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Strategies for Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in Daycare

In today’s world where parents struggle to find a balance between life and parenthood, daycare centres are on the rise. It is only natural for parents to feel the urge to do what is best for their kids. However, with rising prices and market value, it becomes difficult to be around your toddler for the whole day without having to make financial compromises. Daycare centres are great options for families in which both parents are working. However, as we know, daycare centres may lack certain ethics and values like inclusion and diversity. This is one of the major concerns and fears that looms large in the minds of all parents. So, you may be wondering what exactly we mean by diversity and inclusion. If you are, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the answers for you.

What Is Diversity And Inclusion In Daycare Centres?

As we know, meaning changes with context. Therefore, the general meaning of diversity and inclusion may not mean the same when it comes to daycare. When we look at diversity and inclusion in daycare, we mean including various groups of kids who belong to different religious, class, socio-political and ethnic groups. It means people of all colors, irrespective of their background, should be treated equally and given the same opportunities at daycare centres. Daycare must take into account the needs of every child individually, concerning their uniqueness, linguistic, social and cultural diversities. While this does apply to all daycare centres across the globe, its need and importance are certainly felt in a country like India.

If you’re asking yourself why is diversity and inclusion important, the reason behind it is fairly simple. India has become a home to various cultural and religious groups, who come from all parts of the world, some of whom have become citizens of India. Since India has a rich cultural diversity, the country must implement diversity and inclusion in daycare.

Importance Of Diversity And Inclusion In Daycare

  • Fostering creativity and innovation- A daycare that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness, is one that promotes forward-thinking ideas and provides an opportunity for healthy interaction among all the kids. In a setting where children learn about different races, religions and backgrounds, kids are not only more aware and informed but are also taught to think out of the box and become more imaginative. Such a setting puts an end to restrictive thinking and encourages children at a young age to get over old-age concepts like racial prejudices.
  • Nurtures empathy- Exposing kids at a young age to diversity, helps develop a sense of empathy. This way, kids are more sensitive towards issues regarding diversity and tend to form a sense of inclusiveness. Similarly, it is at daycare that kids meet other kids from like backgrounds and establish friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Prepares kids to become accepting adults- As children grow up, they are exposed more and more to the outside world. There is only so much that they can be sheltered. Sooner or later they are going to see the outside world, the world beyond school, home, and daycare. To prepare them for that world, daycares that encourage diversity and inclusiveness go a long way. It helps kids from a young age understand how to treat kids and others of different backgrounds.

Strategies To Promote Inclusion And Diversity In Daycare

Now that we have established why diversity and inclusion are important, it’s time to focus on the strategies that help promote diversity in daycare. Creating an inclusive and diverse environment in daycare is not an easy task. However, its pros outweigh its cons. As a society, we have to move forward and be progressive, rather than living in the past and becoming regressive. Setting up such an environment in daycare involves an additional expense as it requires creating different programmes and activities that promote diversity. Here are a few strategies on how to increase diversity and inclusion in daycare.

  • Create an environment that is conducive to diversity- Creating a diverse atmosphere in daycare can be done by carefully selecting posters, wall hangings, and materials on shelves. All of these should reflect diversity and promote healthy interactions among groups of kids hailing from different backgrounds. Keep in mind that your surroundings and environment at the daycare centre are a reflection of what learning you want to take place there. Carefully designed materials and assignments should be prepared to promote inclusion and diversity.
  • Choosing activities that promote inclusion- This is one of the most crucial strategies for diversity and inclusion in daycare. Learning is interesting but a fun and engaging way of learning is by actually experiencing it through activities. If you want to teach kids about diversity, help them understand it by experiencing it first-hand. Ensure that your curriculum encompasses all that there is to become self-aware of diversity in society. This can be easily done through stories. A selection of books representing different cultures can be read and encouraged in daycare. This will teach the kids the importance of diversity in a fun and interactive manner. Celebrating student diversity is a good way of promoting equality and celebrating uniqueness. It also allows kids to learn about different cultures. Setting up a travel board may seem like a difficult task but it’s an easy one. A travel board or travel globe is nothing but a board or a large-sized globe filled with information about different places. This can include places of interest, culture, art, dance forms and even cuisines that are special to particular regions of the world.
  • Acknowledge and respect cultural diversity- Honouring this in daycare reveals the importance of diversity and inclusion. Being respectful to one another in daycare will teach kids to respect other kids belonging to different cultural backgrounds. Kids learn by imitating adults which is why it is so important for adults in daycare to exhibit respectful behaviour towards each other. Believe it or not but this is one of the main strategies for diversity and inclusion in daycare.

Here are EuroKids, we promote and foster an inclusive environment that thrives on diversity and the importance of educating kids in the same field. Our preschools are filled with toddlers from different backgrounds to encourage interaction from a very young age. Promoting a healthy environment like this will culminate in developing strong, independent, and respectful adults who will carry forward new ideas, thoughts, and innovations for future generations. If you want your child to be exposed to diversity, visit us at our center closest to you.

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