Summer Crafts And Diy Activities For Kids

Summer in India implies long, hot days and much warmer nights. Kids get home from school, their unbounded enthusiasm bouncing off the walls.  What should a parent do? Using that energy for creative pursuits is a great approach to avoiding boredom and picking up useful skills! This blog is filled with engaging and simple summer craft ideas for kids and DIY activities for kids to keep the little ones entertained and having a blast all summer long!

Why Summer Crafts for kids fantastic?

Before getting into specific fun summer crafts for kids, let’s examine the advantages of summertime DIY projects and crafts:

  1. Development of Fine Motor Skills:
  2. Playing with little objects, such as beads, and cutting can help young fingers become stronger and more coordinated. This builds skills they’ll need for things like writing and tying their shoes later on!

  3. Creativity Boost: 
  4. The best part about crafts is there’s no wrong way to do them! Kids learn to explore their own ideas and make something totally unique.

  5. Feeling of Achievement:
  6. Nothing compares to creating something entirely on your own. Kids who craft feel more capable and self-assured about their abilities.

  7. Stress Reliever:
  8. Handicrafting and do-it-yourself projects can offer a calm and diverting pastime that reduces agitation brought on by boredom.

  9. Combat Digital Overload:
  10. Taking a craft break helps you stay in balance and unleash your creativity by providing a respite from screen time.

Getting Started: Essentials for Your Summer Craft Corner

Gather a few basic supplies to help your crafting adventures run smoothly:

Construction Paper: A rainbow of colours for endless creative possibilities.

Scissors: Child-friendly safety scissors are a must.

Glue: Washable glue sticks or school glue work perfectly.

Crayons, Markers, or Coloured Pencils: Essential for drawing and colouring.

Recycled Materials: Empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, used bottles – these are treasures!

Simple Summer Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Let’s dive into some fun summer crafts for kids using easy-to-find materials:

  1. Popsicle Stick Creations:
  2. Photo Frames:

    Decorate popsicle sticks with paint, glitter, and stickers. Glue them together to make a frame for a favourite summer photo.

    Mini Catapults:

    Stack and secure popsicle sticks using rubber bands to build a catapult. Launch pom-poms or balled-up paper for some friendly target practice!

    Puppet Theatre:

    Turn a cardboard box into a stage and create popsicle stick animal or character puppets for a homemade show.

  3. Nature-Inspired Art:
  4. Leaf Printing:

    Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes. Paint them with colours and press them onto paper for beautiful prints.

    Nature Mandalas:

    Go for a nature walk and gather stones, flowers, and twigs. Place these things on paper or the ground in a circle pattern.

  5. Recycled Wonders:
  6. Cardboard Tube Animals:

    Those toilet paper or kitchen towel rolls are perfect for crafting! Paint them and add construction paper details to create lions, snakes, or any animal imaginable.

    Milk Carton Bird Feeder:

    To make a basic bird feeder for your neighbourhood’s feathered friends, clean out a milk carton, cut openings, decorate, and string it up.

    Robot Buddies:

    Gather bottle caps, tin foil, boxes of all sizes, and whatever else you come across. Build and decorate your own unique robot friend.

  7. Salt Dough Fun:
  8. Recipe:

    1 cup salt, 2 cups flour, 1 cup water (adjust water as needed). Combine and knead until smooth.


    Roll out the dough and cut with cookie cutters or create your own shapes. Bake on low heat until hardened. Decorate and add ribbon to hang.

    Handprint Keepsakes:

    Press your child’s hand into a rolled-out piece of dough. Bake and personalise for a heartwarming memento.

Those are some lovely summer craft ideas for kids!

Simple Summer Crafts for kids with a  Thematic Twist

Get inspired by summary themes for even more creative fun:

  1. Ocean Adventures:
  2. Blue paper, cut-out fish shapes, glitter, and cotton balls create an underwater scene.

  3. Summer Fruits:
  4. Paper plates become bright watermelons, construction paper shapes transform into juicy pineapples, and handprints make adorable strawberries.

  5. Ice Cream Delights:
  6. Make construction paper cones and “scoops” of coloured tissue paper, or use paint on textured paper for realistic ice cream art.

  7. Friendly Bugs:
  8. Paper plates create ladybugs, egg cartons become caterpillars, and construction paper wings turn into butterflies.

  9. Starry Nights:
  10. Paint a dark piece of paper with white and yellow specks for stars. Add a tent outline for a camping-themed masterpiece.

We are sure you would love to try these simple summer crafts for kids!

DIY Activities for Kids

While younger kids love simple crafts, older children might want projects with a bit more challenge:

  1. Tie-Dye Magic:
  2. Transform plain white t-shirts or pillowcases with vibrant tie-dye patterns. Search online for tutorials and experiment with different techniques.

  3. Friendship Bracelets:
  4. Colourful embroidery floss or yarn are perfect for weaving patterned friendship bracelets. Kids can even learn knotting styles like macramé.

  5. Handmade Terrariums:
  6. Convert used glass jars and containers into little ecosystems. For a low-maintenance natural design, arrange small rocks, sand, soil, and moss in layers. Finally, add small, resilient plants.

  7. Handmade Slime:
  8. Something about slime seems to appeal to children of all ages! Try various recipes with glue, glitter, and borax for some oozy, sensory enjoyment.

  9. Handcrafted Bird Feeder:
  10. For bird feeders that you can hang in your yard or balcony, mix bird seed, unflavored gelatin and cookie cutters.

Additional Tips For Summer Crafting Success:

  1. The Messier, the Merrier:
  2. Prepare your workspace with a plastic tablecloth or newspapers. Embrace the mess because that’s often where the most fun happens!

  3. Inspiration Station:
  4. Collect magazines, craft books, and search online for project ideas. Let your kids browse for inspiration when they’re feeling crafty.

  5. Showcase Masterpieces:
  6. Designate a space to display your child’s artwork. This encourages them and instil a sense of pride in their creations.

  7. No Pressure:
  8. Keep crafts fun and light without emphasising perfection. It’s about enjoying the process and expressing creativity!

The EuroKids Advantage: Nurturing Young Creators

At EuroKids, we know kids learn best when they get to create and discover with their own hands. We design activities perfect for different ages that make kids excited and curious about the world.  Here’s what we focus on:

  1. Building Exploration Skills:
  2. We offer structured activities with opportunities for open-ended exploration.

  3. Sensory Development:
  4. Children enjoy diverse textures and materials, enhancing their sensory play.

  5. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking:
  6. Crafting often requires figuring out how to put things together or how to achieve a certain look, building foundational problem-solving skills.

Join the EuroKids Community

To learn more about us and our specially crafted curriculum, please visit our website or head over to the EuroKids centre nearest to your house!

Let the Summer Creativity Flow!

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