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The Irresistible Allure of Rain Photography: How to & Ideas 

Relief from the blistering summer heat is not the only thing that the Monsoon brings. There seems to be a sense of melancholia in the air, as the gentle sound of the rains plays in the background. It’s a time when you remain content to merely sit by the window, and watch the raindrops flirt with the windowpane.

Oh, and if you’re a real ‘Rain Fanatic’, you might just go out in the rain and click a picture or two!

If you’re a budding photographer, this article’s a treat for you! We at EuroKids have compiled everything there is to know about How to Photograph in the Rain. As you read on, you will be introduced to several wonderful Rain Photography Ideas that will make for some Creative Rain Photography. Read on, for tips on some Beautiful Rain Photography to show off to your friends. Or, simply archive for yourself!

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Photograph in the Rain: Choosing Appropriate Gear
  2. Rain Photography: The Best Rain Photography Ideas

How to Photograph in the Rain: Choosing Appropriate Gear

Want to click alluring pictures that capture the mystique of the rains? Get the right camera, first!

  1. Get a professional camera
  2. Using your ‘smartphone’ to capture cool clicks in the rain, is not such a ‘smart’ idea! You ideally want a professional camera, like a good DSLR that will help you capture artful, aesthetic images.

    Hot Tip: You also want to ensure that you have the following, so that you can enjoy your ‘rain-shooting’ experience without any problems.

    o   A case for the camera that is waterproof

    o   An umbrella so that ‘you’ are protected as well!

  3. Ensure the ‘settings’ are right
  4. You might have chosen the perfect ‘setting’ for all that photography of rain drops, but what about the settings on your camera?

    o   Shutter speeds. These need to be fast, to prevent ‘blurry’ captures of things like ‘splashes.’

    o   ISO. This needs to be medium-to-high. The reason: to compensate for the low-light conditions without having to sacrifice those shutter speeds.

    o   Use the Manual Focus. For those looking to indulge in some creative rain photography, you must pay special heed to this one. Every different ‘scene’ might just inspire you to adjust that focus accordingly.

Rain Photography Tips: The Best Rain Photography Ideas

Anyone can click pictures. Not everyone can take ‘great’ pictures, though! Here are some cool Rain Photography Ideas that will ensure you get the best out of your Rain Photography session.

  1. A Time for Reflection
  2. No, not reflecting on life, we’re talking ‘literal’ reflections here! The ones you find in Water. There are several cool things you will find reflected in those water puddles, large and small. From skyscrapers to blades of grass, make sure to get as many ‘reflection clicks’ as you can!

  3. The Lucid Beauty of Water Drops
  4. Water Drops Photography is something you can spend endless hours indulging in. No matter whether those drops are falling or even static on that window you look out of, clicking pictures of them can make for pretty surreal captures.

  5. Use Light to your advantage
  6. Good Lighting is the one thing photographers crave most. While it’s not that easy to get the best possible lighting in a rainy scenario, here’s some tips to make the most of Light in Rain Photography.

    o   Use an Off-Camera Flash. This is a great way to get some light behind the focus of your capture.

    o   Use the lighting in the sky. For instance, the light that streams down through a canopy of trees.

    o   Getting creative. Even the headlights of a car would work like a dream here.

  7. Capture the magical Sheen of Rain Water
  8. Sometimes the best Rain Photography happens just after it has rained! Know that sheen of water on surfaces like pavements and even walls that you might stand against? Not only do pictures of it look captivating, they also have an increased sense of ‘depth’ to them. Talk about ‘deep’ images!

  9. Splashes of Water
  10. The most beautiful rain photography includes captures of ‘Water Splashes’!

    To do: Wait on a street for a car to drive into a puddle, or capture an image of kids splashing in the rain. After you’re done, go and splash around yourself!

  11. Look out for those Rainbows!
  12. Last but not the least, you want to look out for any potential rainbows after it rains. When the sun is coming up just after that rain, there’s a good probability you will find one. Pictures of rainbows are really the most exquisite.

  We live in an age when we document just about everything. From the food we eat to our special moments, there’s hardly anything left uncovered. Use the tips outlined in this article, to indulge in some wonderful Rain Photography. After all, every time it rains, it’s a ‘special moment’, too!


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