Simple Math Magic Tricks to Intrigue Your Child 

Math is an interesting subject. At some point in our lives though we have felt intimidated by it. What if there were more ways to keep the magic alive? Introducing easy math magic tricks to your child can be a way to pique your child’s curiosity that will make learning engaging and enjoyable. By incorporating simple math magic tricks in regular study sessions, your child will develop a positive attitude towards maths while fostering critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

We present to you simple maths magic tricks for kids to intrigue your child. Perform these tricks to make your child go, “Wow! Maths is so interesting.”

  1. Number Prediction
  2. Ask your child to choose any number
    Then, instruct them to multiply it by 2
    Next, add 8 to the result
    Now, divide the total by 2
    Lastly, subtract the original number they chose
    Regardless of the initial number, the final answer will always be 4!

  3. Multiplying Multiples of 4
  4. This trick helps in multiplying numbers with 4 more easily
    Select the number needed to be multiplied by 4
    Multiply it with 2 instead of 4
    Now, add the result with itself
    The product will be the same as the selected number multiplied by 4!

  5. Multiplying Multiples of 5
  6. This is a trick to help multiply numbers with 5 more easily
    The secret is realising 5 is half of 10
    Firstly, choose a number preferably of more than one digit
    Instead of multiplying it with 5, you have to add a zero at the end
    Then, divide it by 2

  7. Multiplying Multiples of 6
  8. Select any even number between 0 to 9
    Multiply it with 6
    Ask for the first digit of the result
    First digit (tens place) of the product will be half of the second digit
    Second digit will be the same as the selected number

  9. Multiplying Multiples of 11
  10. This math magic trick will allow your child to multiply any two-digit number with 11
    Firstly, think of any two-digit number
    Then, add the two individual digits together
    Now, place the sum between the two digits of your original number
    The result is the actual product of any two-digit number multiplied with 11

  11. Contains the Digits 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8
  12. Following the steps below will result in a magical number that contains the digits 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8
    Firstly, pick a number between 1 and 6
    Then, multiply the number by 9
    Now, multiply the product by 111
    Again, multiply that product by 1001
    Finally, divide the product by 7
    The answer contains the digits 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8.

  13. Memorising Pi
  14. If it is difficult to memorise the first seven digits of the number Pi, here is a magic trick to remember it better.
    One way to do it is to write down “How I wish I could calculate Pi”
    Now, count the letters in each word
    The result will be 3.141592

  15. Always the Same Two-digit Single Numbers
  16. In this simple math magic trick, you will always end up with the same two-digit numbers
    Start by thinking of any two-digit number
    Then, double one of the digits
    Now, add 5 to the product
    After that, multiply the product by 5
    Now, add the other number to the product
    Next, subtract 4 from the sum
    Again, subtract 21 from the difference
    Notice you have the exact two-digit number you started with

  17. 2 is Always The Answer
  18. This cool math trick gives the answer as 2, always
    Firstly, pick a number
    Then, multiply it with 3
    Now, add the result by 6
    Then, divide the result by 3
    Finally, subtract the result from original number
    There answer is always 2

  19. 7 is Always The Answer
  20. In this magic trick, the final answer is always 7
    Start by having your child select a number between 1 and 10
    Add 5 to the number
    Then, add 2 to the result
    Now, subtract the number in step 1
    Voila! The answer is always 7

  21. 8 is Always The Answer
  22. Here’s a neat math magic trick that will have your child returning to the number 8
    First, pick a two-digit number
    Then, subtract 1 from the number
    Now, multiply the difference by 3
    Add 12 to the product
    Divide the sum by 3
    Add 5 to the quotient
    Subtract the original number from the sum
    Hence, the answer will always be the number 8

  23. 37 is Always The Answer
  24. Think of a three-digit number that has the same sequence of numbers
    Add up the three digits
    Now, divide the original number by the sum of the three digits
    The answer will always be 37

  25. 1089 is Always the answer
  26. First, select a three-digit number with no recurring numbers
    Now, arrange the digits from smallest to largest and keep that as the first number
    Arrange the digits from largest to smallest and keep it as the second number
    Now, subtract the larger number with the smaller number
    Resultant number when added to reverse of itself will always be 1089

  27. Another Number Prediction for 6
  28. Begin by thinking of any number between 1 and 10
    Then, multiply this number by 2
    Now, add 12 to the result
    Divide the total by 2
    Subtract the original number from the result
    The answer will always be 6!

  29. Another Number Prediction for 3
  30. Pick a number between 1 and 10
    Then, ask them to multiply the number by 2
    Add 6 to the result
    Divide by 2
    Subtract the original number.
    The answer will always be 3!

Easy math magic tricks are an incredible way to introduce mathematical concepts to children. These math magic tricks not only entertain but also stimulate their minds, fostering an interest in numbers and problem-solving. By engaging in these activities of simple math magic tricks, children can develop critical thinking skills, enhance their mathematical abilities, and cultivate a positive attitude towards math. The real magic with maths tricks lies not in the tricks themselves but in the joy of discovery and understanding of mathematical concepts that they bring to the children’s minds. Have fun as you explore the fascinating world of math through these captivating math magic tricks!

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