Superstitious Beliefs Surrounding a Baby’s Gender

Are you one of those people who eats Carrots consistently to boost their Vision?
If the answer to the above is ‘Yes’, you’re only one of a vast number of the population that have fallen for an ‘Old Wive’s Tale’!

What is an Old Wives’ Tale, you might ask? It’s nothing short of a story that has been passed down sufficiently enough over the generations, for us to believe in them. Like, not jumping into the pool until an hour has passed on our watches, after we have finished our breakfast!

When it comes to that Baby Gender Prediction, Old Wives’ Tales abound. In this article, you will find all about How to Predict Baby Gender by Symptoms.

Perhaps it’s a Baby Boy Prediction you’re inclined towards making, having already had a couple of girls. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a Baby Girl Prediction to come your way. So that you can silently bask in the hope of your little Princess coming home soon someday.

No matter what, your baby’s gender prediction during Pregnancy, is an exercise that you will find yourself indulging in, time and again!

Without further ado, here are some of the popular Old Wives’ Tales, for all you eager Wives – and Husbands, too!

Baby Gender Prediction: How to Predict Baby Gender by Symptoms

Can’t conceal your excitement where it comes to predicting the sex of your child?
Here are some classic Old Wives’ tales, or Myths, that have been passed down over the generations, to help you determine your baby’s gender.

  1. Food Cravings
  2. Does the food that Mumma craves, have anything at all to do with baby’s gender prediction during pregnancy?

    Baby Boy: If that midnight craving of yours has you reaching for a packet of Lay’s or perhaps a tub of salty popcorn, you’re likely to hear ‘It’s a Boy!’ at delivery time.

    Baby Girl: If it’s that sweet tooth that drives your cravings instead, with chocolates and ice creams on your priority list instead of salty snacks, you’re likely to be blessed with a baby girl!

  3. Sleeping Position
  4. Want a baby with a specific gender? Try sleeping in a specific position!

    Baby Boy: If you’re sleeping on your left side, you’re on your way to delivering a boy.

    Baby Girl: You think you’re ‘right’ about that Baby Girl prediction, when you find yourself sleeping on your Right Side!

  5. Body Hair
  6. Ever paid attention to the growth of your body hair during pregnancy?

    Baby Boy: When you find your body hair growing fast and thick, it’s a sign a boy is on the way.

    Baby Girl: There’s absolutely nothing unnatural about that hair growth!

  7. Your ‘Bump’ Shape
  8. There’s more than meets the eye, when it comes to the shape of your Baby Bump!

    Baby Boy: If your bump is protruding out front in the shape of a Basketball, there are good chances there’s a Junior Michael Jordan nestled in there!

    Baby Girl: Your Bump sees an even distribution of Pregnancy Weight.

  9. Heartburn
  10. Yet another cause of heartburn, this one!

    Baby Boy: A Baby Boy Prediction is on the cards, when that Heartburn is normal.

    Baby Girl: If Heartburn is excessive, it’s likely that your baby girl is causing it. Over time, she will ‘break’ a few hearts, too!

  11. The Colour of your Urine
  12. Yes, those Old Wives will not even spare the colour of your Urine, where it comes to predicting baby’s gender!

    Baby Boy: The urine is of a ‘brighter’ colour.

    Baby Girl: The urine is darker, albeit ‘bright’ in the sense that it heralds the arrival of a precious Girl!

  13. That ‘Glow’
  14. All women love to hear they are glowing! Especially so, in their pregnancy.

    Baby Boy: There’s a reason Mumma is glowing. It’s because her little Prince is on the way!

    Baby Girl: If there’s none of that precious glow, it might just be that your little Princess has stolen it from Mumma’s clutches!

  15. Mood Swings
  16. Women are more prone to mood swings than men. Even more so, when they are pregnant.

    Baby Boy: Mood swings are not as drastic as expected. He might not be troubling you yet, but just wait till he grows up.

    Baby Girl: She’s probably going to be on her best behaviour later, so she has Mumma prone to pretty intense mood swings during pregnancy!

  17. The Garlic Test
  18. Sometimes, all it takes is eating a good amount of Garlic, to figure out if it’s a boy or girl you’re carrying. Note of Caution: Things might get a tad ‘smelly’ here!

    Baby Boy: You literally ‘reek’ of garlic. In later years, too, your boy is in all probability going to come home ‘smelling’ after playing with his friends.

    Baby Girl: You don’t smell any different after all that garlic-eating.

  19. The Length of your Linea Nigra
  20. Wait, what’s that? The Linea Nigra is a line on the abdomen stretching from the belly bump to the pubic bone, during pregnancy.

    Baby Boy: Your Linea Nigra’s starting position is above the belly button.

    Baby Girl: The Linea Nigra starts from below the belly button.

  21. The Weight Gain of your Partner
  22. Yes, old wives’ tales are myths, but this one certainly pushes the envelope!

    Baby Boy: Your partner’s weight is not significantly altered in any way.

    Baby Girl: It seems like a girl’s on the way, when your partner looks like they could use a membership to the gym!

  23. The Nature of your Pregnancy
  24. How is your pregnancy going?

    Baby Boy: Reading all those pregnancy books is not helping much, as you find yourself ‘stumbling’ through your pregnancy.

    Baby Girl: Your little Princess has you sailing through pregnancy, as though it were a ‘breeze’!

At EuroKids we wish to inform all you wonderful parents that no matter how convincing these old wives’ tales are, they should be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, they are only ‘Stories’ that are not backed with even a hint of Science!

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