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The Importance of Grandparents: Strength of Family Bonds

‘For the strength of the pack is the wolf,

And the strength of the wolf is the pack.’

~ Rudyard Kipling

How relevant that wonderful phrase is, vis a vis grandparents and grandchildren!

For grandparents, the arrival of grandchildren can herald the beginning of a new life. Conversely, it makes for a wonderfully positive experience for grandchildren, who find strength in the added comfort afforded to them by their affectionate grandparents.

Grandchildren give their grandparents an unbridled source of joy in the final years of their life. The same grandparents, who sometimes serve as the main providers of ad hoc child care for babies.

We really don’t lend as much credit to the role of grandparents in our life, as we ought to. In this article you will discover all about the importance of grandparents in our life.

The Role of Grandparents in Child Development

Here’s a closer look at the role of grandparents in our life, with a view to garnering an even more profound appreciation for those noblest of souls.

Read on, to know all about the importance of grandparents in our life.

They spend Quality Time with your Child

Children need a lot more quality time with adults, than we think they do.

That’s where grandparents step in. They are more than eager to help out with taking care of children, when their parents are busy at work. Whether it’s dropping your children off to an after-school daycare program, or indulging in fun activities with them, you can always count on grandparents to come to the rescue.

They nurture the Generational Link

Knowing about their history, serves to provide children with a vital link to their past.

Simply hearing about events that transpired a long time ago, or about people in their family who came before their grandparents did, induces a sense of awe in young children. It lays a solid foundation for the continuity of life, and leaves them with memories they will cherish for a long time to come.

They provide an Emotional Anchor for Grandchildren

This is one role of grandparents in a child’s life that cannot be undermined.

As children face ups and downs, they often turn to their grandparents for an invaluable sense of comfort. Those precious grandparents, who serve as a sounding board for their feelings. They listen to them with a non-judgmental ear, and offer sound advice that can help them navigate through especially difficult times.

They Serve as Role Models

Of course you want your child to emulate you, but then, who said a child can have only ‘one’ role model?

Grandchildren look up to their grandparents often, where it comes to finding ways to live a worthy life. They imbibe the positive values that they see in their grandparents, on account of their kind actions. They learn from their grandparents the important knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Of what is important and what’s not.

They Serve as a Source of Inspiration for Kids

No matter what, grandparents will always inspire children to dream as big as they possibly can.

Grandparents always appreciate children with an open heart, whenever it comes to the activities they indulge in. If their granddaughter is interested in ballet, they will motivate them to be the best ballet dancer. Forever inspiring children to go forward and follow their dreams, they nurture their spirits and encourage their mental growth.

They Provide Basic Child Care

This is a highly overlooked, basic role of grandparents in child development. How will a child develop in a healthy manner, if they are not cared for in their early years.

Most families around the world rely on grandparents for caring for their children. And this is not limited to occasional help, no. It implies regular, trusted child care for their little ones. We must really give grandparents a lot of credit for this one. After all, at their age, it’s not so easy to look after the likes of screaming children running all around the house!

They provide a great alternative to Gadgets

The best thing about grandparents is, they come from a time where no gadgets existed, except for the television.

Move over smartphones and iPads, because Grandpa and Granny are here! Your children will get that much-needed break from technology, as they delight in playing with their grandparents without so much as ‘thinking’ about their gadgets. This role of grandparents in child development is one you will be extremely thankful for.

They Expose them to New Experiences

By sharing their experiences with their grandchildren, grandparents can offer their children a wealth of life experiences.

When grandparents tell their grandchildren stories of times long gone, they help them better appreciate the past and gain an understanding of how the world has changed. When they introduce their grandchildren to new experiences, they get them to develop a greater sense of curiosity for the world around them.

They are The Perfect Playmate

What do children do when their friends are not around? The answer is simple, really. They are called Grandpa and Grandma!

Grandparents can serve as the most fun-loving playmates for their grandchildren. Whether it is spending endless hours in imaginative play, or taking them to the park, they never fail to deliver. When they play with their grandchildren, they become children themselves. Something their grandchildren will always remember.

They provide them unconditional love

Yes, you love your kids unconditionally. But so do their grandparents!

There’s no questioning the love of a grandparent for their grandchild. A love that is of the purest kind, and one that knows no boundaries. Those grandchildren will test their limits at many a time, but their unconditional love for them will never falter.

We at EuroKids, believe that grandparents are the greatest storytellers of all. When children listen to stories, they broaden their horizons. They need these stories to know who they are, and where they belong. By caring for our children, grandparents have a positive impact on our lives, too.

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