your healthcare provider. You can never be too careful, when it comes to getting just the ‘right’ amount of nutrients, for you and baby.

  7. Get one that’s easy to Tolerate
  8. The last thing you want is for that supplement to interfere with your digestion. Ensure you choose one, that’s gentle on the tummy.

  9. Get one that you can take as a Single Dose
  10. If you’re not the kind of person that likes popping too many pills, this one’s for you. Choose the supplement that doesn’t see you popping close to 5 pills a day. Rather, a pill that you need to ingest only once daily.

At EuroKids, we believe that all mothers should be ‘Ahead of the Game’, where it comes to taking those Prenatal Vitamins. If your Pregnancy is around the corner, you need to start taking those Vitamins ‘now’!

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