The Best Preschool In Lucknow

The Best Preschool In Lucknow

With more then 30 centers, EuroKids is one of the largest preschool brands in Lucknow. With it unique child first philosophy and importance to life skills EuroKids has been able to create a distinct brand identity across the lengths and breadths of Lucknow. Parents have widely accepted their teaching techniques and have mostly spread a positive word of mouth.

EuroKids Lucknow

Address: Juniad Nila, Raja Raheem Nagar, 56 No 16,Chakrata Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh 411007 Phone: 011-41116513 Website: http://www.eurokidskids.

The EuroKids Philosophy

The philosophy of the EuroKids preschools is as follows. Education is important for everyone. Every person requires a sound foundation of fundamental and life skills as they progress to adulthood. The teacher’s job is to create an atmosphere that emphasizes an interest in learning and critical thinking. This will ensure that the child’s potential is encouraged and that the child will be prepared for life beyond the classroom. EuroKids Human Development Programme The Human Development Programme at EuroKids is one of its kind and the first of its kind in Uttar Pradesh. The Udaya Misra College of Childcare & Education was established with the aim of preparing qualified teachers and ancillary staff.

EuroKids Teaching Techniques

The teaching methods which are in use by the EuroKids are as follows: All children can learn differently, however, the child with higher ability may learn faster. As a result, the skill which the child is supposed to learn at the time of teaching is supposed to be reinforced by the faster learner. The teacher uses the play and fun techniques to make the child learn. There are many colorful, healthy and appropriate games which helps children get more interested. The teacher helps the child to develop personality, essential for the success of any child. In addition to this, the teaching method uses humour which makes children smile and increases their enjoyment while learning. The more the child enjoys his learning process, the better his results.

The Unique Brand Identity of EuroKids

Powered by: EuroKids – A renowned pre-school training institute. Red Family – A group of photographers and designers. Sarda Kids – A project studio which produces curriculum based training and independent products for pre-schools. EuroKids at Food Junction Address:Sector 11, Bhipaur, Lucknow Getting there: By car, take the Lucknow-Bina road. Nearest metro station: Rajiv Chowk EuroKids at Lucknow Bus Stand Address: Old Bus Stand, Lucknow Getting there: By car, take the Lucknow- Bina road. Nearest metro station: Lucknow Metro station For more information: Website: Call: +91-2960048640, +91-2586597033 Email: Email: info@eurokids.

What Parents Say About Them

EuroKids delivers top notch care to its kids by making their day one of their favourite days of the week. The Quality comes not just from the activities that are planned but also from the care and engagement with the children. The preschool has set up a dedicated play area for the kids to play and interact with other kids. The care is holistic and one of the teachers is always with the kids on daily basis to make their life a little bit better. The activities are planned according to the development of the kid but not limited to routine activities. There is no block of time without them in school. EuroKids has an excellent teaching staff to ensure that the learning is continuous. The environment inside the school has a little bit of both fun and learning.


Lucknow has a promising business landscape and a huge potential to grow. It has young professionals and a population with disposable income which has been largely missing in recent times. This favorable demographic is fertile ground for start-ups and enterprises that intend to take advantage of the rising incomes and willing workforce. Lucknow’s metro status makes it easy for parents to take their children to and fro from work, thereby boosting the quality of education. This would also significantly improve the childcare services in the city.

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