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Playtime Adventures: 10 Exciting Hide-and-Seek Games for Preschoolers

Old school hide and seek is so passe.

Okay, it’s not but there are tons of variations to this humble game now! Variations which can make your kids play time a hell of a lot more interesting than it used to be.

And the best part? It is freeeeeeeee!
It is a game money cannot buy. Though you can use toys for one of the variations. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Which is so not the objective of hide and seek. Or is it? After all, it does involve a good tease.

So why don’t we drop the suspense and just show you all the fun ways your kids can play hide and seek?

  1. Hide-and-Seek -The classic one
  2. We are pretty sure your kids are NOT going to ask you ‘what is hide and seek game’ but in the off-chance they do, you can always begin by showing them how to play the good ol’ one.

    It is easy-peasy.
    You need one seeker and more than a couple of kids to hide. The more the merrier rule always wins here. So it could be a great party game too! Anyway, The hiders hide while the seeker closes their eyes and counts to 10, 20, 50…however many is decided between the kids.

    The hiders must hide while the seeker is counting. Once the seeker is done counting, they will open their eyes and start looking for all of those who are hidden. The first one found becomes the next seeker and the last one found becomes the winner!

  3. Hide-and-Seek – Home base
  4. Now that ‘what is hide and seek game’ is a known fact, let us give it a spin!
    In home base, kids decide on a particular spot as well, a home base which is basically a sort of immunity zone. So the seeker stays at home base and counts before announcing they are coming. Now the hiders can stay hidden. Or they can come out and touch home base before the seeker finds them. If they do, the seeker cannot tag even though they have been found!

  5. No repeating
  6. And no cheating! Kind of best said in a sing-song voice.
    The rules of this hide and seek game are simple. None of the hiders are allowed to hide in the same spot twice. If they cheat, they instantly become the seeker! This version is a great way to get your kids’ creative juices flowing. They have to use their imagination to come up with a new spot every time which is not exactly easy indoors!

  7. Team up with the seeker
  8. How to play this hide and seek game version  you ask? It is very simple. Think of it as a kiddie zombie!
    Kidding! Okay not much. Because in this one, as soon as the seeker finds a hider, the hider has to join the seeker in finding the other kids still hidden. This gives the seeker the added advantage of hoarding an army of seekers along the way! It is pretty, pretty fun!

  9. Find the sound
  10. So for this one, all the seeker has to do is (if they were wondering how to play this hide and seek game) follow the sound. So as soon as the seeker comes seeking, the hiders will announce “I am here” when their names are called. The seeker then has to follow their voice to find them! Obviously the one found this way is out.

  11. Everyone’s a seeker
  12. This is a special one! Guess how?

    In this version, there is only one hider. Everyone else is a seeker! So the job of the seekers is to find the hider and not tag them but actually go ahead and hide with them. The last seeker standing is out! The catch though is finding a spot big enough where multiple children can hide together, which can be a whole lot of fun for kids.

  13. Circle seek
  14. You can call this hide and seek game for kids a cousin of the Blind Man’s Bluff.
    As the seeker stands in the centre, the rest of the kids form a circle around the seeker holding hands. The seeker is spun around and has to go around finding a child to tag by reaching out for their arms and legs. Those caught simply have to get out of the circle and sit. The speaker will be spun around every time they tag someone so their sense of direction is confused. It gets really fun when only a few kids are left standing!

  15. Blind seeker
  16. Yes, yes. It is similar to the previous one. But it is also different! There is no circle in this one. Kids are just supposed to stand at a fixed spot, and the blindfolded speaker has to walk around to find them. As soon as the seeker touches any of the kids standing still, the tagged kid becomes the seeker. And so and so forth. To keep things fair, you can make every kid have their own turn as seeker.

  17. Hide the toy
  18. This hide and seek game for kids has an extra layer of adventure! Instead of finding and hiding from each other, all the kids close their eyes and count to 10 as a toy is hidden by somebody who is not a part of the game. That could be you. Once all of them are done counting, they have to spread out and find the toy. It is an each-man-for-themselves-type-of-treasure-hunt. Whoever finds the toy first, wins!

  19. Hide and seek shapes edition
  20. Again, kind of, sort of like a treasure hunt. So what you do here is, you announce all of the shaped blocks you intend to hide. Then you go around and hide them in different corners of the house. Everybody is a seeker so they all have to find them. Whoever finds the most of them, wins! You can even give clues or hide specific objects to make it more fun!

    See how much fun hide and seek games can be? And they are so good for developing your kids’ imaginations, curiosity, motor skills and co-relation skills! All of which are essential for preschool aged kids. And you know what? These are exactly the kind of games we make our kids play at EuroKids. Playing is a crucial part of learning and development, and at our preschool we leave no stone unturned to ensure your kids have a good time while learning. Visit us to know everything about our preschools!

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