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The miracle of life: a newborn’s first day – what to expect and cherish

‘Overwhelmed’ is a word that does not even begin to cut it!

When you have waited 9 months (or even longer considering all the planning you put into making this moment happen), the day when your baby finally arrives might go a tad unexpectedly.

We mean, how do you even know what that first meeting with your baby is going to be like if you have never been a parent before?

It is totally impossible to predict! And there is no map or manual to stick to. So how do you navigate your way through the first day of your newborn?

Do not worry, parents-to-be! We have got you 100% sorted on that front. Here is a lowdown on what you can expect on your newborn baby’s first day!

Your newborn might look like this

Remember the image of that swaddled sleepy baby you saw in that movie? Or that TV show you keep binge watching for the nth time? Well, your baby is not going to look like that. Not at first at least.

When newborns are born, they are these super tiny, wet, slippery creatures with a slightly pointy head!

Why a pointy head, you ask?

That is because your baby just squeezed through a very narrow space to come out into this world, i.e., your birth canal. Do not worry about it though. It is only temporary. Your baby’s head will become rounded in just a few days!

Speaking of head though, the sheer size of your baby’s head compared to the rest of their body might surprise you at first! Especially because when they are born, they are all scrunched up, with bent elbows and knees from being sooooo long in the womb. But then again, their tiny legs and arms will straighten out too with time.

Also, on your newborn baby’s first day, try to get a good look at their toes and fingers. You might notice paper-thin nails.

And their skin might be all wrinkly and ruddy! It could even look purple or pink. In fact, there is a good chance that your baby will be born with a creamy biofilm on top called vernix caseosa. This film exists to keep your baby safe from amniotic fluid when in the womb. This will be gone after your baby’s first bath though.

Another thing you may notice is a peach fuzz on your brand new baby. This specially happens in the case of preemie babies and it sheds itself in a week or two.

The other thing you might notice as new parents when you hold your teeny-tiny one in your arms for the first time are rashes. Or blotches. Or tiny white spots. But again, it is pretty normal and usually self healing.

Your baby may go through a couple of tests like these

Routine tests, of course. Though mandatory ones.

The first of these would be the Apgar score. The purpose of this one is to evaluate your baby’s health, including their vital signs, skin colour, reflexes and more. A score of 7-10 on a scale of 1-10 is good. Anything lower than 7 though and your baby might require medical assistance.

Expect a couple of easy procedures too, which are 100% totally and absolutely normal:

  • Nasal passage clearing, typically with a suction bulb.
  • Body measurements.
  • And application of eye drops or ointment so that your tiny one does not get any infections.

New parents! Do not worry about any of these. Like we said, these are totally normal.

Oh, and another thing. As soon as your baby is out, the nursing staff there will clean your baby and wrap them in a soft, clean blanket. And within seconds your child would be in your arms, all ready for its first meal!

Once that meal is out of the way, your baby will be taken to the nursery for a proper clean-up session. They will also get a vitamin K shot at this time to prevent any bleeding disorders and to ensure their blood clots. And they may get a hepatitis B vaccine too if you allow it.

Your baby will also be screened for any diseases that may have occurred in-utero or after birth.

Your baby might do this in the first 24 hours

Cry. Yep that is the first thing, and we bet you already know that!

But what you may not know is how surprisingly alert and curious they will be!

Yes, your baby has just come into this brand new world after being cooped up so long and they cannot wait to know more about it. And to know you, feel you, recognise you and come back to you! At this point, you are the centre of their world. And they will constantly use all of their senses to develop a deep and special bond with you.

Our advice to new parents is to just watch their baby discover you. That is the second miracle after their birth, hands down!

They will get super sleepy though from their first day onwards. So we suggest waking them up every couple of hours for feeding sessions.

And finally, you might feel like this

Not just overwhelmed. It is like your whole life has irrevocably changed! And it feels amazing! Though scary. But also amazing.

It is so natural to go through a rollercoaster of emotions when you become new parents, we cannot even begin to tell you! The fear, the joy, the anxiety – all wrapped up in one is a pretty normal state of newfound parenthood!

That said, there is no ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing here. You might feel differently. You might be all wrapped up in limitless happiness. Or you might feel baby blues. Or something more serious like postpartum depression. We just need you to know that it is all normal.

If you are wondering about friends and family…

Well, our advice to new parents can be condensed to two words: limit visits. Sure you can call your immediate family. But this is your time to bond with your newborn. And for that, you need a quiet atmosphere, free of all the hullabaloo and the buzz. Friends can come in later too. Once you have settled into this role, gotten the ‘hang of it’ so to speak. For now, your priority should be just to keep it low-key. And peaceful. So both of you can catch up on that much-need snooze time!

Perhaps there is no other greater miracle on this planet than the miracle that is your baby! While you enjoy the newfound role of parenthood, keep an eye out for any off signs and be sure to seek medical help. When it comes to your precious one, there is no limit to the number of times you can ask questions or seek medical help.

And also, do not worry so much! Especially not about preschools right now. We know as parents, you like to plan ahead. That is why we are here! To save you the worry. EuroKids preschool is just the best place for your baby to be when they grow older. Our award-winning curriculum, trained staff and extensive network branches ensures that you find a good preschool for your child right in your area! Visit us when you have the time to know more!

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