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Parenting Expectations vs Reality: Understanding the Joys and Challenges of Parenthood

Remember the time you first fell in love? That euphoric feeling, that made you crave more and more? That’s exactly how you will feel, when your baby is born. Except, taking care of a newborn baby is completely different from managing a full-grown partner!

In this article, we will explore Parenting Expectations vs Reality. All those ‘highs’ that you craved for whilst on the throes of being a Newborn Parent, will definitely be part of the package. The other part, though, might not exactly be what you wished for!

The only way to truly enjoy Parenthood, is to embrace all the Parenting Challenges that are bound to come along your path. Want to know how best to cope with those Parenting Problems? Brace yourself, for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. A ride called ‘Parenthood’!

Parenting Expectations vs Reality: Understanding the Joys and Challenges of Parenthood

Every Baby with Parents you see out there, presents their Mama and Dada with a profusion of Parenting Challenges. Here are the following myths surrounding Parenthood that need to be debunked.

  1. Angels and Devils
  2. Expectation: My Baby will be a Peaceful Angel.

    Reality: Who doesn’t want a child that’s easy to manage? That being said, sometimes you do have a baby that’s more of a tiny ‘devil’, as opposed to the baby of a friend, who might seem like the most peaceful angel in the world.

    To do: You want to give it time. Remember, things will only get better.

    Note: Sometimes things might get ‘worse’ before they get better, but in time your baby will not seem as difficult as before.

  3. Going Solo
  4. Expectation: I can do it on my Own.

    Reality: Let’s face it – Parenthood is more than a simple hands-on job! At times, it will feel as though you have no energy left at all.

    To do: There will be well-intentioned people around you, who offer to help you in this stressful time. You want to accept their help, whether it’s watching your baby while you go to the store, or even preparing food for your family!

  5. Love is in the Air
  6. Expectation: I will ‘instantly’ fall in Love with my Baby.

    Reality: That magical, ‘loving’ feeling spoken of earlier, might not arrive straight away. This is one of the less-talked about Parenting Problems, for obvious reasons!

    To do: Again, you want to give it some time. As a new parent you might simply be too tired, with all the sudden pressures of parenthood bearing down on you harder than you could imagine. The wonderful thing here is, you ‘will’ fall in love with them gradually. As a parent, you’re ‘hardwired’ to love your child!

  7. The Terrible Twos
  8. Expectation: After ‘The Terrible Twos’, I can sit back and relax.

    Reality: It’s true, a lot of parents believe that if they can simply get past the ‘terrible twos’, Parenthood is going to be a breeze from there on! The truth is, every age will bring about its own set of Challenges.

    To do: Don’t fall into this trap. It will not get any easier – but you ‘will’ get stronger! If you can embrace that fact, you will enjoy Parenthood a lot more.

  9. Knowing what’s Best
  10. Expectation: Only ‘I’ will Know what’s Best for My baby, at All Times.

    Reality: Parents are indeed blessed with a ‘gut feeling;’ when it comes to their children. However, that doesn’t mean they know all it takes to bring up their child.

    To do: If you are encountering a parenting problem that you cannot seem to find a ‘fix’ for, you might consider talking to other parents. These are people sailing in the same boat as you, who might have found the solution to something nagging you for the longest time!

  11. Screen Time
  12. Expectation: I will ensure my baby gets Minimal Screen Time.

    We all want our children to become the best versions of themselves. That includes getting them to spend as little time as possible glued to electronic devices. If only it were that easy!

    To do: If you see a baby with parents in a restaurant, it’s probably because Baby is watching their favourite cartoon on a screen in front of them. As much as you would like them to play with things like Blocks and Toys, there will be several times you will find yourself giving in to their demands of ‘more screen time.’

  13. The Crying Game
  14. Expectation: I will ‘always’ know why they are crying.

    Reality: Again, all parents feel that trusting their intuition is the way to go, when deciphering why their baby is crying. However, in all probability, it’s not the reason you are thinking!

    To do: You want to probe a little deeper, and figure out the ‘real’ reason why your baby might be crying. When babies cry, there’s a whole range of reasons that might be involved, ranging from their being hungry, or simply having a ‘full nappy’!

  15. One Big, happy Family
  16. Expectation: Having a child will only strengthen my relationship with my partner.

    Reality: While the above might be true, things might well go in the opposite direction, too!

    To do: You want to ensure that both you and your partner are ‘in it together’, where it comes to taking the reins of Parenthood in your hands. That means both of you must spend an equal amount of time with Baby, and also

    make some invaluable time for each other!

  17. Best Friends
  18. Expectation: My older one will be my baby’s Best Friend.

    Reality: It’s true, your older one might take care of Baby as though they were their parent themselves. Only at times, though!

    To do: You have to give your older sibling some time, when it comes to accepting the fact that someone else has your attention! While that fighting will never truly end, it ‘will’ get better over time.

At EuroKids we believe that parenthood is rife with both Joys and Challenges. However, ‘embracing’ those challenges is truly what makes Parenthood a Complete, Fulfilling experience!

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