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The Great Animal Hunt: Amazing Animal Riddles for Kids

‘Ah! The joy of solving a crossword on the way to work…’

Words many adults might find themselves thinking, as they pick up the local newspaper on the way to what would otherwise be a rather boring office commute. Brain teasers like Crosswords and Sudoku, after all, can keep us occupied for quite a while!

The good news is, little children also enjoy solving Brain Teasers. In the form of engaging riddles, that expand their imagination and get them super excited. In this article, we at Eurokids have compiled a list of some truly amazing Animal Riddles for Kids with Answers. You can bet your bottom dollar, your child will be fascinated with them. Before we take a look at these Amazing Animal Riddles for Kids, though, here’s a look at exactly why Riddles on Animals for Kids are so popular with the ‘young tribe’!

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Animal Riddles for Kids: Decoding their Unique Popularity

In a world filled with riddles, why do Animal Riddles make the cut above the rest?

It’s pretty simple. All children love animals, and so Animal Riddles pose an interesting challenge to them. What’s more, they won’t stop after they have found out the answers. They will go to school and present these riddles to their friends, silently proud that they know the ‘secret answers.’

In all probability, you’re eager to play the same role, right? To know the answers to those riddles, so you can pose the same riddles to your kids? Read on, for the best Animal Riddles for Kids.

The Most Amazing Animal Riddles for Kids with Answers

Riddles on Animals for Kids are more challenging than you think. Let’s see how many you can get right, before scrolling down to the answers beneath these most Amazing Animal Riddles for Kids.

  • The height of my feet, that is around 6 feet, is taller than most human beings. What am I?
  • Answer: Giraffe

  • I am small but I can climb a building. What am I?
    Answer: Ant
  • I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. Who am I?
  • Answer: Kangaroo

  • I stay awake at night and sleep during the day. Who am I?
  • Answer: Owl

  • I am a king without a crown. Who am I?
  • Answer: Lion

  • While the alphabet goes from A to Z, I go from Z to A. Who am I?
  • Answer: Zebra

  • I have horns but cannot beep. I bleat but am not a sheep. Who am I?
  • Answer: Goat

  • I have whiskers, stay in human homes and have a cartoon created after me. Who am I?
  • Answer: Cat

  • I’m the biggest reptile in the water, and have a shoe named after me. Who am I?
  • Answer: Crocodile

  • It swims with four oars but always stays in its home. What is it?
  • Answer: Turtle

  • I’m a mammal who cannot jump. Who am I?
  • Answer: Elephant

  • I’m the only bird in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, and rise early. Who am I?
  • Answer: Rooster

  • It has a long face and people ride it in a race. What is it?
  • Answer: Horse

  • I’m named after the animal I eat. Who am I?
  • Answer: Anteater

  • It lives upside down, and sees with its ears and not its eyes. What is it?
  • Answer: Bat

  • I am pink. When you get closer, I stink. What am I?
  • Answer: Pig

  • I use sign language to communicate like humans. Who am I?
  • Answer: Gorilla

  • What’s the kind of music loved by rabbits?
  • Answer: Hip Hop

  • It wears a tuxedo in the snow and skates on the ice floor. What is it?
  • Answer: Penguin

  • I am three things. A fruit, a bird and a group of people. Who am I?
  • Answer: Kiwi

  • Christmas and Thanksgiving are incomplete without me. Who am I?
  • Answer: Turkey

  • What did the leopard say after finishing its meal?
  • That really hit the ‘spot’!

  • I never leave the water, yet I breather air. My home is a school. Who am I?
  • Answer: Dolphin

So, how many of the above riddles did you get right? There are good chances your little one will score more points than you! What are you waiting for? Waste no time, and hurry on with this list to pose the same questions to your kids. You will not only stimulate their ‘gray matter’, but also ensure they have a ‘whale’ of a time. Oh, no riddle there!


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