The Benefits of Attending a Junior KG Program

Education, which is knowledge acquisition, plays a pivotal role in the lives of individuals. Right from the day we are born till the day we die, we continue to learn. Learning is an endless process in various shapes, forms and sizes. All kids must start their educational journey as soon as possible. As parents and caregivers, we must ensure that our kids embark on a journey that not only educates them but also teaches manners, good habits and moral values. For a child, junior KG or junior Kindergarten plays a vital role in laying a steady base or foundation for kids to build upon. We know that you might be wondering where this is leading. However, hold on tight because you’re about to find out more than what you came here to know. Before we dig into deeper matters regarding the benefits of junior kindergarten, let’s first have a glance at what junior KG is all about.

What Is Junior Kindergarten?

The simplest way of understanding junior kindergarten is by picturing it as a break-in phase, where a child transitions from a play or daycare centre to a kind of formal educational setting that lays the foundation for schooling which will take place down the line. A junior kindergarten program includes fun activities and games, alongside educational lessons to yield the best possible results. It is during this junior kindergarten program that a child develops certain skills which are required for further learning. Now that you have a better idea about junior KG, it’s time to delve into the core of this article.

Benefits Of Attending A Junior KG Program

  1. Cognitive development-
  2. Undoubtedly, this happens to be one of the primary benefits of kids attending a junior KG program. Furthermore, these programs are tailor-made to stimulate cognition at a time when children need it the most. Special activities are designed and prepared to foster and enhance certain skills like the ability to think critically, to solve problems effectively and to be creative. In addition to this fun activities are crafted to develop literacy and numeracy skills in kids to equip them with the basic tools of learning. These skills can then further be developed and mastered when kids continue on their educational journey.

  3. Social and emotional development-
  4. Apart from stressing the academic front, junior KG programs also emphasise the development of the social skills and emotional quotient of kids. This can be developed in mainly two ways, through interaction between peers and the management of one’s emotions. Junior KG provides kids with a safe and stable setting for them to interact with peers during group activities. They learn how to cooperate and interact healthily. Furthermore, kindergarten also teaches kids how to manage their emotions., In today’s world, where depression seems to be an illness and the number of suicide cases is soaring high, kids need to learn how to deal with their feelings from a young age.

  5. Language development-
  6. Language is a means of communication and should be encouraged, nurtured and developed from an early age. Exposure to a rich language environment provides a strong foundation for a child to be more expressive, creative and imaginative. Through simple activities like storytelling and word building, children can increase their vocabulary. Having a good vocabulary goes a long way in deciding how effectively one can communicate a particular message. Alongside this, interaction between kids and teachers and among their peers allows children to communicate with confidence. Thus, KG programs lay a strong foundation for building better communication skills in the future.

  7. Motor skill development-
  8. Motor skills are required for all activities. If developed from a young age, such motor skills become embedded in the muscle memory of a child. Thus, performing it becomes instantaneous and natural. Thanks to activities like drawing, colouring, running, jumping and even a simple activity like tying a shoelace, the fine and gross motor skills of a child are developed. This also helps in forming a basis for better hand-eye coordination which is required for many physical activities.

  9. Provides routine and structure-
  10. Before a child enters a life of schooling which can be cumbersome and exhausting, he or she must be prepared for what is to come. The only way to do this is by attending a junior KG program that specialises in equipping kids with the discipline and responsibility that will be required in the future. Attending such programs ensures that kids wake up early, wear school uniforms and attend classes which are structured, and have a fixed timing. They learn class etiquette and time management in a junior KG school.

  11. Creates a curiosity for learning-
  12. The exciting and engaging way in which lessons are taught in kindergarten fosters a curiosity for learning. It makes learning fun for kids and allows them to prepare their minds for accepting knowledge in the future. Before learning anything, one needs to have a desire to learn. It is through KG junior schools that kids are exposed to play-based learning and learning a variety of subjects.

  13. Encourages parental support-
  14. The play-based approach that KG programs have, makes it imperative for parental involvement. It is only through the support of the parent that such activities can be conducted. In addition to this, parents also come to learn about the hidden talents which their kids have. This sort of parental involvement in school fosters a positive and safe atmosphere for children to learn and grow. Parental participation in school activities also provides for interaction among parents. They can share their experiences with other parents and deal with situations in a better manner. All in all, it provides better parenting and children who are ready for formal schooling.

Here are EuroKids, we are always innovating and brainstorming to find new ways to appeal to young learners. Before focusing on academic pursuits and mastering language and subjects, a strong foundation is required. This is where EuroKids excel as we not only engage the mind but also the heart to ensure that your young pines emerge as autonomous learners who haven’t forgotten the value of kindness and empathy. A man is not always judged by the amount of money his bank account holds, but also by the morals and ethics he lives by and adheres to. If you want to learn more about KG programs and how they can benefit your little ones, visit us at our blog or head down to our nearest centre.

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