Summer skincare tips for your children

Who says your kids have to stay indoors 24×7 in the summer? Sure, the midday sun is harsh and best avoided but the morning and the late afternoon? Well, that is the good sun. That is the sun that gives your kids their dose of vitamin D. Not to mention it gets them out in nature. Playing with their friends. Building stronger muscles and bones.

But there is a catch. The joys of playing outdoors in summer are only good as long as your kid is protected. That is as long as their skin is saved from the harsh rays of the sun. Which sadly coexist with the good parts of the sun.

Okay we think we have said the word ‘sun’ too many times now. But the point remains. A solid skincare routine in summer is just what your child needs to play worry-free. Or rather for them to play without you worrying.

Let’s get started on some summer skincare hacks that will help you out:

  1. Say no to the midday sun
  2. Like we already said in the introduction here, you have got to avoid the midday sun. Your kids for sure have to. That is when the sun is at its peak and the rays it emits are the most harmful. So if you want your kids to stay protected, defense is the best offense. No jokes.

    Our suggestion is not letting your kids out between 10am and 4pm each day. If they must go out in these hours, for something necessary, they should be wearing long-sleeved clothes and a wide brimmed hat for some extra sun protection.

  3. Load up on the SPF
  4. Did you know that SPF actually stands for Sun Protection Factor? That should tell you something about how important it is. Before your kids step out for their summer play routine, you need to slather them with a high SPF sunscreen. The higher the better because we live in a country like India where the summer station is just too harsh.

    Most dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. You can go higher but we recommend getting your fermat’s approval for that. Just so you know if its safe for your tiny one’s sensitive skin.

  5. Reapply, reapply
  6. With sunscreen, you are on a schedule. That is one summer skincare tip you should know about. You see, a sunscreen’s effect wears off in a couple of hours. So it is essential you reapply a generous amount on your little one every 2 hours when they are out.

    That also means slathering more sunscreen on them if they have been swimming or sweating. Of course, after you towel dry them. Also, bonus, make sure you cover all exposed areas including ears, feet and more.

  7. Try a sunscreen spray
  8. Kids are fussy. It is tough to make them stay still as you smear sunscreen on them head to toe. So if you are wondering how to care for their skin in summer in a faster way, we suggest you try out a sunscreen spray.

    Wow, that rhymed! That aside, a sunscreen spray is also a quick way to top-up sunscreen when your kid is out. Plus, it ensures a more even application than creams. However, make sure your sunscreen spray is made of child-friendly ingredients. To prevent any allergies or skin troubles, you see.

  9. All skin tones need sun protection
  10. This is one of those summer skincare tips we cannot emphasise enough!

    Yes, there is truth to the fact that darker skin tones are less susceptible to sunburn but they are still just as susceptible to the other harmful effects of the sun’s nasty rays such as tanning, sun spots, and the worst, skin cancer.

    So you better make sure your kid gets enough sun protection in the form of sunscreen and the clothes they wear among other things.

  11. Keep your toddler covered when in the sun
  12. Taking a little detour here but we thought it is important to stress on the fact that babies should not be out in the sun.

    Their developing skin is way too delicate and sensitive to handle the sun. Especially if they are under six months of age, because that is too young for sun exposure. If they absolutely have to be out in the sun, make sure they are covered in a light blanket in summers to prevent sun exposure as well as ensure they don’t run too hot when out.

    But in any case, avoid direct sun exposure and choose a shady corner when out. If you find a baby-friendly sunscreen, you can use that too as long as your paediatrician approves.

  13. Get shades for your kid
  14. More of a summer eyecare essential than a summer skincare essential, the reason why getting UV protected goggles for your kid is important is because the summer sun rays are too harsh. And they can hurt your child’s eyes. Not to mention cause burns or increase cancer risk on the skin around their eyes. UV protected goggles can prevent that.

    However, if your kid is fussy and does not want to wear goggles, a wide-brimmed hat is a good alternative as it will offer some shade to your child and prevent any damage to or near their eyes.

  15. Learn to manage sunburns
  16. Okay before we lay down this summer skincare hack, we must make it clear that if your child is younger than one year and gets a sunburn, you must take your baby to your doctor immediately.

    Now coming to older kids, you can manage sunburn at home. Unless it causes pain or blisters or leads to fever. In which case, obviously, rushing to your doctor is the best call. But for mild cases of sunburn, here is what you can do.

  • Replenish the fluids your child has lost with fresh, clean water
  • Splash cool water on your child’s skin to soothe pain
  • Consult your doctor and give your kid OTC pain meds as recommended by them
  • Use a medicated lotion to soothe the burn that has been recommended or prescribed by your doctor
  • Do not let your child go out in the sun till they have completely healed

There you go! As long as you follow this skincare routine in summer, your child should face no harm when playing out with their pals. Summers might be harsh in India but if you are mindful and ensure your child goes out in the sun following all above the rules, there will be nothing to worry about. For more such interesting and informative articles, keep visiting EuroKids.

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