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Summer Essentials for Your babies and Toddlers

Summer is the best time to spend happy moments with your babies and toddlers. On sunny days we can make memories for a lifetime! However, the heat, sunburn, bugs, and outdoor hazards call for some extra care and measures making sure the babies are well covered and protected from these risks throughout the summer period. Get the full scoop on summer baby and toddler essentials for hands-on fun while at the same time ensuring sunscreen, repellents, and other preventive measures are all up to par.

Beat the Heat with Light, Breathable Clothing:

The first step is the proper clothing , using loose and light layers which allows air circulation to keep the babies and toddlers cooler during summer days. The selections of clothes from light cool cotton and moisture conductive performance fabrics will ensure that overheating and rashes are not caused as a result of sweat buildup on delicate skins.

For babies under 6 months, lightweight onesies and rompers are ideal. Look for ones with openings at the bottom for quick diaper changes. For older babies who are crawling and walking, removable short sets allow more air flow. Breathable cotton tees paired with loose, flowing shorts make the perfect summer outfit.

Big floppy hats and sunglasses will shield a baby’s sensitive skin and eyes from the brightness of the summer sun at the park, beach, or pool. And don’t forget those adorable baby feet! Breathable canvas shoes or sandals will prevent sweaty feet in the heat.

Protect Delicate Skin with Mineral Sunscreens:

Babies under 6 months should not use sunscreen, so opt for lightweight long sleeves, pants, hats with brims, and umbrellas or pop up tents to keep them shaded. For the babies and toddlers who would be playing outdoors your best sun protection sunscreens option should be the mineral or zinc oxide sunscreen. They are made of physical materials that contain fewer chemicals and they are less irritating to very sensitive skin.

Apply heavily and reapply every 80 minutes while swimming or sweating. Water-proof sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is the only way to get max protection. Spray formulas make application quicker and easier when you’ve got a wiggly kiddo on your hands!

Keep Little Bodies Hydrated:

During the hot summer, dehydration and electrolyte deficit are the main concerns regarding the babies and kids. You should have more frequent breastfeeds or formula/milk feedings with newborn babies who are out in the heat. Be sure to pack water, juice boxes, or juice pouches for the older kids that eat solids including toddlers.

Signs such as less number of wet stools, crying without tears, sunken eyes, and rare irritability or sleepiness may indicate dehydration. Just look at some of the symptoms of dehydration or overheating and get that baby in a cool comfortable environment and try to rehydrate. Book an appointment with the pediatrician if the symptoms extend or worsen.

Soothe Skin Irritations with Natural Remedies:

Heat rash, diaper rash, drool rash, bug bites and stings— little bodies seem even more prone to skin irritations in the summer! Keep your diaper bag or beach tote stocked with natural soothing and cooling remedies to treat the inevitable skin issues all season long.

For heat rashes in sweat-prone areas like the neck, arm folds, and chest, use a dry brush or cotton pad to keep skin free of trapped moisture. Or make a soothing wipe combining chilled chamomile tea, oats, coconut oil, and lavender essential oil. Simply pat on rash areas to reduce redness and inflammation.

For tender diaper rashes, allow the baby’s bottom to go diaper free for a few minutes whenever possible to allow fresh air circulation. Watch out for dehydration and overheating signs, get that baby in a cooler environment and hydrate it immediately when you notice such. Check with your pediatrician, if the symptoms remain or worsen

Keep Bugs at Bay with Non-Toxic Prevention:

Nobody likes mosquito bites in the summer, especially little ones! Many conventional bug sprays contain DEET and other harsh chemicals you may not want to rub into your baby or toddler’s delicate skin. The good news is you can effectively deter pests away with non-toxic essential oil solutions.

Lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass and geranium essential oils naturally repel bugs when applied to skin or clothing. Mix several drops into a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba and smooth over exposed skin. Increase concentration for higher protection.

You can also diffuse these essential oils outdoors while the baby plays. For a non-toxic bug deterrent the whole family can use, fill a spray bottle with water, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar and several drops of these essential oils. Mist over skin and clothing for safe bug prevention.

Set Up a Fun & Safe Play Space Anywhere:

Heading to the park, beach, cabin or campground? Set up a fun play space for babies anywhere with a few simple essentials! Pack a large beach blanket or play mat to create a clean floor space for babies to crawl and play on outdoor surfaces. Use tent stakes or weighted sandbags if it’s windy.

Bring along a portable pop-up shade tent, umbrella or sun sail to instantly provide shelter from the sun and heat. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors longer while keeping babies from overheating. Set up their portable playpen in the shade so you can supervise them while they play safely contained. Stock the play space with outdoor baby toys like soft blocks, balls, water tables and sand boxes.

Baby wearing is another great way to keep little ones shaded and close while parents are gardening, hiking or running other outdoor errands. Choose a lightweight, breathable baby wrap, ring sling or carrier made specifically for warm weather wear. Structured carriers with mesh panels allow lots of air circulation so parents and babies don’t get too hot.

Have Cool Treats & Healthy Snacks On Hand:

The heat often suppresses little appetites, but babies still need nutrition and hydration from snacks. Have a variety of flavorful, cooling purees and healthy finger foods on hand that you can offer babies frequently. The cold helps perk up their appetite!

Try yogurt bites, pouches or lollies that can be frozen for teething babies. Blend up fruit smoothies into icy popsicles with hidden veggies. Prepare chilled cubes of melon, berries, pineapple, cucumber and other soothing fruits and veggies babies can happily gnaw and dissolve. This helps supplement fluid intake if they refuse water.

For toddlers, small finger sandwiches, cheese sticks and vegetable slices make portable, nourishing snacks. Dried fruit and nut butter pouches are iron rich and energizing on busy summer days. Avoid sugary treats that lead to crankiness—look for options made with natural fruit purees or organic ingredients.

Don’t Forget the Water Toys!

Splashing in water is one of the simplest joys of summer for babies and toddlers! Bring tub toys to the kiddie pool, lake or beach to enhance their aquatic fun. At home, a small blow up pool or water table offers endless entertainment on hot afternoons.

Floating bath toys, pouring cups, water wheels and spray toys encourage interactive play, hand-eye coordination and motor skills development. Toddlers love toting buckets for transporting water while babies are fascinated by sensory balls that change color in water. Safe, squishy water balls allow the youngest babies to scoop and mold their own drippy creations.

The most important part? Embrace these fleeting summer months with little ones and soak up all the magical memories you can! With the right baby care essentials, you can spend more time building sandcastles with those tiny toes, listening to infectious belly laughs, and snuggling sweet sun-kissed cheeks without any fussy disruptions. This summer will fly by faster than you can imagine— so savor each fun-filled sunny day with your babies and toddlers!

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