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The Benefits of Babywearing: A Case for the Babywearing Vest

If there is anything that looks best on you, it’s your own Baby! However, that’s not the only reason we have Baby Slings.

The precious sound of a little child’s heartbeat in the midst of one’s pregnancy, makes for a surreal experience. Now imagine your baby feeling ‘your’ heartbeat, their cheek pressed against your chest, as they move along with you in that Baby Carrier. There are several fine benefits of Babywearing that we will touch upon in this article. Apart from Babywearing Advantages, we will explore Babywearing Basics, and take a look at the Types of Baby Carriers in the market today.

However, first things first. Let us begin, with a look at why that Babywearing Vest is ever-essential, for both Parent and Child.

The Benefits of Babywearing: A Case for the Babywearing Vest

There’s far more to Babywearing, than meets the eye. Presenting a look at the most essential Babywearing Advantages.

  1. They are engaged with the world around them
  2. We all know the mere joy of being ‘immersed’ in the outdoors. When a baby is out with you in that carrier, they will be exposed to a plethora of sounds, sights and smells, that will all contribute significantly towards their social development.

  3. Less Crying
  4. Have you noticed, that your baby seems to cry less when you simply walk them around? Now imagine walking them around for even longer periods of time, in that baby carrier. It will make for far less crying, that’s for sure!

  5. It’s Easier for ‘You’!
  6. Whether you find yourself running an errand at the grocery store or even having to catch a flight at the airport, Babywearing is a boon. It makes travelling all the simpler, and also ensures you need to carry less things with you.

  7. It provides them a Secure environment
  8. Your baby hearing that heartbeat of yours, that we talked about earlier? It only helps them feel more ‘secure’ and ‘calm’. Needless to say, calm babies are the happiest. Also, happy babies make for a happier ‘You’!

  9. Good for baby’s health
  10. There are studies that go on to show, that things like your baby’s heartbeat and breathing patterns, can actually be regulated by having them spend a good amount of time in that baby carrier.

  11. It deepens the bond between Parent and Child
  12. Wearing your baby close to your skin, makes for an intense bonding experience between them and you.

  13. Supports their Physical Development
  14. There’s one thing that Baby is being exposed to when they find themselves in that sling, other than the world around them. It’s that feeling of being in ‘sync’ with all your motions, something that aids greatly in things like their Muscle Growth and even, Motor Development.

Babywearing Basics: Choosing the Right Carrier

The varied Types of Baby Carriers in the market today, ensure that you will find the perfect one for your baby-carrying needs.

  1. Wraps
  2. These make for one of the most popular Baby Carrier Types. As the name suggests, they literally get you to ‘wrap’ your baby around you. Their ‘stretchy’ fabric, is what gives them their superior flexibility.

  3. Ring Slings
  4. Are you planning to go on a vacation? This type of Baby Carrier might be the perfect choice for you! Also, they are ‘breathable’, which is especially important when you’re living in a country like India, where temperatures can get blisteringly hot.

  5. Buckle Carriers
  6. If you are looking for the most ‘conventional’ type of Baby Carrier out there, you need look no further than this one.

    Note: While the thought of having a ‘buckle’ to secure your baby might be extremely comforting, it might take a considerable amount of ‘tweaking’ of this carrier, to get it just ‘tight enough.’

  7. Meh Dai
  8. Again, this is a type of Baby Carrier that you have in all probability noticed plenty of times. It essentially entails two straps that go around the shoulders, and two more that go around the waist.

    Note: In the case of babies that weigh more than 20 pounds, these carriers might be a tad uncomfortable.

    Choosing a Baby Carrier is a most ‘personal’ decision. There are drawbacks and benefits where it comes to all the aforementioned carriers. Here, what might help is ‘trying’ that Carrier, before you buy it. When you try on at least a couple of the different Baby Carrier types, you get a ‘feel’ of what you can expect in the long run. That being said, if you feel a sense of ‘comfort’ with even the first one you try, you might want to trust your gut and buy it!

Babywearing Basics: Babywearing Tips

Want to take that Babywearing Experience to the next level? Here are some

Babywearing Tips, to help you master the Art of Babywearing!

  1. Use it both Indoors ‘and’ Outdoors
  2. What better way to maximize that Babywearing Experience, than by Wearing your Baby as much as you possibly can? Not only will it make for increased Bonding time with baby, it will also help in aiding their Hip Development.

  3. Make sure Baby is Upright at all times
  4. If your baby’s head is facing downwards onto their chest, it might just lead to the closing off of their airway! To keep baby safe at all times, ensure that they are never ‘slumped down’ in that carrier.

  5. Support their Hips
  6. When talking about hip development, this is how you can actually work towards supporting it to the maximum. You want to place the baby in a ‘squatting’ position. This is also known as the ‘M’ position, and involves their knees being ‘at’ or ‘above’ the level of their bottoms.

  7. Read the Manual
  8. You can never be careful enough where it comes to your child, and this includes ensuring they will be ‘safe’ in that baby carrier. Different carriers have different sets of instructions vis a vis wearing them, and you want to ensure you read these well. The simple act of wearing that Waist Belt a tad too low, might compromise on their safety.

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