Teaching Preschoolers About Warm-up and Cool-down Exercises

Kids’ Warm-Up & Cool-Down Exercises

Before getting onto the stage, a performer must set the stage for their act.

And so it is with exercise. Before children indulge in exercise of any kind, they must indulge in a simple Warm-Up Routine.

 In this article, we will explore Warm-Up Activities for Kids that will help your children get those muscles exercise-ready. Further, we will top it off by introducing you to some wonderful Cool-Down Exercises for Kids. Exercises that are no less important than their ‘warm-up’ counterparts.

Are you sufficiently warmed up, to start exploring ways your children can get ready for their upcoming exercise routines? Let’s begin, with a glimpse into the importance of warm-up exercises for kids.

The Importance of Warm-Up Exercises for Preschoolers

Here is a list of reasons you should not ignore those Warm-up Exercises.

  • A good warm-up helps the body distribute oxygen to all muscle groups.
  • Warming up helps raise the body temperature, reducing the risk of injuries.
  • A good warm-up promotes blood flow to the muscles that are preparing for the activity to follow.
  • A proper warm-up prepares the cardiovascular system for more intense physical activity for kids in the future.

Warm-Up Activities for Kids

The best warm-up activities for kids are both fun and easy to perform. Here’s a look at all the essentials in a proper warm-up routine.

Flapping Wings

All children will love mimicking the act of flying!

To do: One of the easiest warm-up exercises, this one involves children flapping their wings like a bird for 20 seconds. Then have them jog in place, while flapping their arms for 20 seconds. Repeat until warm.

Mountain Climbers

Looking for how to warm up before exercise? This amazing full-body activity helps you do just that.

To do: Your child starts in the plank position, placing their hands shoulder width apart. Then they have to bring their knees to their chest, one by one.

Red Light, Green Light

All kids love playing games. It’s a bonus when they serve as a warm-up activity, too!

To do: Have kids start at one end of a large space. Instruct them to run fast when you say ‘Green Light’, run slowly when you say ‘Yellow Light’ and stop when you say ‘Red Light.’


You probably do this in the gym yourself. Why not get your kids to do them too?

To do: Have them stand with one foot in front of the other, as though walking forward. Then they must bend their knees and lower their body, until the back knee is almost touching the floor. Finally, they have to straighten their legs again, to return to the starting position.


Sometimes, all you need to do is Dance those Muscles into action!

To do: Simply whip out our phone and play a song your child loves grooving to. One of the most fun ways to warm-up, before that PE Class.

Touching Toes

Another easy warm-up exercise, this one.

To do: Have your child stand with their legs shoulder-width apart. Then have them lean forward by bending from their hips and reaching with their fingertips towards the floor. Reaching as far as they can go, let them stay there for 30 seconds.

Jumping Jacks

Getting kids to jump is a breeze!

To do: See how many times your children can jump in the span of 30 seconds. Then let them rest and have a go again.

Cool-Down Exercises for Kids

After all that strenuous exercise, it’s imperative that children take time to cool down and stretch. Help them do just that, with these amazing cool-down exercises.

Cat Stretch

All kids will be up to the task of imitating animals, cats included!

To do: Get them to start on their hands and knees, with a flat back. They have to then take a deep breath in and arch their back so their belly is moving down to the ground. Simultaneously, the shoulders of the little ‘kittens’ should move back so they can look up. Then let them exhale and reverse the curve in the back.

Spot Jogging

If they have been running, let them cool down with a jog!

To do: Have them jog on the spot. They should start fast and then slow down the pace, until they finish off by walking on the spot.

Reclining Butterfly Poses

This elegant exercise is a great way to get them to wind down after exercise.

To do: Get them to lie down with the soles of their feet together, and their knees out to the sides. Then have them place their arms alongside their body, and hold the position for 5 minutes.

Taking a Walk

This cool-down exercise is a literal ‘Walk in the Park.’

To do: Embarking on a brisk walk, they must gradually lower the pace of their walking. Tip: You can make this even more fun, by getting them to walk in slow motion towards the end.

Climbing The Ladder

Telling them they have to climb an imaginary ladder, is a sure shot means of getting their attention!

To do: They have to stretch out their arms and knees, and pretend they are climbing a really tall ladder. Have them do this for 30 seconds, then rest and repeat until cool.

Tree in the Wind Stretch

If you cannot get them to be a living animal, try your chances with a non-living thing!

To do: Standing with their feet shoulder-width apart, let them raise their arms high above their head. Get them to delight in pretending they are a tree blowing in the wind. They can do this by bending their body and moving their arms from side to side. Tip: Get them to stand on their toes, to become an even taller tree!

We at EuroKids cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercises. Not only do these simple movements prevent injuries, they also improve the blood and oxygen supply to muscles. Use the exercises outlined in this article, to ensure your kids stay in prime health.

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